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By on May 20, 2008 in News

Information supplied by Tsepo Nyewe.

Gauteng Basketball Association

I believe that I need to set the record straight and further shed some light with you, let me start with the:


1.1As Gauteng Basketball Association we decided that we will start our own Provincial League in 2007 July after we noticed lack of activity and the slowly dying METRO League,

1.2In September 2007 during our extended Provincial EXECUTIVE Meeting LOP requested to come and present their case.

1.3For the first time we heard the following:

1.3.1LOP is a Section 23 Company(a Close Corporation)

1.3.2LOP has its Directors/Owners,

1.3.3They are starting late 2007 with their launching and creating the hype around their brand.

1.4Our response was,

1.4.1LOP should change its registration into a Section 21 Company(Community Company/ non profit making company)

1.4.2LOP should make a formal request t GBA to act as agents of GBA(GBA League Managers and will be paid commission)

1.4.3LOP was informed that, as GBA, we will not recognize them as long as they are a Section 23 Company ad went to register Teams knowing exactly that they are not recognized.

1.4.4LOP if they changed to section 21 Company, GBA will look into giving them the rights to organize and run the GBA Leagues including inter Varsity.

1.5In January 2008 GBA requested LOP to come up with a strategy and commission fee that they will need to run the GBA League,

1.6After various delays, they(LOP) came back to GBA with a quotation of R 614,000.00 to organize, run and market the GBA league, this was rejected by GBA as it was very high.

1.7We then started our own League as GBA.

1.8LOP owners, know very well that what they are doing is wrong and since South Africa has too many rights, we do not have the constitutional rights to close them but we have the rights to ban them and their products and we will not accept any registration from them including forwarding the names and surnames of their players and Teams.

It is in this spirit I wrote the email of the 18 March 2008 that LOP was not recognized and their players will not be eligible for selection to the GBA’s Provincial Teams and subsequently Basketball SA National Team. All those playing in LOP, are playing with this knowledge.

GBA Provincial League

2.1The league is at its Launching Season, thus we have one division,

2.2After the end of the season, the ten top men and women will be recognized as the Senior League with those underneath being recognized as the B-League.

2.3We currently boost 15 Men’s Teams and twelve Women’s Teams,

2.4Our referees panel are graded by Basketball SA and two by FIBA,

2.5We are running clinics for Table Officials around Gauteng as Part of the League’s legacy and our development of the Sport at GBA’s cost.

2.6We even allocate our referees to ref Schools and Varsity games at GBA costs,

For more information on GBA League, please contact the following people:

Mr. Nhlanhla Zikalala

Email: and or
Mobile: +2772 235 3456

And or

Ms. Sibongile Maswanganye


Mobile: +2782 8835537

They will be able to help you with all our information and everything about GBA.

Sending Off Tournament

As Gauteng Basketball Association in collaboration with Wembley Sports Stadium, we are organizing a sending off Tournament for the three Institutions that will be going to Cape Town for the University Sports South Africa :Basketball Tournament to be held at the University of Cape Town.

In Gauteng, we were blessed that the three Tertiary Institutions going to Cape Town are providing both genders:

  1. Vaal University of Technology Men and Women(Both defending Champions)
  2. University of Johannesburg Men and Women(Men were the runners up in 2007 SASSU Tournament)
  3. University of Pretoria Men and Women(Women were runners up in 2007 SASSU Tournament)

The tournament will act as also warm up for them as they will be having one week before they play the USSA(formerly SASSU) Basketball Tournament.

There will be winners trophies, All Star Trophies and the MVP Trophies. It is going to be a one day Tournament at the Wembley Indoor Stadium in JHB on the 22 June 2008 with the first game starting at 09h00 and the last game at 20h00.

It is going to be Thriller Sunday in JOZI. Eight Super Games in one day.

While we are working very hard in Gauteng, the interim Committee of Basketball South Africa is also working the hardest, for more information Mr. Malesela Maleka is the new Head of Basketball in South Africa and can be contacted at.

Mobile: +2782 226 1802


I believe he will be able to shed some light.

If more information is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us at all times during office hours.

