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Junior clinics in Pretoria

By on September 21, 2008 in High School

On Saturday 30 August the Pretoria Schools Basketball Association embarked on a development plan to get the kids playing at a young age. With the help of the Danny Malothane, who coaches the University of Pretoria first team and some of his players they were able to host a clinic for kids U10-U13. Last year the association organized clinics with the help of national team players but saw the need to involve local Pretoria based people. This ensures continuity and social development.

The clinic consisted of youngsters from Mamelodi, Pretoria North and Pretoria East. On the day we had 80 lively kids who were willing to learn and have fun. The facilitators ran a professional clinic and you could tell by the smiles on the players’ faces even after three hours of fundamentals.

The objective of these clinics is to run a mini league for the Pretoria region and later on the whole of Tshwane. To ensure a way forward the association has identified schools and dates. It doesn’t solve anything to have a one day clinic and leave it at that. We have drawn up a month long program which will assist the teachers and organizer at different Primary Schools to continue with basketball. Primary school clinics will be held as follows.

30 August 2008, St Mary’s DSG

13 September 2008, Mamelodi

27 September to be announced

11 October 2008, St Mary’s DSG

This is a cost effective and fun way to revive basketball in Pretoria.

Information supplied by Neo Mothiba

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There Are 9 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Darren says:

    Sounds like a fantastic initiative.

    Well done to all involved, we look forward to hearing more of its success in the near future!

  2. yani8m says:

    Hey…if there are any similar clinics being run in Jozi could someone please holla…would love to help out!!!

  3. neo says:


    Ask Danmore Chirinda,Holy family, he will lead in the right direction.

  4. kim says:

    It is so funny that we have forgotten to do small things like clinics.I applaud people that are involved in this whole program.Ballers seem to always want to ball but clinics like these can end up benefiting ballers indirectly as well.

    May you continue to get those hands dirty and never stop!

  5. Yani says:

    Thanks Neo…could you pls hook me up with his e-mail address???

  6. neo says:

    I believe that most of us have a little something to give to the masses. Universities need to adopt schools around their areas, especially teams like Panthers and TUTY who are very close to the townships and primary schools. Vaal used to do it about 6 years ago and the schools really benefitted from that.

    To take your players and make them adopt a team will help help the varsity coach in a way that the players will understand the coach much better because they will be in the situation that their coach is in and will be more open to understanding the game. If you beating your players over the head about being punctual and being disciplined without any luck, the best you can do have those players in your shoes and make them understand where you come from.

    On the day in Mamelodi I worked with Mitchell, Coach Danny, Benny, KG and Thato, all from Tuks, Welcome, Erik and Susan, from St Mary’s DSG and the kids enjoyed themselves. Tuks has takn their first step in their social responsibilities and I think programs like UJ and Vaal should follow suit.

  7. kim says:

    I think that adoption of schools is a good idea and Panthers has a school that it interacts with and some of the first team players coach that school.I however would like CUT to make an active contribution to that school and 1 additional township school.We will contribute to your idea Neo.

  8. neo says:

    Always aim for the stars so when you fall, you will land on the moon.

  9. Victor says:

    Hey Neo,

    I’m glad you were taught basketball the right way because you know what follow through really means :).

    Keep up the good work and like they say knowledge is power so keep sharing it with those kids, I’ll help when I can.

    ciao, V