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SMU vs Egoli Magic tour game

By on June 2, 2008 in News

Information provided by James Mtwetwa

This Wednesday 4th June 2008, a beefed up Egoli Magic team made up of some SA players and players from Wits Alumni will take on an American college team SMU that is touring SA. This second installment follows the game on Sunday 1st June and will take place at 12h30 at the Mandeville courts. MSU took the opportunity to hold clinics on Saturday 31 May for some U19 players and the event was hosted by the Bedfordview Dragons. A report from sunday’s game will be provided during the week.

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There Are 10 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Baller says:

    will this be the last game of the tour as some of us won’t be able to attend an afternoon game.

  2. Kw3ku says:

    And here we were told LSU was in town, I figured it to be a mistake though now this clears the air(SMU) pips got me going for awhile.

    Neo talk to people who know people to record the game for some of us(ofcourse you can put up a price)since wednesday 12h30 is out for most catz

  3. Neo says:

    My connections are not that deep…..

  4. Kw3ku says:

    Where’s ESPN when you need it, heck where’s SABC sports? Slam dunk had better be covering this..

    Where you at ninja, shout a halla at your connections ek se hao but now!!!

  5. Kw3ku says:

    Where’s ESPN when you need it? Heck where’s SABC sports?
    Slam dunk, anyone?

  6. Interested says:

    Sup K.

    Why are you calling out brothers left, right and center?

    As far as connections go, like Neo says mine are also not that deep!

    Maybe the organisers can move the game to later that day to accomodate the working class and get a crowd in?

  7. Kw3ku says:

    Who are the organisers? do you know?

    E’body is quite now, what happened to the hype and predictions about NBA finals? 2 well deserving teams made the centerstage……..

  8. victor says:

    Hi K, Interested and Baller,

    I have been told this will be their last game. I sent an email to James asking him for more information and I am still waiting so I will update you guys as soon as I know..

    Lakers vs Celtics, Lakers have Kobe and Gasol but the Celtics looks hungry and have balance on their roster so it’s going to be hot. I am anticipating a Celtic win because of the way they have hit the scene this year but we’ll see.


  9. Baller says:

    should agree with Vic. anyway,am rooting for the celtics to win. i think Ray Allen has caught fire now after a shaky shooting spell during the first 4 games of the conference final. if PP comes to life then i see the Celtics winning. they have more firepower than the lakers with Kobe, Gasol and Oden..

    is anyone up for a bet against the Celtics?

  10. Kw3ku says:

    Ofcourse Baller, as interesting as all of the above points you cant rule out KB and fischer with the leadership of P. Jackson(experience will go a long way in this one)
    I honestly dont see Celtics developing a 6/7gear on this series, Lakers on the hand? EI man Im loving the prospects tough