Thank you,

Tsepo Nyewe

Chairperson: Gauteng Basketball Association

Mobile : +2782 358 6952


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  1. Baller says:

    its good that tshepo finally came to the party on these issues. still he is leaving many a question unanswered here.

    what is going to happen to players playing in both LOP and GBA?
    How were the teams chosen to play in GBA?
    Who will be subsidised?
    Are your coaches and players registered with GBA?GBL or its only the teams?
    Why are referees officiating at both leagues LOP and GBL?
    Aren’t they supposed to be banned/sanctioned same as players?
    Where are they developing the table officials and who was informed even the referees?
    What are you doing with junior basketball?

    i should stop here but there are many questions raised by his clarity.

  2. Interested says:

    Like victor said in his report there had to be more than meets the eye. It’s funny that all this finally comes out after all that was said in the document: LOP not recognised.

    Like I asked Joe in that document there had to be money involved somehow… Even if Joe denied it, this new post unfortunately confirms it. Tsepo gives us the quote that he got from LOP but he fails to tell us how much GBA wanted from LOP to run their league under the mandate of GBA???? If you want to be transparent then give us the readers full disclosure. Otherwise this is one side of the story, GBA side.

    Let’s hope we hear from LOP too.

    I feel GBA is still reactive in what they do, there is no proper plan in place otherwise we would know a lot more about their programs. Joe says that they are ready to roll out their development program then he says they are waiting for the district to provide them with their development programs. Which is it? If you had the plans in place why does GBA wait until June to start rolling them out?

    We don’t have a clue how some of the teams are playing in GBL while others are not allowed to participate. It seems to be a ‘fix as you go along policy’, there is no rule book when it comes to GBL. GBL lacks professionalism so far with teams doing as they wish as far as recruiting for their games.

    I am just trying to see if GBA will move with the times and start running a better ship than the sinking one that was run by the old BSA regime.

    Last question, is Joe the only one occupying all positions at GBA or is everybody else scared to face the questions posed by the basketball community?

  3. Darren says:

    Thanks for sharing this information here Tsepo, as its something which many people have such an interest in understanding.

    It’s great to see you using this forum to inform the community about important matters like this, and I trust that the conversation that follows will go a long way to resolving these types of issues so that the players can get on with doing what they do best – playing ball!

  4. Joe says:

    Interested, as GBA we have been at pains to clarify our stance and again, unless Interested you have proof otherwise, except insinuations, we as GBA never asked LOP to pay us any money for running the league and as Tsepo says we were and still are willing to pay anyone to run the league for us, obviously as long as the amount is not ridiculous.

    Baller, as already stated the teams to participate in the league were decided as follows: in a the joint meeting between SASSU Gauteng and GBA it was resolved that SASSU teams will be accomodated in the GBL, secondly in a GBA plenary meeting held in February is was resolved the other teams will come from districts. In this regard tournaments were organised in which Blizzards men & Charioters ladies qualified from Tshwane and Dragons men qualified from Ekurhuleni.

    I.t.o of players participating in GBA and LOP, it was resolved by the executive that we first needed to engage the bball community in forums like this one. Where we would first clarify our position to ensure that players and officials would make informed decisions, before we can take a hardline stance on them as most bball has been misinformed about the LOP issue.

    When the league resumes after the break, we are unfortunately going to step up measures to enforce our constitution and regualtions in all spheres.

    In terms of junior basketball, the bosberad held in December last year indentified that schools are the most approrate vehicle to push junior bball. However, as you might be aware there close to 6 different kinds of schools organisations, and the schools subcommitte was tasked with looking into this issue and try to amalgamate these organisations. As we speak an interim Gauteng Schools Sport body formed and this weekend they will be hosting the winter games in which GBA will be funding some of its operations.

    In terms of U18 basketball, in the second half of 2008 a GBL U18 division will be run in which districts teams will be participating. Next week a meeting have been organised for the West rand district and this will be followed by the Metsweding purpose of which is to set the structures which will also be responsible for selecting the teams.


  5. Interested says:

    Joe, there is a saying that goes something like this “if you want to find the root of the problem, FOLLOW THE MONEY!”. I am not saying that GBA is guilty of anything or that the rumours are true but I believe you speak for yourself when you deny the involvement of money in the LOP issue. Money is a problem either way (LOP or GBA)… And it is also the reason basketball has been standing still for so long (corruption, fraud, self enrichment at the detriment of others etc…)

    About GBL qualification procedures, what was the criteria used to select Vaal Alumni golden oldies, TUKS2, UJ2, WITS2 ahead of other more competitive teams around Gauteng?

