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GBL games round up for 04/08/2008

By on August 4, 2008 in League

Once again there was entertainment galore at the Tuks indoor stadium this past Sunday. This round of fixtures started with the girls games that were a bit uneven in terms of team quality. Then the boys took over with some exciting brand of basketball.

Raptors vs. University of Johannesburg – GBL ladies

During the week prior to this round of games, I decided it was high time to cover a Raptors’ team of girls that has been setting the league alight with their performances. Unfortunately this was not the show piece event that I was hoping for. It was another mismatch of big proportions.

In the 4th quarter with the game already won, Raptors were still playing with the right intensity and sticking to their game plan. It was nice to see that all the players on the Raptors bench got some game time. The UJ 2nd team was well organized but despite this, they didn’t have the quality or experience to compete with this team of girls. Hopefully UJ will have learned a thing or two about the game after another body blow. Final score: Raptors 77 – UJ 2nd 23

Witwatersrand vs. University of Pretoria – GBL ladies

You would expect the Tuks ladies to take their foot off the pedal after their exploits during this year but these ladies don’t like collecting the “yellow score sheet” after a loss so pink is their colour of choice. Before this game there was talk of Wits giving Tuks a tough game and judging by the SASSU qualifiers results where Tuks struggled to a win, those fears were founded. But to everyone surprise except maybe the ladies from Pretoria, Wits had a major capitulation from their part and were whipped by their rivals. Final score: Wits 14 – Tuks 68

Witwatersrand vs. University of Pretoria – GBL men

This was a match between traditional rivals that was expected to go Tuks way. But with Tuks teams you should always expect the unexpected. Having defeated Wits to qualify for the USSA 2008 tournament, Tuks came into this game with a lot of confidence and a reinforced team but Wits had other ideas. Looking at the floor before tip off, Tuks had height advantage but whether they would put it to good use was another issue.

During the first 5 minutes of the game, both teams were sizing each other up and the game was dominated by defence and turnovers from both sides. But Wits were missing easy lay-ups and should have been ahead by plenty by the time the 1st timeout was called. But with the score being 16 – 8 in favour of the visitors, Tuks were still truly in the game despite their incoherent display on the floor. With Wits in the lead from the 1st whistle and still running the floor like energizer bunnies, they stretched the lead and at one stage they were 14 points up behind their guards play. Towards the end of the 2nd quarter, Tuks made a run on the back of some good defence and rebounds from their forward Gideon and Junior Yekoladio. But they still went into the half trailing by 7 points (27 – 20). In keeping with the start of the game, the 3rd quarter was another trail of missed layups from Wits but they stayed disciplined and when the fastbreak was not on, they went to their number 15 post (Wayne) who had a good game inside and outclassed his much taller opponents offensively. Tuks were trying to play catch up with 3 points shots from their guards (Ulrich, Shane and Kago) but they were all cold except for the odd one so maybe inside play would have been a better option. In the end Wits proved too strong for Tuks and were deserved victors. Final score: Wits 66 – 57 Tuks

University of Johannesburg vs. Vaal University of Technology – GBL men

In a repeat of the USSA 2008 final that was full of drama, the crowd looked at this game with huge anticipation. UJ spent a lot of time going through their warm-up routine while VUT were waiting for their kit to arrive.

With UJ being in the groove and warm already, it wasn’t surprising to see them starting like a house on fire and if the 1st quarter was an indication of what was to come then UJ were in for a good afternoon. Jeremiah Phiri (UJ number 10) started like a runaway train with 3 from 3 field goals and there was a dunk on the fast break from Amogelang “Angola” Kegatile (UJ number 11), all this during the 1st quarter. Vaal was being bullied around on the boards both on defence and offence. And as soon as they had the ball, UJ were running the break to good effect. VUT was relying on perimeter shooting through Ayanda Shange (VUT number 4) but his shooting was off and that was maybe due to not warming up properly. At the end of the 1st Quarter, the score was 24 – 6 in favour of UJ and this looked like it was going to be a blow out victory for the joburg team.

