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Pretoria League 2008 predictions for Boys

By on June 5, 2008 in High School

U19 Boys section

PBHS vs. St Albans on Friday 6 June at 15h00 at St Albans

This is going to be a battle of giants, whether it is on a rugby field, cricket pitch or a basketball game, PBHS vs. St Albans is a big as they come when you talk of English boys’ rivalry in Pretoria. Unfortunately this meeting means that we will have 2 finals, one on Friday and another on Saturday. We could be in for an interesting match but with St Albans being at home, on a high and being undefeated in the league this year the pendulum is in their favor. They have played PBHS twice this year already and have managed to come out on top on both occasions. Will this be the 3rd time this year? Only Friday will tell us but it will be dramatic.

My prediction: St Albans College

Rosina vs. Willowridge on Friday 6 June at 16h00 at St Albans

I managed to catch Willowridge playing against St Albans and their play was very impressive overall but I have a funny feeling that if Rosina plays to its potential then they should beat them. And there is not much between the 2 teams but my gut feeling tells me that if Rosina uses the post they will come out victorious because they have a polished player in that position. But Willowridge have great momentum after making the semi finals and having teams in the all the age groups boys and girls in the playoffs this year. The two teams have great players at the point guard position and the difference might a basket or two.

My prediction: Rosina

U16 Boys section

Willowridge vs. The Glen High School

I think that Willowridge will come into this game confident that they will make the finals. They are undefeated and with the victory over St Albans they are the favorites. The Glen High School looked very organized against PBHS and Willowridge should not underestimate their hunger to make the finals this year. If Willowridge come into the game thinking about the finals they will be in for a very long afternoon. But if I go according to form then Willowridge have it in their hands.

My prediction: Willowridge

St Albans vs PBHS

Tough call this one, St Albans have home court advantage but that didn’t count for much when these two teams played early on in the year with PBHS winning by a basket. PBHS are very balanced with good posts and guards and depending on their mindset on the day they should overcome the home crowd and win the game against College. St Albans will want a rematch against Willowridge to prove that their defeat to them was unwarranted. They seem to produce guards of quality at this level year in and year out so if they are on fire it might make it a very interesting game.

My prediction: PBHS

U14 Boys section

St Albans vs. Prestige

I go with St Albans on this one, just purely on the fact that they started playing competitive basketball in the 1st term. Prestige is an unknown quantity but with them being in the semis, St Albans should treat them with respect.

My prediction: St Albans

Willowridge vs. Clapham

No contest, Willowridge. They have good guard for this age group and their post play is also decent so it’s going to be a mismatch in my opinion.

My prediction: Willowridge

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  1. Katlego Malatji says:

    Vic I’m with you in every other prediction but I think you’re still making a big mistake by under-rating Willows 1st team. But lets let that be that, I hope they prove you wrong. Mara everything else I think you called accurately

  2. Bame Nkate says:

    it seems that today was the day for giant killing college well done

  3. anonymous#2 says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to the Rosina Boys Team..WHAT A GAME????
    The level of Basketball in schools league has improved tremendously.Watching young players like Hlogi #4 from Rosina and the small point gaurd(that earned himself an all-STA)really shows that South Africa has great talent,that can be used in the near future.The atmosphere was just too nice,with the crowd roaring at every spectacular was a great day for everyone (not only the winners)
    Big up to the GP schools league commitee for the