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GBL fixtures 17/09/2008

By on September 17, 2008 in League

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  1. kim says:

    Lets Go DRAGONS!!!!!!!!Officialy Dragons number supporter!!!

  2. Joe says:


    I m afraid we might have to go one-one on this one, maybe play 21, cause I am the NO 1 SUPPORTER OF DRAGONS, EKURHULENI’S FINEST!

  3. neo says:

    Now, I have been doing some Math, hence I have been off line for a minutes. If TUT losses to Wits 2 and Dragons they will be tied for fourth position with Panthers. That would mean that the game between Panthers and TUT on Sunday would be like a final. How you like that Kim. Its a mind blowing prospect aint it.

  4. kim says:

    Lets compromise Joe.Lets ALL come support Dragons tomorrow and you will definately see who is the number 1 supporter.Lets agree that you are the Official number 1 supporter and I am the Unofficial number 1 supporter.Neo,why do you think I am Ekurhulenis’s Finest’ number 1 unofficial supporter?All I need is Dragons to play well against TUT and then everything will be down to TUT and CUT on Sunday.If you lose 1 then we are in the picture but we are not seating praying for dragons to beat you.

    Let see how things pen out….Joe,please make sure Dragons go to the game or else I will have to kill(figuratively) someone.

  5. Joe says:


    Unfortunately, I am off to Mpumalanga this weekend, otherwise I would have bussed them myself since I drive a ‘ mom’s taxi’. But then again, maybe its good that they forfeit we do not want palookas contesting for honours in Gauteng hahaha…..!

  6. neo says:

    I wont be there tomorrow so I will have to play it by the ear…. Young bucks vs young bucks will see who can survive the test.

  7. terence says:

    would like to be updated on whats going on tomorrow,where and what time and all other future events

  8. kim says:

    Well these palookas are hard workers and they are gonna keep going strong.I know u joking though(I hope) lol

  9. Joe says:


    Just joking!

    In fact it will be very nice to have you in the semi finals cause when GBA resolved to include teams from outside of GP some eyebrows were raised. Your success will highlight that GP bball is not the be it and end all which will definitely have an impact on bball development in FS.

    I am hoping that the Middleburg Spinners who dominated the EBA league will also shine next year in the GBL.

  10. Reign says:

    Hey you guys, finally something reliable about baskeball SA, Im not a player but a fan, loving all the guys who play for national team…THANKS FOR THE GREAT SITE. NOW I KNOW IF I CANT CATCH THEM ON THE COURT-I’LL FIND THEM ON MY BASKETBALL COMMUNITY. and hey I wish to see more sisters commenting on this site so will be sure telling my gals abo’t it.