But VUT are not champions by luck and you should never write off a winner no matter what. When UJ showed a hint of insecurity, VUT exploited it and made an amazing run cutting UJ’s lead from 23 points to a meager 5 points at one stage. The half-time whistle was welcomed relief for the UJ boys and it ended with UJ leading by just 7 points (36 – 29). When the game resumed, the experience of Thabo Letsebe (UJ number 15) came to the fore as he pulled the strings and stabilized the charge of the VUT team. With VUT missing the power and presence of Thabang Kwedi and Toka Motaung on the boards, UJ played them smartly by going to their impressive posts Thabang Glass (UJ 4) and Amogelang Kegatile (UJ 11) and working the mismatches on the floor. Despite their size advantage, VUT found a consistent scorer in Vusi Radebe (VUT 6) who seemed to carve the UJ defence open time and time again; but his heroics were not enough as his team went down to UJ. Final score: UJ 63 – VUT 45

Witwatersrand 2nd team vs. Central University of Technology (Panthers) – GBL men

Well this game was over in the 1st quarter. Wits found themselves out losing 66 – 26.With CUT having a superior height advantage, it was more like the UJ vs. Vaal game with the only difference being that Wits couldn’t make a run. With 6 Centers/power forwards in the line-up, CUT continuously attacked the basket and the smaller but determined WITS players kept fouling. CUT was clumsy however as they missed numerous layups, 3 on 1 opportunities and fumbled the ball when it seemed easier to score. V Sithole (CUT number 7) once again proved to be the main contributor from the CUT outfit having a good day at the office on both ends of the court.

CUT looked too eager to win the game and as result made childhood mistakes although they showed signs of improvement in defense and zone offense execution. Wits played well in the second half, having runs where they broke the CUT half-court press but were let down by their finishing and their coach needs to work on their lay-ups for starters. Wits can take that as a positive and should continue working hard. As for the CUT team, only time will tell whether they are the real deal when they come up against stiffer competition.

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  1. Sifiso 'Money' says:

    Hello! Hello!
    Anybody home, hello!

    People, UJ blew away VUT and there are no comments this time. No i see that there is a conspiracy against UJ, give them the respect they deserve, it’s only fair..

    GO UJ GO!!!!!!!


    Woo hoo!! Go UJ… Is that enthusiastic enough for you? 🙂 .

  3. neo says:

    Sho Sfiso

    I remember you were the one kicking the UJ boys down saying they cant Vaal, you are a typical fan, when the team does well you kick when they win they are your heroes. The boys really desrved the win, it was not a as bad as I though it would be. Im just glad they lost this early in the season, that way they can learn to play without Thabang and Toka.

    I did say they are the team for the future. With the bench that we had had it shows that UUJ mustnt rest on their success cos Vaal came back from a 28 pts deficit and that was not pretty for a team that so well organised.

    Well done to UJ and the technical staff…

  4. Sifiso 'Money" says:

    I never kicked UJ down, I would never do that! I just pointed out what I thought was a problem As for losing to VUT all the time that is a known fact, I did loose to VUT when UJ was still TWR.

    Like I said before, UJ was has been ready to kick VUT’s behinds for a longtime it was just a pyscological thing than capability. UJ is my home bra, i will critisise them and still support them even Coach Simon knows that. Me and him we good people.

  5. Sifiso 'Money" says:

    I never kicked UJ down, I would never do that! I just pointed out what I thought was a problem As for losing to VUT all the time that is a known fact, I did loose to VUT when since UJ was still TWR.

    Like I said before, UJ was has been ready to kick VUT’s behinds for a longtime it was just a pyscological thing than capability. UJ is my home bra, i will critisise them and still support them even Coach Simon knows that. Me and him we good people.

  6. Joe says:

    I know it is irrelevant but, Who Shall Conquer The Dragon Once The Fire Turns Blue, Go Dragons Go, Ekurhuleni Finest!

  7. Neo says:

    Those young boys can mall ne!! They are the future not now..

  8. kim says:

    Finally UJ wins against VUT.Its sad that tuka and thabang had to be away for them to believe that they could do it.What makes me happy though is the fact that VUT now knows that teams are catching up and that attitude of drinking and then play wont work cos the twin towers have left town now.

    I still maintain my comments I had after UJ lost the USSA’s.I am happy for the players from UJ cos they have had a rocky year and hope they build from this.They can do way better and they know it now.VUT needs to recruit and I can see teams trying to protect their players but we all know that when VUT recruits,THEY RECRUIT.

    Basketball is getting more and more exciting peeps.

  9. Baller says:

    talking about recruiting, i think is good for Toka and Thabang to have left VUT at this stage..atleast it gives them enough time to build for next year..i hope all the teams do that cos most teams and coaches forget to build teams for the future and concerntrate on the current which kills most institutions and teams.


  10. kim says:

    I am not talking Gold but feel Angola can do well but their draw is tough.If they come 2nd or 3rd in their group then I think they can go all the way to the final.If Greece could go to the Finals of the world champs then I dont se why Angola can go to the Final.GO ANGOLA