    I like the development program you used in your comment but lets hope it’s not empty promises and that you follow through as GBA.

    Lastly, you keep talking about structures, structures, structures… But BSA is run by an interim committee as mentioned above and if that’s the case we as bball are starting on a clean slate so everyone forms part of the structures even by making their views known on this forum.

    Joe, I command you for the discussions and your responses, and we are just trying to be better informed as the public and you might think its criticism but I see it more as a learning process with all of us trying to steer the same boat.

    We need to hear from LOP and other GBA menbers about what’s going on in basketball.

    Victor and Co. keep up the good work with the website..

  6. Baller says:

    still then you have teams like Bees, Raptors, Vaal Ulumni, the other teams of veterans don’t even know their name made up of guys like Sipho, Eric to name a few. then how did they qualify as they are not part of SASSU and per your e-mail didn’t qualify from their districts.

    Joe, i am the one that mentioned the issue of an Imbizo and that says to you i am ready to participate within the structures of bball. there is something Neo mentioned earlier and he stressed that. i will repeat it again COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION.

    that should be done with individual teams directly so that we know about these issues not with few people you come into contact with. surely the JHB structure doesn’t even know how many teams are in existence here. how do then you blame us for not participating. do your homework.

    i understand that your role is to always defend GBA and which you trying with all your powers. the sooner you accept that we all are stakeholders in bball the better as you will understand where we all coming from.

    everyone here has issues with GBA and that should say something to you. lets be realistic and talk about issues on the ground not the vision of GBA in five years time. then we will all achieve the vision quicker.

  7. Joe says:

    Interested, Raptors were invited to the GBL because in our investigation is emerged that Joburg failed to inform its members that LOP is not a recognised league and also failed to run the district qualifications as mandated. As already mentioned next week we will be conducting an audit of all our district to ensure that they are properly constituted and that they inform their members.

    In terms of Bees, Ekurhuleni requested that Tshane provide with another team as the Ekurhuleni team consisted of mostly school kids who were not experience or skilled enough to cut it in the GBL. Also, in our agreement with SASSU we took into consideration that they previously would have one team which consisted of students and non-students, to which we recommended that the teams be split for the optimum development and benefit of the student players. We also recognised that some districts were not running district leagues which are meant to cater for development teams including SASSU 2nd teams, hence the TUKS2, etc.

    Baller, as a stakeholder you should be participating in your structure, if you do then there is no need to convene an imbizo. As I have explained, if your structure is not servicing you as a registered member you are welcomed to appeal to GBA and I will personally attend to your complaint.

    Again, the vision of GBA is decided by the members on the ground through their structures who represent them at the GBA general council meetings and on a yearly basis the general council approves a business plan for the year which is reviewed on a quartely basis by the members themselves.

    What bballers need to take into congnisance is that the constitutions of the structures already have all these processes in place, thus when one become a member of a structure one must get the constituition, read carefully so that you can hold those elected and appointed accountable.

  8. Baller says:

    finally the truth came out. Raptors were invited because the structure within JHB isn’t doing their work. what did GBA do after realisig that teams in JHB were never informed by their structure? why then did GBL invite a specific team? why isn’t there a mens team from JHB if the women tem was invited? what was the criteria used to invite Raptors instead of other teams? how about other teams that are around? am happy you now agree with what we’ve been saying from day 1.

    the structures are not effective hence teams suffer a fate of not getting information. maybe then, GBA should insist that there be a GM for JHB structure and all other structures within their districts where all teams are informed and review if we can’t form new structures which will be recognised by all the teams.

    now we can all complain and give reasons that i believe will not help us as we were left out of GBL by ineffective structures. i believe we should get a way forward to next year and the earlier the better for all of us. being reactive will not help at all.

  9. Joe says:

    Baller, the JHB executive through thier chairperson have been called to account, which they have failed to do and it has been recommended that the Ecxo be suspended, a motion that will be raised in our next Exco meeting. From your side you can ask JHB to account as their member, which you are entitled to do and you can replace if you see fit, as per the JBA constitutional provision.

