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GBL 2008 semi-final line ups

By on September 23, 2008 in League

Information supplied by Sibongile Maswanganye

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There Are 15 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Victor says:

    Looking forward to some interesting semi final clashes. I hope all the teams bring their A game. Ciao, V

  2. Sifiso 'Money" says:

    Talk is over now, it’s time to act!

  3. neo says:

    Its 11:00 and Im off to the court, you know its gonna be worth your money.

  4. neo says:

    Back to the court AGAIN. Tryin to polish that jumper. Sat its the Magic then Sunday its, well u no who….

  5. Springs says:

    looking forward to the UJ – TUT contest… hope it’s gonna be as exciting as their last encounter.

  6. Nthabiseng says:

    Yep i agree dude dats gona be something else.

  7. neo says:

    Lock and loaded and ready to shoot.

  8. Sifiso 'Money" says:

    One more hurdle to being Champions of GAUTENG, Hail UJ Hail!

  9. neo says:

    Double Wammy first get stroked by 30 on Sunday then by UJ. I wish I could say we beat ourselves but no we lost to UJ. You could the difference in the two teams was preparation. TUT played well and I commend them for playing till the last second.

    UJ has to beat Vaal cos they cant beat TUT then lose to Vall again. We will pick up the pieces and drown our sorrows on WITS.

    I would really hoped that the LOP and GBL could strike the same agreement they had this past weekend, LOP on Saturday and GBL on Sunday or Vice versa. People would really like to watch both contests. I guesse its back to the drawing board, first up Wits university at 10:00 then Egoli at 14:00. things cant get worse than this past weekend.

    Well done Angola, Lucky, Jeremiah, Bingo aka slow joe, Spiderman and the UJ fans.

    The Matrix OUT.

  10. kim says:

    Ok,I predicted the final,sorry neo but the run had to end.My money is on UJ for both men and women.Prove me wrong.

  11. Joe says:


    I personally think that one of the major reasons TUT lost to UJ is that TUT had a half coach and half player.

    It was painful for me to watch you trying to both coach and a play in such a high pressure situation. As a result, I and some of the guys sitting next to me, coud see that your game suffered because you had to multitask. Also as a coach you could not manage the game very well, in terms of timeouts, game strategy and substitutions.

    I hope that this will not happen again to you or to anyone else at this level.

  12. neo says:


    Thanks for that, it was very hard to make the right decisions as a coach and a player on the court. I would have loved to coach and let the boys play, but I guesse Im not ready to coach at that level yet, especially that Im still as competitive as I am. In order to counter a good strategy you need to be 100% coach or 100% player.

    The one thing that I try to add to the teams that I play for is the ability to take responsibility. In the begining the boys would just sit back and let me do all the scoring but as the season progressed they learned to take responsibility and actually make things happen. What makes me feel good is the fact that one of the youngest players on the team came to me at the end of the day and told me that I had let him down, I took that as sign that whateva we have been working on this whole season has paid off because in the begining he was the one who was shaking in his boots before the game.

    I could see the disapointment on many people’s faces when we went down to UJ and that was nice to see…….

  13. Joe says:

    I am putting my head on the block and declare that UJ is going to win both the Men and Ladies this weekend.

    Sorry Sibo!

  14. sibo says:

    Joe & Kim,


  15. Joe says:


    Only this time UJ ladies have Molupe in their corner, unless you have a plan for him not to be present on Sunday!