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AIA basketball team tour of South Africa

By on July 16, 2008 in News

The AIA South Africa Sports Ministry is proud to announce yet another Basketball tour of SA & Mozambique with players from different Universities in North America and the University Of Johannesburg.

Last year, we had the privilege of hosting the Wheaton College men’s Basketball team from Chicago, Illinois-USA.

This year, we have made a brave and different approach by combining quality Athletes from 8 Universities. The project is aimed at promoting the sport of Basketball, encouraging racial interaction, cultural and social mix among the local fraternities in Southern Africa. However, our key objective is to spread the love and passion of Jesus Christ through Basketball in a friendly environment, without imposing Biblical values and principles. The universal language of sports, transcends all barriers caused by political divides, religious convictions and ethnic or racial differences.

Our 2008 team is composed of 11 players and 7 team officials from the USA, South Africa and Kenya.

AIA is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ international and was founded in 1966.

We target the high profiled and elite Athletes with the Gospel of Jesus in over 184 countries through our evangelism and discipleship programs. By helping students reach their full potential in both the academic and athletic areas, we hope that Biblical principles and values learned are adopted on the sporting field/playgrounds and applied into life on a daily basis. Our motto is “VICTORY BEYOND COMPETITION”.

AIA team game schedule:

Thursday 17 July 2008

6:00pm: Ladies Game vs. WITS (Wits University)

8:00pm: Men’s Game vs. WITS (Wits University)

Friday 18 July 2008

6:00pm: Game vs. Egoli Magic

Saturday 19 July 2008

3:30pm: Ladies Game vs. TUKS (University of Pretoria)

4:30pm: Men’s Game vs. TUKS (University of Pretoria)

Monday 21 July 2008

5:30pm: Men’s Game vs. VUT (Vaal University of Technology)

Tuesday 22 July 2008

6:00pm: Game vs. UJ (University of Johannesburg)

Wednesday 23 July 2008

Team departs for the US

Information supplied by Aggrey Ofula

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  1. Baller says:

    where will the games be played and the times..

  2. victor says:

    Hi Baller,

    Not sure about the venues for all the games but I added the schedule for all of the tour games.


  3. kim says:

    Man,I see this 50 year old guy called Aggrey is still doing his stuff.Well I hope the AIA tour is a success and changes peoples lives for the positive.I am a product of Aggrey Ofula and Allan Duncan when they were still rolling with the Baptist blaze.I was a skinny guy hungry for success and hope which they instilled in me to always push to be the best I could.

    I dont see how AIA will be different from what you guys started in the GREAT Eastern Cape about 10 years back.I hope you will keep inspiring young ones through the word and ball cos I know from experience it makes all the difference in ones life.

    your boy Kimathi

  4. Neo says:

    Hey Kimati, why would you put your name down as Kim? I though it was some lady from the Free State. LOL

  5. Baller says:

    thanks Vic..if you can,please find out for us the venues..

  6. kim says:

    You see there these people that bite their tongues when they try pronounce my name and that irritates me.So I decided reather than being iritated let me just cut it so people can pronounce Kim.

    Cant wait for next weeks game against UJ.These are the days that I just LOVE Basketball more and more.