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27/09/2008: Final day at the Masters

By on September 28, 2008 in Other Leagues

The last day of the 2008 Masters tournament in the City of Tshwane turned out to be an emotionally filled affair. It began with a game for 3rd and 4th place in the 30 to 39 years old division between “White Eagles” and “LOP All Stars”. As if to set the tone for the rest of the day, this game was a close affair that was eventually won by the “White Eagles”. In the second game of the day, the serious ladies competition saw the Natal team “Sharkettes” battle it out to a victory against a team from Mozambique called “Radio National A” to clinch 3rd place for the tournament. This game was followed another cross border tussle between “Coastal Sinners (RSA)” and “Dinossauros (Moz)” in the 50 years and more category which was won by Dinossauros. As the social ladies game between “Welwistchia (Ang)” and “Song Birds (RSA)” began, it looked as if someone forgot to tell the ladies on the court to relax and enjoy the last day of the event. It was a game full of passion and attitude with ladies that could still give some of the younger girls a good lesson in basketball. In the end Song Birds made too many mistakes by missing layups and losing the ball at crucial periods in the game. The Welwistchia ladies were very strong in the post and they eventually prevailed to win the game. Final score: Welwistchia 30 – 20 Song Birds

The game between “Mandeville Ou Toppie Giants” and “Falcons Seniors” in the 50 years and more category was a demonstration of fundamental basketball. Both team showed great patience to move the ball and find an open shot. At half time Mandeville were up by 7 points on the back of some amazing shooting from the perimeter. Mandeville were more mobile than the Falcons seniors and used their opportunities to score better. Falcons missed easy layups and during the 1st two quarters their shots were not falling. Watching these senior gentlemen play gave you inspiration to keep going. Vaios Kokkoris who had a great game and was running up and down the floor for the whole game, started playing in 1963 when he was still 15 years old and he could still mix it with the young bucks. Final score: Mandeville Ou Toppie Giants 48 – 34 Falcons Seniors

The final of the Men 40-49 years old between the defending champions “Kotas (Moz)” and “Falcons Green (RSA)” was a battle in every sense of the word. Players from both teams were questioning every call made by the officials, there was no control or discipline from the players and it ended up affecting Falcons Green more than their opponents. There were more technical fouls against both teams during this game than there were during the rest of the day. Falcons Green conceded 9 points from technical fouls against them and they had a player ejected for kicking an opponent. In the end Kotas defeated Falcons by 3 points. Final score: Kotas 34 – 31 Falcons Green

The final of the serious ladies between “TUKS University (RSA)” and “Pandas (Moz)” was fierce but fair. Tuks opened proceedings with a 3 pointer from Sibongile Maswanganye and running the break at every opportunity. Despite setting the early pace in the first half, TUKS were careless down the stretch and the number of chances they wasted came back to haunt them. Pandas played smart basketball throughout and after putting a halt to TUKS fast break they took their opportunities on the offensive end. They controlled the 2nd half and took high percentage shots. TUKS turned the ball over too many times to give themselves a chance to lift the trophy but it was a good game to watch. Knowing the likes of Nicki de Villiers and Sibongile, this unusual defeat will spur them on to set things right for next years’ tournament. Final score: TUKS 35 – 42 Pandas

The last game of the day felt like an interprovincial final of yesteryear. The contest between the defending champions “KZN Team Walrus (RSA)” and “VUT Alumni (RSA)” was intense from the first whistle. For VUT you had amongst others Flosh Ngwenya, Vusi Dlamini, Toka Motaung and Thabo Touch Mabulelong doing the business on the floor, while KZN had Darren Holcomb, Craig Gilchrist and Kurt Hold trying to maintain their unbeaten run in the competition. Toka was a willing runner throughout the game and he was doing the most damage to the KZN defence with his array of offensive moves. But this wasn’t a one way street, KZN were giving as good as they got, especially in the post position where Kurt Hold and Vusi Dlamini were having their own little duel. At half time KZN had a 3 point lead but this quickly evaporated as the 3rd quarter began. With Darren and Craig showing a full range of shots, KZN were always in this game. The quarter ended with the score even at 35 all.

