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Pretoria league results week 3

By on May 23, 2008 in High School

St Albans College results

It looks like my prediction of St Albans making the finals in the Open section will come true, the results below show the strength of their 1st team but the question is who are they going to play in that game. Will it be Pretoria Boys High School or the high flying Rosina Sedibane. Their U16 A team is also strong so they might end up in the final for that age group.

Results supplied by Victor Fouda

St Mary’s DSG results

Looking at the results below, all I can say is that DSG have finally started to deliver on their potential considering they start their basketball program very early so good work from their coaches this year. PHSG will be smarting from this clean sweep and will look to bounce back but this will make for an interesting end of the season.

Results supplied by Neo Mothiba

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  1. Quincy says:

    Listen up and listen good!!!!! St. Albans is a prestigious school with alot of talent….we fight hard in most of our games and we alwaiz cum up on top….I dont know why guyz must be hatin….If we beat u, then its done. Wat u cud atleast do is support us and hope the finals are tyt nt to critise us 4 being the best……Its game..we already knw who the victors are gonna be so lets stop with the drama and come and watch on saturday at DSG hw we do our thing on the basketball court!

    Cos st. Albans are tyt and if guyz blink one, two….its game over cos we are the SPARTANS and we fight back!! SAID AND DONE! Peace!

  2. shmooth says:

    who said college aint good? ya’ll are missing the point. Nobody said you aint good, ya’ll are the best in the country currently and thats exactly why people wana beat you so they can be the best. Dont take it as haterism but rather take it as a challenge. You dont hear anybody going on about PBHS cause they’ve expiered and beating them doesnt make a diff in anybody’s life right now. You should be able to admit that you got a good challenge from Willows and they are well within their rights to believe they can beat you. Boys pre game banter has been a part of sports for centuries. Dont take it to heart and appreciate the fact that peeps find it worthwhile to challenge ya’ll. Quincy what do you mean haters cause you got props in this very discussion?

  3. tyler conway says:

    u14’s are unbeaten this term. and its gonna stay like that 4 the rest of the season!!!!!!!!dog! bys high we beat u guys 22-2 the 1st game of the season and we expect u 2 cum out fightin!!! but no challenge with gamp-one and ismael n omo n izaak no change HELP!!!!!

  4. victor says:

    Guys I hope that you all do your talking on the court come Friday because judging by your comments the semifinals and finals are going to be very interesting. And a bit of banter before the event can only make it juicier for the fans.

    Just remember that at the end of the day there has to be a winner and a loser so hopefully you will be humble enough to congratulate your opponent whichever way it goes.

    As soon as I have the fixtures for the playoffs I will put them up.

  5. Neo says:

    for the Matrix of this year this is your last chance to rep your school and remember YOU DONT WIN SILVER, YOU LOSE THE GOLD!!!!!!!

  6. katlego malatji says:

    Vic and the Matrix Im with ya’ll all the way. Just to clear one thing up about scholarship players; they are there at College. I have known many in previous years and I know some currently but I wont mention their names cause I believe its a personal matter. I’ve coached some of them at district level too. They are scouted for talent and usually play another sport like Rugby or something. Remember T-bose and Mike Makena? Those are some from the past and College lads know who the current one’s are so dont try and act like you breed perfection.

  7. Lethabo says:

    Just wanna say something to all you st Albans players. You are very good at talking about the finals and beating whoever you’ll be playing, BUT you are forgetting that you still have to play a semi final against Boys High and you are making an extremely dangerous mistake by underestimating the capabilities of your opponent. Put your money where your mouth is and stop giving your mouths unecessary exersize. Concerning our game against Rosina on friday I will not say anything and rather let me and my teams game speak….. good luck to all playoff teams.

  8. Danielle van Eeden says:

    Firstly, im super proud of Willows-its like the 2nd year ya’ll have been playing and you make us proud so well done. I was reading through these comnents and was totally offended by a comment left by Rhys…u know what dude-u give st. Albans a bad name, i respected that school but not anymore. Ur going round bad mouthing willows just coz they aint some stuck up rich kids school, but theyve got way bigger hearts and much more respect. Thats why youll never truelly be a winner! Boys at willows-ur my heros! Mwa

