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Lights, Camera, Action, Blow Out: Raptors fall against Alumni!!!

By on August 5, 2008 in League

What happens to Wits Alumni when one of their star players has Supersport doing a story on him? Well I’ll tell you what happens…Alumni wants him to look as good as possible in front of the cameras. That’s what happened this past Sunday when Alumni took on the Raptors in a game both teams new wasn’t going to be close. The player in question was none other than former SA captain and corn-row sensei Quintin Denysssen. Supersport was doing a story on basketball players who love soccer. Don’t hate, Q has mad connections, just accept. So team manager, Tshepo Ditshego, aka Jabu Pule cause he doesn’t attend practice, decided that it was the players duty to make sure that Quintin gets 50 points in front of the cameras. Getting to 100 was also put on the Wits Alumni agenda.

The plan was to count every point Quintin scores until they get to the magic 50. Quintin claims he’s dropped 50 in a game but I personally don’t remember him ever reaching that milestone. I guess we will all have to take his word for it. Getting Quintin his 50 wasn’t going to be easy considering his shooting hasn’t been as on point as his shooting technique warrants. Coach Maepa of alumni went as far as saying Denyssen has been choking on the court of late.

The game was scheduled to start at 12pm but the Raptors players only started trickling in at 12:15 because they thought the game started at 12:30. The Raptors only had 6 guys compared to Alumni’s season high of 8 players. Kaypee Ndlovu was out with a stomach bug, and Mfundo Dube and Thabo Letsebe were AWOL (Absent without leave for those who’ve always wondered what that stood for). Djo Loo is in Singapore playing pro-ball and making that chi-ching!

Alumni got out to a big 18 point lead in the first quarter after running fast breaks on the Raptors. Quintin Denyssen had 6 points in the 1st quarter meaning he needed 44 points in 3 quarters. In the second quarter Alumni extended their by 10 points and went into half time up 49-22. Denyssen added another 6 points and had 12 points by half-time including a dunk on the fast break.

In the third quarter Denyssen dropped another 9 points and needed 29 fourth quarter points to reach his 50. He also had a nice alley oop feed to Dinesh Mitchell who was hungry for a dunk the whole game. D-nice has replaced Djo as Alumni’s dunking machine. In the 4th Quarter Alumni needed 21 points to get to 100 while the Raptors 59 points to reach 100. In other words Wits Alumni had a 38 point lead going into the fourth quarter.

Quintin Denyssen ended up with 12 points in the 4th Quarter and only managed to finish the game with a total of 33 points for the game. 17 points shy of that magical 50. Alumni eventually won the game 105-61. This should put Kobe’s 81 point performance against the Toronto Raptors into perspective.


Article supplied by Tshepo Ditsego

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  1. Springs says:

    I’m not sure but from where i was standing, it felt as though every wits alumni player scored in double figures… who knows what would have happened if a few more 3-balls had fallen… My pick for play of the day, D-nice’s dunk off an alley hoop pass from quintin.
    In other LOP games i watched that day, Nutcrackers survived a late surge by wits rebels (ladies) to win by a point, 52-51, Monash completely outplayed Varsity College (Men D2.) MGI Alumni Held off Boston media house and their very flashy point guard (too bad he turns the ball a bit too much) Pretoria heat (who has been scoring well in the 90’s and 100’s in recent games) struggled a lot against Scorpions, only pulling away in the 4th to win I think 59-48 if memory serves me well. In the late game, Wits rebels came back from a double-digit deficit to beat Puto’s phly by 2 points (66-64) in a hotly contested game. With only a few game days left before the playoffs, it’s going to be interesting to see how things go in all three divisions with some interesting games ahead.

  2. Katlego says:

    hao…Neo, Scorpions gave you a good run it seems…
    I also heard the MGI Tlou (Naftal) & Momentum gave was quite good…I saw the score sheet and it seems Momentum only had Fumani scoring?! hmmmm…and Naftal was doing all the scoring for his team…wish I was there…

    Saw a bit of Monash, they have some nice unknown kids coming up…if u ever get a chance, watch these boys in action….

  3. Springs says:

    Keeping with the tradition established every LOP game days, this past sunday provided the fans at wits with so good “edge of your seat” basketball. In the ladies league, Scorpions came back from a double-digit third quarter deficit to win their game against nutcrackers by a single point. At the same time, Momentum diablos, despite not having all of their players, easily blew out Varsity college.The two games involving Monash University (Men’s D2 vs Ball Addicts and Ladies vs Raptors) were both blowouts, with the mean winning quite comfortably and the ladies falling to a well oiled Raptors machine. Boston Media house got the better of Varsity college who were playing their second game of the day and in the Game of the day, in the men’s D1, scorpions defeated Puto’s Phly in a close and hotly contested game. It must be noted that both teams, especially puto’s phly, were without some of their best players.
    Rebels got the better of Raptors in the late game, winning by a comfortable margin.
    Rendez-vous on August 31st for the next game day and some more exciting basketball.