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Getting to know Thabo Sefolosha

By on September 11, 2008 in Profiles

Aside from SA’s Wheelchair Basketball team, Thabo Sefolosha is probably South Africa’s other basketball success story, and is currently a member of the NBA’s Chicago Bulls.

“I feel as much South African as I do Swiss”

IOL published an article about Thabo, called “‘I’m as much South African as Swiss'”, that is worth a read.

“…the likes of Bryant, James and even for that matter Jordan certainly don’t have as colourful a tale to tell about their arrival in the big leagues as does Sefolosha.”

It’s great to see that Thabo respects his SA roots and has not forgotten where he comes from, even contributing to the recent Basketball Without Borders.

Good luck out there Thabo!

Thabo has his own official site at

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  1. Yani says:

    …Neither am i…and i appreciate your comments (well just barely) BUT anyway…my question to you is then…do we ONLY nominate players t@ have stepped outside of the country and on top of t@…ONLY THE REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD ONES???

  2. Yani says:

    …cos that’s what you’re hinting @….

  3. Sifiso 'Money' says:

    Bra i never mentioned any names here so i would pretty much appreciate it if you can stay away from my name bra!!! Don’t think that only your opinions matter here, so please let us or rather I lay my opinions as I see fit and you respect them and if you don’t agree with them keep it to yourself.

    “Stop the hating”, what hating!

  4. Thapelo says:


    Even the players that have stepped out of the country, Tshakane, Lesego and all the other cats havent’ impressed me…but to answer your question- na, i guess you nominate who ever you want…………

  5. Joe says:


    I apologise for mentioning your name and misquoting you.

    My point was merely to say that we cannot question peoples choices if we do not offer a criteria and that we should accept whoever is suggested.

    I included in the above context based on your follwing comments:

    “Some names that keep getting mentioned here to me are and will always be just people who participated in the sport and never really made any outstanding difference worth a hall of fame not even an interview (even by REAL GOBOZA) for that matter.”

    Your statement above clearly expresses that you do not think that some people are Hall of Famers, thus according to my argument, unless you can give us a criteria, you player-hating.

    Your comments about me keeping my comments to myself is uncalled for as I have as much right to speech just as you have, as per your comments above.

    Hope that this clarifies my position, and apologies again if I have misquoted you.

  6. neo says:

    I guesse we should rather stick to what we know and believe in. We can agree to disagree, as far as this particular forum is concerned Im OUT.

  7. yani8m says:


    yes i can…and yes i did…


  8. Lelo says:


    you seem to have an an awful lot to say about people’s level of play and what kind of recognition they deserve. What id like to know is what makes you a qualified judge? Out of curiosity what level of basketball have you been a part of that can give what you think/say any credibility? Oh and by the way, i dont think you quite understand the whole “all american” system, and just to add to that Tsakane was all confernce not all american. Nothing taken away from him though, he’s an awesome player and all conference is a big deal.

  9. kim says:

    Greetings to ballers
    Well I luv debates and I see value in them especially when we refrain from making debates platforms to attack each other personal but make inputs on the issue at hand.I would like to comment on the Hall of Fame issue.As mentioned numerous during this debate,a criteria should be set.Kim might have played 1 game for SA and history will show that he hit 7 3 pointers in that game and ended up having an average of 30.3 during his career that involved 1 game against an SA invitational team.Would this person qualify?

    The 2nd issue is that we need to measure what one has done.If we say we want people to be part of a HOF,I feel that we need to know how many games did that person play at junior,tertiary and senior level.What were these individuals stats?We then have to look at additional contributions that the person made outside the court.Did he or she give back to the community or was he a big shot that stayed with his or her knowledge.We can then rate the 3 or 4 criterias that I have mentioned interms of importance.For example we will say playing career at senior level is worth 30%,junior 10% etc.We then say contibution outside the court is worth 5%etc………..

    Coming to SA bball then,It will be difficult because we wil have so many players that have played but many were not measured.You would find that only players who might have played in the states had stats because their system was profesional enough to have them and we unfortunately dont.I can mention many players that have graced the national team colours and some that didnt because they came from the WRONG provinces.

    We can one day have HOF but It will be so controversial as all I have mentioned and not mentioned might have to come into play .What we can do is celebrate those who have contributed and maybe have a yester year museum.The biggest mistake we can make is to talk about neo,tuka,thabang,tsakane, fumani,lesego,Q etc and say they should be in HOF whilst they are still active.They can be POTENTIAL HOF up until they end their careers.

    Those are my views….What would be the cut for number of games to played to qualify?Very difficult subject.