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What do YOU want to see here?

By on June 17, 2008 in FanZone

Hey everyone

It’s been an awesome few months taking in the local basketball action and watching the community discuss some fascinating issues here on MyBasketball. Feedback so far has been great, and a HUGE thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read, comment and take part!

Like you, we believe that there is an exciting future ahead for basketball in South Africa, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it! This is just the beginning for MyBasketball, and seeing the good response to the site so far has been very encouraging. We are constantly toying with ways to improve the site, and since this site is for all of us, SA’s basketball community, we want to know from you:

What do you want to see here?

Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think would help makes this a better site for the SA basketball community.

More photos or videos?
A discussion area?
Event listings?
Anything else?

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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There Are 31 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Thabani Dube says:

    I would like to see an online shop for Basketball coaching and training DVDs. I have tried with shops in the USA but had a bad experience with not receiving the DVDs I hav purchased. If anybody has connections where we can safely buy DVDs and be able to train our teams. I am Basketbal Chairperson from Northern KZN Newcastle area and Dundee Area and we desparately are in need to these resources.

  2. Baller says:

    i am hoping that in future you should load players profiles if possible so that people would be able to tap into their lives and achievements. players like Neo, Sfiso with their pics.

    a discussion area would be brilliant and have topics like for a week..then again interviews with players, coaches and administrators from different provinces..

  3. Neo says:

    Could you please maybe get a spokes person or someone who knows sum1 in BSA interim committee, give them a spot on the website so the rest os SA can know about the developments of their efforts. I mean its been how long now since they elected and im sure theve made some breakthroughs here and there but the South Africans don no about them. Give it to Francis he’s very well known for speaking. He’s my boy…..

  4. Chris K says:

    Hi Vic,

    Not sure if I’ve officially congratulated you on this site but GREAT work man.I’m not sure if you can get this sort of info but can you get us news on african players who play in the states aswell as europe so these young ones can see that it’s possible to dream big!even if they play in D1 or college!!

    world peace

  5. Thapelo says:

    Top ten players in South Africa currently playing
    and top ten players ever to play for South Africa (current and retired)

  6. Darren says:

    Thabani, Baller, Neo, Chris and Thapelo – thanks for your feedback!

    Great to hear from you. Some excellent ideas there, some which we already hope to incorporate soon, and others which definitely merit serious consideration.

    Thapelo, any ideas who the judges should be to decide who the best SA players are? 🙂

  7. Baller says:

    i don’t think we’ll have top ten players and serious say they were outstanding. the only measure that we would have used was players winning MVP’s at National Senior Tournaments and we haven’t had any in so many years.

    that i believe will be difficult to do.

  8. Thapelo says:

    No idea on the judges, but I would probably have to say all the coaches around the current league that are running from the Western Cape, KZN,GP etc…or we can simply have names and people can vote for their favourite players!

  9. zee wa kasi says:

    Sure Vic!
    Tx f 4 letting Mzansi B-ballers know what time is’t by investing much more hard work in what you doing. I would like to agree with Baller about the idea of players profile and more pics especially pics about the games and our very own Mzansi B-ballers posters. this players are our little brothers and sisters role model. Even players who are not in the limelight, we want to know what happened to them -players like Velly(shaq) Mchulo

    On the idea of having mzansi top 10 players I think is gone be a hard work because there are good players in some provinces whom are not much exposed to the mianstreams like your GP/KZN B-ballers maybe because they are not your College cat because of financial constrain or any other limits , so I think there will have to be an enter-provincial B-ball tournament so that every cat even the once in the Bondus can be exposed.

  10. victor says:

    I’m really enjoying the comments and suggestions being made… Some of the ideas were already into consideration but your views have reinforced them. KEEP THEM COMING!

  11. Thapelo says:

    What happened to Sunday- does anyone know?

  12. Neo says:

    After Saturday, Sunday left beacause he couldnt face Monday.

