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Make yourselves heard and do something about it!!!

By on May 22, 2008 in News

First of all I would like to thank all the people that contribute daily to the forum presented to them by this website and those that visit it daily.I would also like to thank all the people that take the effort to contribute articles that lead to the various discussions we have. A few issues have come up recently…

People send us emails or phone us asking why their results are not shown on the website; my answer to these emails is usually: “I didn’t receive anything for the particular game from you” so my point here is if you want to see your results on the website, you have to send them through to us.

If you want to see a report on a particular game that we didn’t cover, then write a little report and send it to us and we will gladly put it up. If you want to see pictures of a particular game on the website, then send them through to us and we will put them up, it’s that simple. But we cannot be everywhere and anywhere, especially if we don’t know about the event in advance.

When you visit the website and read all the comments left by the various individuals, don’t be scared to leave your own comment because we want to hear what is and has been on the mind of the basketball community out there. If you don’t think your comment is suitable for a particular topic being discussed then send us the topic and a little report of your issues and we will put it up. But don’t stand in your corner and think that your issue will eventually come up we want you to PARTICIPATE, CRITICIZE, DEBATE, etc…. It’s been too long and for us to move forward, EVERYONE needs to make their small contribution to the growth of the sport by telling the administrators where they went wrong in the past and how they can fix it for the future and by being more involved in the sport at grass roots. We will make a difference only if we are involved…



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