The 4th quarter was a scrappy affair with both teams in foul trouble and VUT struggling to control the game without their normal PG Thabo who was in foul trouble. Kurt got a technical for man handling Vusi in the low post and Toka Motaung had to sit some of the game out with 4 fouls. With 10 seconds to go in the fourth, VUT were up by 4 points; KZN called a time out and came out of it with a play that saw Craig Gilchrist hit a 3 pointer to reduce the deficit to 1. With 6.7seconds left, Flosh got fouled and made his 2 pressure free throws. KZN called another time out and the crowd was silent in anticipation of a dramatic ending as a 3 pointer would tie the game. The KZN shooting guard made the 3 pointer but unfortunately he had stepped out of bounds so VUT got the ball back and closed the game out. What a game!!! Final score: KZN Team Walrus 43 – 46 VUT Alumni

Congratulations to all the teams that made this event the wonderful show that it was. KZN Team Walrus didn’t go home empty handed as they received the spirit of the games trophy for their on and off the court displays. Next year, the Masters will be in Cape Town so if you are over 30 years old start getting your team ready.

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  1. sibo says:

    Victor : Thank you very much to you and the team for all the work you are doing for bball.

    Tuks Alumni and VUT Alumni were the “NEW MEMBERS” of the masters tournament and we both proud that we reached the finals with VUT Alumni lifting the trophy.

    Tuks Alumni would like to thank everyone who supported us on the stands and it was really fun and excitement to play.

    As you point it out , we had a good start but mistakes cost us the game. We enjoyed thrashing two of the mozambique teams in our pool but the one we played in the finals had a very physical plan to out play us.

    Nicki and I had to reserve some energy for the GBL semi-finals, where it mattered most. Ha,ha,ha!

    Anyone 30+who is interested to play the masters next year , please start saving now, you wont regret. Mozambique end of April and Cape town in September.

    The oldest player was 69yrs old, so don’t be fooled by age, its just a number! Keep balling!

    Thanks once more, Vic!

  2. kim says:

    I will be there sibo and just need to get a team and I will be off and running.Well done to both teams for going that far in the tourney…

  3. neo says:

    Gimme six more months, A B DE….

  4. Zolash says:

    Very good event!!! Congratulations to the organizers…..but one thing I must confess the referees did not impress us at all. It was about basketball games, therefore the public should be entertained by the games not by referees tricks, which led to some minor conflicts, I had a player with broken nose. I trust the they were all capable but…….

    How many times the game was running with time stopped? How many times they needed to be warned about the score? How many times players were about to fight because they allowed excessive/ agressive contact.

    We look forward to see all or more teams in Mozambique next year and count on us in CP

  5. Joe says:

    I move that the participants for the masters be put through a stringent physical test so that the like of Neo will never qualify until they can prove that they slow enough and cannot jump that high.

  6. neo says:

    Hau Joseph, Hau…….

  7. Joe says:

    Ha Neo, you way too quick to be considered for Masters. Alternetively, you could play provided you put on ankle and waist weights to way down a little.

  8. neo says:

    Nah its ok I will wait another ten years then I mite be able to take the pace of the masters. I think now with the age being dropped to 30 there mite be a big difference in the teams. These days 35 year old ballers are still fit and can still compete, while the likes of Toka and Thabang are still at the top of their game.

    Don worry Joe I wont be facing you anytime soon, I must say I have never heard so much bragging in my life, those guys can make you feel like you aint got nothing on them even at the age of 48.

  9. sibo says:

    Ja, Zolash the technical was not up to scratch and caused teams games. The games were running time but in some games the last 2min was stopped in others not. I think whoever was responsible must up the game.

    Kim: Start looking for players.

    Neo & Joseph : I’m almost 40 and let me tell you 30 – 40 age group is very competitive and good bball. I saw players running as if they were in their 20’s. In my opinion, if they can select the masters all star team, this age group can beat both our senior national teams ( men & woman).

  10. Joe says:


    In that case, I therefore move that all these be declared illegal and that all the games they participated in be forfeited. I also move that all these players be banned from playing in the masters level until they reach age 50 for women and 60 for men.

    This is a national crisis and must be acted on immediately, in fact I withdraw my motions and hereby DECLARE dictatorially all the above!

    Any objections should be addressed to FIBA and IOC.

  11. neo says:

    Righhhhht Sibo. I don believe in dis’in the older generation so I will reserve my comment for when we meet at the PENSION PAYPOINT…LOL

  12. neo says:

    Yo Joe hold your hoeses Bra, I think you might be acting a bit too quickly there. I think the reason they lowered the age was to try and get a bigger pool of players.

  13. Joe says:


    He he he ………..! You’ve just been sucked. Ha ha ha……….! I am just joking!

    But, on a serious note, anyone below 35 is still considered a Youth, therefore I am not particularly sure about lowering the age just to increase numbers. It defeats the purpose of the Masters level.

  14. masahira says:

    i agreed with author. thanksqz