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GBL results for 09/09/2008

By on September 9, 2008 in League


League Standings

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  1. baller says:

    can anyone explain why there are forfeited games and other games are to be rescheduled?

  2. Fridex says:

    sorry, this is all the info we have now.

  3. kim says:

    Anything to do with last weekends games will not make sense cos that weekend was the worst weekend eva.If you try make sense out of the rescheduled games,I assure you that things will just get more confusing.This is what happens when people sit in these commitees for themselves and not for the good of people,clubs or basketball.

  4. neo says:


    Lets try and have a way foward, what happened this week we should leave to GBA to correct because Im sure most of the committee members read what we write even though they dont respond they will take it up at thier monthly meeting. When it comes to games being forfeited and postponed I think the best way to go about it would be for your team to write a formal letter to the league and hopefully a speedy resolution will submitted.

    The only thing thats spreads faster in this world is a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Im impressed byu the Panthers progress in the league so dont let things like last weekend deter you from your goal, which is playing TUT in the Final of the GBL.

  5. kim says:

    TUT vs CUT wont happen neo.It will either CUT or TUT.We are fighting for the 4th and final playoff spot.The reason why I was angry about last week is because we had to win that game.I have accepted it and we look to qualify next year unless TUT does us some favours and we take your spot.Thanks for the positive words man,its highly appreciated.

  6. neo says:


    If everything goes according to paper we will should finish second behind UJ, thus playing Vaal in the semis.

  7. kim says:

    Unless you lose to us and Dragons.Cmon Dragons Do panthers a favour(lol).On the serious side though,I think the competition between the teams can only benefit in uplifting bball cos you learn a lot every week.

  8. willie says:

    i hear that things are hotting up in GBL. are there any games this weekend.

  9. baller says:


    why are you asking for favours..maybe you should bribe Neo to help your team win when you play them and also against Dragons..

  10. neo says:


    Dragons is going to be a amind boggler. We just preparing for next year as it might be hard to gain a spot in the new league next year. The young boys that I have will learn a lot from this season, they would kill me if they knew that I was even entertaining bribery LOL. I was thinking alst night that, we have beaten Vaal and UJ technically TUT are the USSA champs, hey a man can dream.

    Lets just hope the fixture is released soon so we can seee who battling, I havent had this much fun playing in a league since we played UNIAO in the 2004 Metro Finals.

  11. kim says:

    USSA Champs???I dont think so Neo, unless you all are studying at TUT.You didnt think about neh?I must admit though that this league has been exciting due to the toughness of the majority of games.That traffic jam vs VUT was a ROCKER.UJ and VUT have some revenge on their mind and after talking to one VUT playa,I could see the fire in their eyes.Lets see how it transpires.I dont think I will have enough money to bribe TUT and Dragons.I have invested so much in ball that I will rather wait for next year(lol).I can use that moola to buy some deserving kid some sneaks.LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

  12. Sifiso 'Money' says:

    On behalf of UJ which I happen to be part of again, see ya in the finals!!!!!!

  13. Swayz Baller says:

    are there any games happening dis weekend?

  14. kim says:

    I heard there are no games!

  15. neo says:

    Sho Sfiso.

    I see you went back home neh..Lets just hope that UJ doesnt start losing to Vaal again now that you have joined them, you did say that you have never beaten Vaal before. LOL.


    That is what I call mental preparation, TUT is no longer a hidden secret and people by now know what we can do. Thats how champions are made, by beating teams even though they know what gonna do. People speak of Neo and Fumani, the younger boys have gained a lot of confidence in each other and themselves so who knows we might see a few stars rise from this.

    Swayz (whatever that means) there are no games this week, hardy baba or mama.

  16. neo says:


    Did you get Simon’s permission to log on to this site LOL.

  17. Sifiso 'Money' says:

    I see beating UJ and Vaal improved your sense of humour, lol! I just hope you don’t trade your b-ball sneaks for comedy. As for me loosing to vaal, that was then this is now my man. My last year at UJ i never got to play against vaal and I can bet you your lousy jokes we would have beaten them (U included), anyway that’s history now.

    I rather we respect Coach Simon and not talk about him, he is my coach you know, you also wouldn’t like me discussing your coach as well Welcome, lol!!!!

    You know what I think Neo, I don’t think your team beat UJ. I think UJ beat themselves.

  18. kim says:

    Mental preparation is gud and we try to do it ,but when and how do you then measure that it was the mental prep or the last practice that won you the game.I believe mental is just a percentage of the overall preparation for a game.I wont be giving any of my predictions of the Semis until we know who makes it cos we are MENTALLY preparing ourselves for TUT.

    IF we dont make playoffs,my money is on VUT.Call me stupid but I think those players FINALLY see what is at stake.My heart says UJ though cos of factors I rather keep to myself.As for TUT,I agree that your kids are doing some stuff that grownups wish they could do and hence teams will be having some behind the scene scouting of those boys.

    But all in all,LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

  19. neo says:

    You seem to echo those words everytime UJ losses. Just admit that TUT beat UJ. I love a chaLLenge. It will be HARD TO BEAT VUT SECOND TIME ROUND BUT ITS NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

  20. Tshepo Phamotse says:

    I see that the Panthers are not getting weekly tips anymore?? Its a great feeling(respect), now all we have to do is to push on from where we are to the next level. GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. kim says:

    Thanks! I thought our number 1 supporter had given up on us when we lost 3 in a row.Now,I see you back.I see what people mean when they say no one is willing to support a loser(lol).We value you support tshepo!!

  22. Tshepo Phamotse says:

    Coach!!! Hey..
    i still cant believe we are losing games at the last stretch….that has always been a tendency of Free State teams in the past. I hope you get it out of their system, its about time this Province gets noticed for what we can and are achieving than always being development candidates.


  23. Tshepo Phamotse says:

    Any results for our Bloemfontein local league????????/
    Im really interested in the results of the Alumni (League Champs) and their friendly game versus the Panthers.

  24. Setlogelo says:

    It was the official fixture of KBL, Tshepo

    There was dissatisfaction from some teams on the inclusion of Panthers due to their participation in GBL. But one has to make an executive decision and make them part of the league..

    It was a good game. You will play them again on the 11th.

    I sent the report yesterday. It should be up today or tommorrow, depending on the publishers (MyBasketball Team).