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By on June 13, 2008 in News

Information supplied by Sibongile Maswanganye

Herewith is the schedule for the SASSU SEND – OFF TOURNAMENT that will be taking place on the 22 June 2008, Wembley Indoor Sports Stadium.

It will be a thriller day for basketball in Johannesburg. Please come in numbers and support your former or current Tertiary Institution when they are tested by the real Home of Champions “GBA” All Star team.

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  1. Baller says:

    i don’t even think the Tuks ladies team will get a chance.. i feel sorry for them..maybe their coach will work miracles who knows..last year i heard they beat Vaal with that team..

    hopefully the website will update us with the SASSU results on a daily basis..

  2. Neo says:

    I just had some very discouraging news. Apparently the Squad for the SASSU national team has been chosen. Who is in the team? My guesse is as good as yours. Any players from those basketball starved provinces and unknown players, you have a mountain to climb and as for the players who are selected, you must prove yourself.


  3. Baller says:

    its more like don’t call you i’ll call me..i think this is discouraging. every year in and out we have teams done before tournaments and you ask yourself how is this done.

    imagine now we talking about institutions and the issue is that some institutions did not qualify and how will the coaches know which player is good where. well,unless if the coaches attended the qualifiers in all provinces. that i doubt it happened.

    speaking of coaches, who are the SASSU coaches. heard you mentioning the UJ coach. but my guess would be probably all the UJ coaches are coaching the SASSU teams.

    maybe i’lll sound unpatriotic but then i believe that its high time we develop our local coaches at SASSU level. are they saying that we don’t have any South African coach who can coach the men?? honestly, we need to look at that. imagine waking up and they say Flosh is coaching in mozambique or congo?? that will never happen.

    the foreign coaches gain exposure at our expense then they further their interests after that. then we left high and dry again and again. when are we developing our own basketball coaches and stop complaining that our standard is dropping.

    i can assure you that the same UJ coach won’t even start coaching an institution if he is not paid while we have a lot of our coaches doing that at institutions and townships for free. aren’t they the one’s we should develop at the higher level?? that will sure help us develop.

    who thought Flosh will achieve what he did with our men’s team. all the foreign coaches came and left and what did they leave behind. your guess. NOTHING. they don’t even have the interest of our players at heart.

    am sorry if i sound unpatriotic but that is true.

  4. Neo says:

    The coach for the ladies is Kimati from Eastern Cape.

  5. Baller says:

    thanks for the info. that is very good. and the assistant coaches. come to think of it, shouldn’t SASSU be using some of the former players like you Neo as assistant coaches or team managers so that you get to make the players understand how tough it is out there.

  6. Neo says:

    Well that would be a good idea but you need sum1 who is actually willing the dirty work. Most players odnt understand the job that is required being a team manager or ass coach.

    Ive had situations where people have been appointed as managers and they dont understand what the job intails, late nights, early mornings and catering to players and basically not having time for yourself. I think its a good idea but you need to be careful on who they appoint.

  7. Neo says:


  8. Kweku says:

    Neo, you once mentioned in passing the project to get facilities(hoops) in town(pta) as a central location for all. whats the 411 ont that issue?

  9. Neo says:

    We had to can that idea for a while as all th logistics around that were challenging. The city council was one of our partners and there are loose ends which have to be tied up before we can continue.

  10. Kweku says:

    word of mouth has it that tuks v/s heat tonite?

  11. Neo says:

    Yeah, Tuks asked the heat to give them a run for the next two weeks, in preparation for the SASSU’s. Some coaches do have common sense.

  12. victor says:

    It will be an interesting game to say the least… Rookies vs The Muscle men from Pta Heat.

  13. Kweku says:

    Should be an interesting matchup…

    Theres an annual winter league(chinese) does any body have any info on how thats been run on more insight?

  14. Kweku says:

    thats rough Vic, tables will turn one day, alot of cats are putting in the effort to better their games out there, prospects will soon rise

  15. victor says:

    I’m not saying Tuks will loose but if you compare the teams, the one looks like they are freshman while the other looks like they work out at the USN factory, :).

    About the chinese winter league, I heard that it might not happen this year. But if I get anymore info. I will pass it on…

  16. Neo says:

    Thats the way to learn! If you get smacked in tye mouth once, you will know never to eat with your mouth open. Should be interesting.

  17. Kweku says:

    Speaking of being smacked – are the Senior championships taking place this year?

  18. Neo says:


  19. Nthabiseng says:

    Tuks ladies are actually looking good for the SASSuUso dont write them off just yet. Neo Tuks beat Vaal by 18 points in the first game at SASSU last year and lost in the final by 1 point so wats up with all the tuks ladies hatters… As for UJ well yeah they are also looking good and the tourny will be interesting.

    There will be a daily update on wats hapnin at SASSU.

  20. Neo says:

    Well unfortunately the Lakers beat the defending champions and Chris Paul was killing everyone this season but guesse what! nobody remembers that stuff its the gold medal that counts. Tuks might have beaten VUT in the first match of the tournament but were featured on the engraving of the trophy NO,NO. Its okay run your lips,will see you on Sunday….

  21. katlego says:

    Mothiba re go kwele jo,lol. At the end of the day i think that beyond the competition and all our main aim should be to pick the best, nurture talent and grow this sport in our country. I think we should also look at getting these national competitions to high school and primary levels to prepare players from a young age. As for SASS,in the mens pool i hope the best team wins and as for the ladies section i say – HEY TUKS ON THREE – 1,2,3 .. HEITUKS!!!!

  22. Baller says:

    did anyone see some of the UJ players at wembley on sunday?

  23. Neo says:


  24. Baller says:

    just heard that Tuks ladies beat UJ rather shocked by the results..

  25. Lady says:

    Yeah so i herd. People shouldnt write off tuks just yet, they have a solid team and they might have stumbled a lil but they won when it mattered