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Pretoria League semi finals results for the boys

By on June 8, 2008 in High School

U19 Boys section

PBHS vs. St Albans on Friday 6 June at 15h00 at St Albans

This was an amazing game; it was a final in itself with the crowd, the 3 lead changes in a matter of minutes and the overall emotions of the players at the end adding the spice to the event. When you watched the 1st half, St Albans were up by a basket on the back of some exciting drives from St Albans number 7 Khaya Thomo but Pretoria Boys high were always in it on the back of some hot shooting and fast breaks from Fhumalani Mobobo and Brian Tsabadi. After some missed opportunities from both teams, St Albans were up by 5 points after the 3rd quarter but after some resolute defending from the PBHS team, they managed to catch up the lead and build it up to a 6 point lead with 2 minutes left. In the end, the never-say-die attitude of the St Albans boys and their experience saw them edge out a narrow victory over their opponents and the home crowd went crazy. College remains unbeaten at home this year so until the 4th term when they play in the Johannesburg league they will keep that record. They moved to the finals on Saturday at DSG with a lot of confidence in the hope that they finish first this year.

My prediction: St Albans College – Actual winner: St Albans College

Rosina vs. Willowridge on Friday 6 June at 16h00 at St Albans

With all the banter flying around before the game, you thought that this game would swing in the favor of Willowridge to set up a final against St Albans College. But after watching a 14-0 run by the Rosina team in the 1st quarter, this game was over early. The highlight was a put back dunk by the Rosina number 10 post, Tsepo who was using his height both on offense and on defense. The willowridge blocked couldn’t take a shot without it being blocked by the big man. Even the willowridge point guard seemed shell shocked and the game was really lost in those 1st five minutes. But after that dunk that reminded me of Lebron James by Tsepo I called it a day….

My prediction: Rosina – Actual winner: Rosina

U16 Boys section

Willowridge vs. The Glen High School

Yet again Willowridge came into this game full of confidence and talking about meeting St Albans in the final. The Glen High School players have kept their heads under the radar, putting in the hard work and building their confidence. With their coach Isaiah Monyamane putting in all the preparations necessary for this game, including a friendly against their opponents which they won, he was quietly confident. Willowridge were always trailing in this game and but always had the belief that they could overcome the deficit. In the end their pre game overconfidence cost them the game. But it was a close encounter with The Glen winning it by 3 points.

My prediction: Willowridge – Actual winner: The Glen High School

St Albans vs PBHS

St Albans put their disappointing loss to Willowridge during the group phase to the side and brought their game faces to the party. PBHS were in control of the match throughout but with their star player out with 5 fouls in the last quarter and some inexperienced mistakes from the team, they blew it at the semi-final stage. St Albans have some exciting talent at the guard positions and this proved to be the difference between the two teams. Never underestimate College on their home turf, especially with the loud support they get from those passionate fans and parents.

My prediction: PBHS – Actual winner: St Albans College

U14 Boys section

St Albans vs. Prestige

My prediction: St Albans – Actual winner: St Albans

Willowridge vs. Clapham

Willowridge were undefeated coming into this game and were looking forward to a place in the final with a win. They duly obliged and made easy work of Clapham.

My prediction: Willowridge – Actual winner: Willowridge

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