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NBA: Who else is hoping for a Lakers vs Celtics final?

By on May 29, 2008 in FanZone

The Lakers versus Celtics rivalry is one of the most celebrated rivalries in all of professional sports history.

After both teams finished the season very strong, it looks like this year may just see another huge chapter in that rivalry, as the Celtics currently lead the Pistons (3-2) and the Lakers lead the Spurs (3-1):

NBA Conference Finals at 29 05 2008

The two teams last met in the finals in 1987 when Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were still lighting up the courts. While some writers never expected it to be possible, this year, if they make it, Kobe Bryant will be looking to prove his selection as MVP of the regular season, while the Big Ticket (Kevin Garnett) looks to finally lead his team to the Big Prize.

Who do you want to see in the FInals?

And if its Lakers vs Celtics, who would you want to see taking the Championship and why?

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  1. victor says:

    Hey D,

    I would love to see a Lakers vs Celtic final but lets not write the Pistons off just yet! The Celtic are not the finished article so let’s wait and see it could go to a game 7.


  2. Darren says:

    Well, the Lakers-Pistons conference final is also something of a classic, isn’t it. But I would love to see KG, Paul and Ray go all the way, and the Pistons haven’t shown their usual determination yet.

    Only time will tell.

  3. Baller says:

    i will agree with darren on this..well,don’t care if the celtics play Lakers or Spurs but surely root for the celtics to win the championship for the sake of KG, Allen and would be sad if they quit without that ring..

  4. Neo says:

    I must say the Celtics looked very worn out in the Game 4. If Ray shoots they way he shot in Game 5, the Pistons will have to worry about. Game 7 or no game 7 the big three will come through. As for the lakers Pau,Lamar and Kobe AAAII we will cross that bucket of water when we get there…

  5. Kobe says:

    Like Victor said lets not put the Pistons out of it yet! I put some money that the Pistons are going to come back and win that series, they are too experienced and they have been there before! But I put my $$$$ on the LAKERS to win the whole thing! GO LAKERS

  6. Kw3ku says:

    Ko(lo)be Bryant and the Lakers are the Western Conference Chanmpions……..
    Flukk pakk what you heard!!

    Cocccccccu Ninjas( holla back)

  7. Manyehlisa Lehohla says:

    Lakers already beat the Spurs so lets hope Celtic can produce the desired outcome against the Pistons.
    Pearce vs Bryant
    Garnett vs Gasol
    This could be quite a match up its also been a long while since these two teams have met in final. Its like reliving Magic Johnson vs Larry Bird

    Can’t wait for Celtic vs Lakers

  8. Springs says:

    looks more and more like the NBS’s “dream” final’s gonna take place, provided ,of course, that ray “jesus” allen doesn’t lose his touch again tonight, and that “the big ticket” and “the truth” also join the party and play hard. Looks good for the celtics but i wouldn’t count out sheed, dice, rip billups and the rest off the “gring out and win by one point” pistons. The lakers, and their MVP KB24 are for real!

  9. MK47 says:

    Both teams are top seeds they both have made good trade since last year so the both deserve this as much as any other team in the NBA and I am hoping to see a new rivalry this season

  10. Interested says:

    Go Celtics!! they will give the Lakers a run for their money.

    Kobe vs Pierce, Garnet vs Gasol, and don’t forget Ray Allen who has finally rediscovered his touch. He might be the difference. I have a feeling PHIL JACKSON might be too good a coach to lose it though. It will be a good match up all round. I say Celtics to win it 4-2.

  11. victor says:

    I am also going for the Celtics on this one. It has been way too long since they have lifted the trophy.


  12. victor says:

    CELTICS.. CELTICS… Sorry for all the Lakers fan but this year was just scripted for the Boston Celtics and they were hungrier so I am happy for the Big 3 and Doc for lifting the NBA championship this year….

  13. Neo says:

    Yeah well, if you a Celtic fan like myself we should celebrate and if you a Laker fan well “join us and drown your sorrows”…

  14. Baller says:

    Celtics, Celtics, Celtics..

  15. Nthabiseng says:


  16. Baller says:

    i saw KG cry and wow..what a moment..even PP was crying at the post game press conference..that shows you how much those guys work to win..hope our players will take note of that..we all have to work hard to improve our game..