  9. L-Double-R says:

    Big Up 2 ma boy L-T! Tht ws tha realest reply left… I gt a few comentz ta make abt sum people nd their attitudes… 1st nd foremost tha match tht was playd on friday ws a very tightly contested match eithr way u look at it. You can go on sayin it wasnt a fluke and all, but look at hw many playas got fouled out 4rm our team and how many unnecessary points st. Albans scored due to your unlawful referee who is also your schools u.16 coach. When his u.16A team lost to our u.16A he was very frustrated and i remember him lashing out at the ref after the match saying ‘are you happy now that they won, hey, are you happy’. The very same behaviour he was gladly displaying at our open team match last week friday at st.albans, very often clashing with the other referee and lashed out at the willows coach. He was clearly displaying some signs of still being sour about the results and him wanting some sort of payback on our school… The 2nd thing is 2 actualy congratulate st. Albans on their victory. In matchs there is always a winner and a looser and you guys came out tops on the day. U hav a very good team and as a pupil who was actualy suposed 2 b at that school from a very long time ago, i know what your school is capable of in sports, especially basketball… 3rdly this 1 goes to some individual playerz… 1st player iz Khaya, yo dawg u gud man, u a tyt ball playa, bt dawg u iz big headd lyk no1 i eva seen. Maby sumtymz it works for u nd al nd it aint wrong 2 b big headd bt sometymz u gta knw wen u ova doin it. Lucky 4 u, u gt tha skilz nd talent ta baq it up, in tha end, ws laughn abt it wit sechaba sayn u do al dat knwin u cn huk it up nd gt tha pointz… Nd Quincy, na u swotd a whle lota katz 4rm our scul, im nt 2 sure bt i thnk i myta been 1 of em, u ws holdn it dwn on da defense… Nd this is 4 Rhys, dawg u thnk u tha tytest point guard 2 eva play ball dnt u? U tlk a whle lota smak yo, im suprisd u able 2 write all that ish u wrote, ure handz should b holdn ice cubz nd rubin ur ankles wit em… Cz u met tha ankle breaka(sum1 u shud b respectn and workn 2wardz being tht gud)… As 4 tha lil u16 chump sayin they only lost coz he claimz we got the worst back boards hez eva seen… Dawg, dnt trip, u gon fall hard if thts y u think ual lost… We cud give u guys tha u16s again on ure home ground and they wud do nuthin but net on ual… Again!… Anyway, last thng i wna say iz, tha semiz nd finals r jus a few days away, nd on my syd i cant make any predictions, all 4 teams tht are playin semis are good, and can only hope that we come out victorious against rosina, and get the much anticipated round 2 evryone wants, 2 pruv 1ce and for all WHO RUNZ THEZE COURTZ!! Gud luck 2 erbdy! Wrst thing any team can eva do is underestimate its oponentz!! Rememba dat! Peac out…

  10. Quincy says:

    I knw dat alot of beef has gone on thru this website and all i can say is friday is cumin up and the way i see it, this semiz are gonna be serious. its going down at st. Albans so lets see wat happens……Who will cum up on top? am psyched 4 the game against boys hi so am gonna play my heart out and am nt holdin back. Full out passion 4 the game. 100%. thats wat am bringing to the courts.

    Hope the games will be tyt and rememba…we are the COLLEGE SPARTANS and it has bin said before that the Spartans die in the movie……Well this is real life guyz, this aint no movie…..!! We dnt die in real life, we fight back….Game over!!

  11. Quincy says:

    As for shmooth, ma bad dogg, i hav got props on this very discussions bt it has cum to ma attention that guys out there are hatin on us and well, i got pride 4 ma xul so i jus had to hit the reply….Hope those guyz cum on Friday to see the champs at work!!!

  12. Quincy says:

    2. 3 COLLEGE……………2, 3 COLLEGE………………….2,3 COLLEGE!

  13. shmooth says:

    Where are the other schools at? Gents we all know that U/14 is a College vs Willows final. If U/16 College can beat boys high then we have another Willows College final and if Willows first team beats Rosina (which im almost sure they will) then its set bafo! “WILLOWS vs COLLEGE SATURDAY” – can anybody spell DOMINANCE???

  14. Khaya Thomo says:

    Ok, Ok.. I wont lie at all. Props to Willowridge for getting this far. I just hope that the form that they have won’t die out when they play Rosina.. It will be good to play Willows again, this time under different conditions. Let us all dominate the finals at DSG with all age groups consisting of Willowridge and COLLEGE.. Good luck to all the teams, and may the best team come out on top.

  15. victor says:

    I am not the prophet of doom but there is a saying: “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched”, so keep the focus boys… I think that Willowridge have done really well by having all their teams in the playoffs and St Albans for doing the same in the boys section so you both deserve to be there.

    I hope it turns out to be a great day of basketball, so that the fans enjoy it as much as the players.


  16. Deezy-F-Baby says:

    Oaks alot of things have been said but at the end of the day if a guy is big headed and can prove he has a reason to be, big up’s to him. And as for rhys, YOU may not think he’s the best point guard ever but he plays for in my opinion the best team ever. Stop worrying bout our players start worrying bout yours cause we know were determined to leave with nothing less than the gold. At the end of this day we’ll prove we have the RIGHT to be called champions

  17. Katlego Malatji says:

    Ah mara deezy why you gotta bring the beef back? Khaya just joined the gentleman bus and said some good stuff,lets keep the Sportsmanship up and bring our game tommorow. Win or lose, ballers belong to one family. I’l share the Willows B-Ball thoery with all as a parting shot before semi’s – In Deo Nostra, Labor Omnia Vincit. Trust in God and Hard Work Conquers Everything! GOODLUCK BALLERS- GIVE US A GOOD ONE

  18. Quincy says:

    Yeah…i think katlego is ryt….we are all one basketball family and yeah, i agree wid khaya..we all on the same page nw so lets jus see wat happens tomorrow and hope that the finals will be tyt……hope to see everyone tomorrow in good health…..GOOD LUCK TO ALL and for COLLEGE………..Custos Veritatis……..College Spartans!!!!!