    In terms of Raptors, only the ladies were invited as only one slot for Joburg was available and their team currently has beaten VUT and Tukkies who are the traditional women powerhouses. On the men side, we invited Egoli Magic, but they were not interested.

    And agree with you now is the time for us as bballers to sort out our house (structures) and get rid of the dead wood, including myself if necessary. But for this to happen bballers need to be active in the stuctures not outside.

  10. Baller says:

    do you invite a team because they beat VUT or Tukkies??besides they beat them when they were already playing in GBL. what was the criteria used in inviting the two teams??

  11. Joe says:

    The criteria we used was the strength of the team, as it shows with the results Raptors are worth their place, Egoli Magic are a PBL team hence their invitation.

  12. Baller says:

    strenght based on what as there was no leage the previous year or which tournament??if i put to you that Wits beat Raptors at LOP? Egoli struggles to beat Wits Alumni. then how do you base the strengths on??again as compared to who??

    then you have a team from Free State? how were they chosen to play in GBL. is it because of their strenght also? i wonder.

  13. Neo says:

    The GBL is it running on a 2 round format or one round. I was told that this weekend was the last games for the first round and we will go into recess.

    TUT men has only played 3 matches and as I know there is 8 teams in the league, and they not playing this weekend so what about the other matches.

  14. Manyehlisa Lehohla says:

    The state of basketball in Mzansi leaves much to be desired.
    Basketball is still in the dark ages. At the moment we still see the same faces in the varsity teams, which means no room for progress for players coming out of high school.
    If we coulg have national league in the future, then development of talent would be easier and players would not get lost in the system. Cause this is what is happening at the moment players loose interest because there is no room for them to progress.

  15. Joe says:

    Baller, Wits ladies as a SASSU team were expected to participate in GBL, as per the SASSU & GBA agreement, hence they were not invited separately, Raptors ladies were invited as a the stongest team to represent the Joburg district, as per the GBA resolution. Also the Wits Alumni were also expected to participate as they are part of the SASSU affiliate, Wits.

  16. Baller says:

    my question is, which criteria was used to determine that they are the best and the same applies to Egoli Magic. unless GBA sat and thumb-sucked that they are the best therefore made a resolution based on that.

    then the team from free state? do we have an extra district there and which criteria was used to pick free state and not north west, limpopo or mpumalanga?

  17. Joe says:

    Baller, we considered the quality of the coach and players of the Raptors ladies by looking at their previous records, and this speaks for itself. The Egoli Magic are a PBL registered team, this speaks for itself. Then we compared these facts with the teams from Joburg, who are not SASSU teams, using this scientific method the answer is very simple.

    In terms of the Free State team, as members of BSA the Free State Association requested us to host them, especially since they will be registering as a SASSU recognised institution. We did not receive such request from North West or Limpopo, while a team from Mpumalanga is participating in the Ekurhuleni League, this you would have known if you conducted your research.

  18. Baller says:

    am talking about GBL. meaning it was easier for you to accept a team from Free State to compete at that level..then why didn’t you add a team from ekurhuleni if they have a league. meaning they’re too many teams there. meaning we now judge teams by players and coaches. lucky them they get things easier given their past achievements.

    did you send the invites out to other provinces or did they know that there is GBL. why didn’t you at the same breath invite the mpumalanga team to GBL instead let it compete in Ekurhuleni. i will admit, i don’t know all ure structures and teams. atleast now you get to give me insight. thanks for that.

  19. Joe says:

    Baller, the Free State team were considered because they are part of a SASSU institution and there were accomodated taking into account our agreement with SASSU.

    The Mpumanlanga team is not a tertiary institution club and therefore cannot be accomodated under the agreement with SASSU. Therefore, they are bound by the same rules as other teams that did not qualify to play in the GBL, that is they have to participate in a district league, and if they win the league, will qualify for the GBL.

  20. Baller says:

    let me get these straight, GBA has an agreement with SASSU National or Provincial? and what are the terms of that agreement.

  21. Joe says:

    Baller, I think we are now flogging a dead horse and obviously this has turned into a dialogue. Please attend our district association general meetings where you can get more info on this.

  22. Baller says:

    i will do that. when are you guys launching your website.