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SA basketball’s chance for a gold medal in 2008

By on August 28, 2008 in Other Leagues

SA’s basketball team sadly didn’t get anywhere near the Olympic games in Beijing, and from the looks of the poll results alongside (so far), it seems there are no high expectations for 2012 either.

However, SA basketball does have a chance at a gold medal this year. The SA Wheelchair Basketball team will be travelling to Beijing to take part in the 2008 Paralympics, after having won at the 2007 All Africa Games.

There was a good article on the team in the May 2008 edition of SA Sports Illustrated that gives more information, but unfortunately we could not locate an online copy to direct you to. If you can, get a copy and read it.

It’s easy for this team to be overlooked, but in reality, Wheelchair Basketball has been very successful compared to it’s able-bodied counterparts in South Africa. The real reasons for this are probably only known to a few individuals, but it’s clear that the efforts of Vivian Sierra (who has been involved in the sport for over 20 years) have played a key role, much of it on a volunteer basis. Vivian has also been nominated for, and won an SA Sports Award for his contribution, very deservingly so.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the team’s performance at Beijing, and wish the SA team the best of luck in their quest for Gold. Go SA!

Read more about the Wheelchair basketball at the 2008 Paralympics

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  1. kw3ku says:

    Do you recall an incident last year when you were called as a “North Westner and ” SA’s senior player to go assist and hold clinics for BSA ko Vryburg?

  2. kw3ku says:

    Thats one of the incidents i referred to earlier.

  3. Setlogelo says:


    It is about the federation bro. you gotta do everything with your dedicated committee. Municipality should know that basketball revolves around your committe cos if you propose as an individual, it will never work. You will become frustrated.

    Your committee must also have good relations.

  4. kw3ku says:

    Good point boet, but il counter by saying this, lets take GP for eg. theres alot of growth and potential in the province therefore people will take committee, structures and all that jazz seriously probably because they stand to make a living out of it. Now take Northen Cape or North West for example and tell them about the same structures and committees? Fact is theres alot of imbalance.

    All people truly want is play ball. Bottom line

  5. Darren says:

    Joe, we could move the comments over but looking at how the discussion here has unfolded and considering the focus for the BWB discussion, its probably best to leave them here.

    Anyone who wants to make comments specifically regarding BWB can do so on that post – Basketball Without Borders makes its sixth appearance and refer to the comments here if necessary.