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LOP and GBA reach an agreement

By on July 8, 2008 in News

Article supplied by Cabby Magongwa

The call to have one provincial basketball league and hence a united voice in Gauteng basketball has finally come to reality.  Pro Sport Consulting and GBA have agreed in principal that come 2009, Pro Sport Consulting, a company currently running LOP, will take over the marketing and management of the Gauteng Basketball League.  Whereas Pro Sport consulting will be playing in the commercial interest of the league, GBA will play the political role at provincial, national and FIBA level.  With support from the Gauteng Provincial Government and basketball association, we believe that Gauteng Basketball is destined for greater heights.

All senior teams/clubs in Gauteng will be invited to participate in a tournament that will see top 8 ladies and men’s teams fight for the 2009 Gauteng Basketball League Championship title.  Teams that do not make it to the provincial league will play in their respective district league with opportunity to enter into the provincial league on a relegation system.

We are very excited about this agreement and are looking forward to making Gauteng the home of basketball champions.

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There Are 13 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Baller says:

    finally..this is good news for basketball development..i hope now that all ballers in gauteng will look for bigger and better things to come..

    if i may, are we only going to have one division or there are going to be other divisions..

  2. Setlogelo says:

    It is important for basketball stakeholders to have an integrated approach in running the affairs of the sport. With an agreement such as this in place, in three years time basketball will rightfully be back to where it belongs. This is an indication that we have capable people overseeing the politics of sport. That these administrators look for opportunities for the benefit of all the stakeholders of the game. You are doing a great job guys.

    Thanks Victor for your efforts in publishing basketball.

  3. Lady says:

    Finally. Well done guys and good luck

  4. Darren says:

    Great news! I’m looking forward to seeing the positive impact this has on basketball, not just in Gauteng, but hopefully in developing a sustainable model that can be implemented throughout the country to develop the sport to the levels that lovers and players of the game deserve.

    Well done LOP and GBA!

  5. Cabby says:

    Baller, there will be one division in the Gauteng Basketball League (GBL). This will force other teams to play in their own districts and hopefully force people to develop baskebtall at district level. Hopefully we will see everyone who have been making comments on this website finally getting involved at grassroots level. GBA and LOP cannot do all the work on their own, other people will have to step up. We will create models but we need dedicated bodies at various levels and roles.

  6. Baller says:

    that sounds good..tyen how is the elimination and promotion going to happen at the end..

  7. Joe says:

    From the EBA perspective we are of the opinion that the last two teams on the league should be automatically relegated to their districts and that the winners of the the district leagues will playoff for the the vacant two spots.

  8. Cabby says:

    That is probably what will happen. If we beleive that the league will be stronger with 2 new teams, then we will look to just add to the league until a certain number is achieved.

  9. Yani says:

    Great news Coach, Cabby and Naftal…some organisation @ last!!!

  10. Sifiso "Money" says:


    How will the teams to play in the BGL be selected?

  11. Cabby says:

    Busy with the plans, possibly top 8 LOP and top 8 GBL teams will be invited to a tournament in Oct were only 8 top teams per gender will secure their place in the GBL. However the details will be communicated once all involved have agreed

  12. Baller says:

    but then there are teams playing in both will that be solved..

  13. Cabby says:

    Like I said, it is still being discussed and all will be communicated in due time. The above were simply my suggestions. I am sure sorting the above out will be just as simple as taking the next best teams