  13. Thapelo says:

    Here are my nominees for top ten basketball players ever to play on South African soil (current and retired)

    1. Craig Gilchrist
    2. Manny Madondo
    3. Paul De Wet (played for Niagra in the US)
    4. Quinton Denyssen
    5. Joseph Mazibuko
    6. Neo Mathiba
    7. Lesego Molebatsi
    8. Vincent Ntunja
    9. Tshakane Ngobeni
    10. Nyakallo Nthupeng

    These are not in any type of order though!!!!

  14. Nthabiseng says:

    What about young up coming players? KATTS are looking good so maybe someone can list their fav top 10. Guys ladies do exist aswell. Please dont forget them.

  15. victor says:

    Hey T,

    Nice top ten SA players. But I my opinion if you were to have a top ten list of players in SA, you would have to add Nakedi Maputla to that list. Maybe I am biased because he is a friend and a former teammate but having watched and played a lot of basketball; he is up there with the best. He is the real deal when we are talking about his position and the fact that he wasn’t picked for the national team on a lot more occasions suprises me.


  16. Thapelo says:

    Sup Vic

    That was only what I thought… about you and anybody else put up their list!!!!


  17. zee wa kasi says:

    Sure Neo take it easy on Sunday boy. but realy where is he, is he still? balling somebody halla.!!

    Every B’ball player knows that Nakedi is the cradle of Mzansi Bball and for sure he deserve to be on everyone’s list.
    Ladies also deserve to be featured.

  18. Neo says:

    I think everyone who is involved in basketball should send their recommendations, even if you only have one person in mind, who knows we might have some1 in common.

    As for the ladies, its hard to pick if you never actually seen them representing the nation and seeing what they made of. Well here goes, NOT IN ANY ORDER

    Tuki Modiselle (Vaal and Raptors)
    Nikki de Villiers (Tuks)
    Sibo Maswanganye (Tuks)
    Lebo Mashao (Mamelodi Bees)
    Sophie (TUT and Bees)
    Phumla Sathula (USA)
    Pontso (Vaal and Bees)

  19. Baller says:

    there are guys like lowell mdaweni, sfiso ncgobo, thabang kgwedi, dali, flosh, fumani etc, they are a lot of guys out there..

    the ladies you still have pupsi, emma, brenda, nick taylor is anyone still remember her..think we all can mention a lot of players.

  20. Neo says:

    Nick Taylor is playing wheelchair basketball in Spain if Im not mistaking, I was with him at the All Africa Games and he is a HE. I never got to see him play though, apparently he was it….

  21. Baller says:

    not the guy..there is another nicky taylor the woman..she used to play for KZN..well, the guy was good at his age..was actually at the tournament where they got a car accident in 1998..think he was with Riaan (Rooi Kop)..Neo, there was this woman playing for Vaal..not sure about her name thou..Suzzy or something..

    we also have guys like Solly Mashiane, Eric, Steve..

  22. Neo says:

    Just like everything in life we also have to have a criteria. I know there are a lot of people who log on to this site but dont leave any comments. Anyone who has knowledge on basketball can submit their criteria and their top 20 that way the people can come up with the Top 10.


  23. Kweku says:

    Ok this is what I want to see… GBA/L not just Joe keeping us abreast of watagwaan, BSA’s briefing of whats the way forward(new committee and all) their interim plans etc. developmental suggestions from everybody to anybody who needs it, more school teacher’s(well sport co-ordinators)everyday challenges with keeping the sport alive in respective school’s. Female ballers input/outlook on future of the sport

  24. Joe says:


    When one member of GBA communicates in a public forum they represent a GBA position, this is standard praticse in every organisations. Thus when I contribute, I merely articulate a GBA policy/procedure. As you would know, if I express personal opnion I will indicate that.

    Again, BSA’s main clients are its members, eg GBA, and if BSA wanted input about the way forward, the members will be the right channels to consult.

  25. Neo says:

    Im looking for some-one to contact in the Pta west. I have called people I know and had no luck. Im organising a clinic for U10-U13 and I need to get kids from Atteridgeville, Lotus and Pta west..