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Jhb league – PBHS vs. St Benedicts High School – 11/10/2008

By on October 18, 2008 in High School

On a warm Saturday morning, Pretoria Boys High School played their 2nd game of the term against arch rivals St Benedicts High School at home. With this being off season and most schools focusing on next year’s preparations, the coaches were bound to experiment. With the matrics busy preparing for their exams, the teams look a bit different and the rookies were keen to impress. In the first games of the morning, the U14A and U16A teams opened proceedings in front of a vocal crowd of parents and schoolmates.

In the U14A game, PBHS was too strong for their opponents. They looked more confident and took the game to their opponents with some good rebounding and some fastbreak basketball. In a very surprising move by their coach Sibusiso Ntombeni, PBHS played a zone defence throughout the game while St Benedicts went with a man on man defence. The zone defence and some dodgy calls seemed to frustrate St Benedict but PBHS looked eager to get the game over and done with by half time. They always had a lead to work with and in the end despite a late rally from the St Benedict team, it wasn’t enough. This was a second victory for the U14A. After the game, St Benedict coach, James Mtwetwa said that by next year his team would be ready and would overturn the result.

In the U16A game, St benedicts started strong and finished strong. St Benedict is a well balanced team with good posts and guards that made life difficult for the hosts. PBHS started nervously and were made to pay for their slow start. With the home team making numerous turnovers, it was layups after layups for the visitors. When PBHS managed to get past the speedy St Benedicts guards, they found resolute defence close to the basket from the posts that were not in a charitable mood and blocked most of the shots. In the 2nd half, PBHS had their run capitalising on the complacency and some decisions in their favour to get the score to within 2 baskets. But with players exhausted and not enough depth on the bench; the home team had to look on as St Benedict deservedly beat them by 3 points.

Wednesday 9/10/2008 results: PBHS vs Jeppe High School

U14A  PBHS 20-9 Jeppe

U15A PBHS 18-19 Jeppe

1st team PBHS 37-33 Jeppe

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  1. wandile mgwenya says:

    thank you setlogelo


    i see your point on Rosina ,thanks for letting me know. i am sorry for what i said about them because i thought they had other age groups . My mistake and i apologies for the statement that i made.

    i knew that Rosina were the best in Pretoria but Pretoria schools still do get dominated when they come to our league. i know my schools first team have not beaten PBHS in their last 3 encounters but our first team is a young team of grade tens and elevens ( a team of no experience) and they are going up against matrics but that is not a valid excuse but it does play a role in the reason to why we lost… last years first team ( an experienced team dominated by matrics) went unbeaten the whole season. i think my school should invite Rosina to our leagues festival in the first team division just to see where everybody stands with one another

    to the team selection topic. i got my info from Mr Thorn ( an educator at my school) who is the organizer of the league and he told me that that’s how they choose teams to participate in the tournament. Althogh it is known as the KES -sacred heart festival, it has another name known as the RBL tournament but due to the fact that sacred heart and my school are named after the tournament and both schools co-host it, both schools are the only schools that have to be in it no matter what. As for the other 3 schools invited, they have to make it in themselves.

    if i am wrong in anything i said. please correct me


  2. Victor says:

    Hi Joe,

    I agree about the source and as is consistent on this website, I usually put one up.

    On the issue of the team selection for this league, unless you or anyone else is willing to enlighten us by forwarding an article through to mybasketball via then I don’t have the time nor patience to figure out how leagues select their teams.

    And I feel since you started this argument on the composition of this league, you should be the one sharing the facts with us through an article. What do you think?


  3. Sandile says:


    Correct me if i’m wrong but aren’t boys high and st albans the only two pretoria teams in the “rainbow league”. I have never seen either of these teams dominated and as i recall they are both strong contenders.

    I am open to correction but in the first term st albans only suffered one narrow defeat to st benidicts which is a powerhouse in the league but the pretoria teams in my view are more than capable of pulling their own weight

  4. Joe says:

    Thanks, Wandile for the answer of how the league was formed, this confirms my earlier assertion that the league was formed as merely a side item on sport festival between elite schools in which no school from Kasi was ever invited, thus concurring with my view that as a basketball league it needs to be relooked.

  5. wandile mgwenya says:

    actualy in the 2006/2007 season st albans suffered three defeats including one to my school..boys high sufferd 2 defeats to st benedicts and my school. 2007/2008 season the Pretoria teams did very well like you said but this was considering the fact that most of the Johannesburg first teams were made up of inexperienced grade 10s up against the Pretoria schools experienced grade 11s ..the normal contenders for league title in first team devision are my school( KES) and st benedicts… the Pretoria schools are normally taken lightly and the Pretoria schools have never,not even once won the season in any age group..whenever my team plays against Pretoria boys high, we always come into the game laid back and we still kill them.

    the Pretoria schools normaly sit around the are of 3rd or 4th where as schools like mine are always contending with st benedicts for first place in all age groups.. FYI my school is officially recognized as the best basketball school in the province because last season as a school( from u14 to first team) we played 85 matches and won 75..

    we normally give the Pretoria schools white washes when we verse them.

    joe whatever makes you sleep at night but i know that the league did not get formed up by a festival..the league was formed years before the festival came up and the festival only accommodates teams int he league.

  6. sandile says:


    No pretoria team has ever suffered a white wash at your hands all our games are competitive and we even lost to st benidicts by 1 point. This year our team has 4 matrics and 6 gr10’s so you can’t use that as an excuse. All im doing is asking you to recognise that st albans and boys high are always competitive and in the four years i’ve spent at st albans we have beaten kez at first team level 5 out of 6 times

  7. wandile mgwenya says:

    this year or team hyas 8 grade 11s and 4 grade 10ss…no matrics at all…..last year first term..the game between Pretoria and kes..we gave Pretoria a white wash… yes st albans have beaten nus 5 outa 6 times but first team is not what makes a school a good or bad basketball school.. its all age groups that make a school what it is and like last year fourth term…when i was in under14 we beat you guys from under fourteen to under15 and first team was the only team that lost that day..the first team were winning the whole game until the last quarter when they threw the game away…

    only the first team games are competitive , the rest are normally dominated by kes..
    kes is still a young basketball school but yet we continue to dominate with st benedicts …

    we were unfortunate not to verse you guys this first half of the season but we will see next year in the second half of the season..

    our first team lost to stbenedicts on Wednesday by 6points and we were all over them, just that once again due to inexperience, they threw the match away..

  8. wandile mgwenya says:

    this week we versed st benedicts and we won all the way from under14B to under15A ( my team) ..first team were the only team to lose… this is normaly the case against st benedicts and boys high and st albans ever since this new first team was put together

  9. mike says:

    wandile i am a coach at PBHS i’ve been coaching for three years i recall very well that PBHS first team has beaten KES first team in all games against each other this year and last year needless to say KES did put up a good fight loosing those games by 1 point or 2 points. this term the PBHS first team are unbeaten winning 6 out of 6 games wit one to go against st albans next saturday which we are looking forward to, yes KES first team has young players us as PBHS had the same problem you have at the begining of this year only having 1 matric 5 grade 11’s and 6 grade 10’s but we could still keep the strong fighting spirt even wit the young team we beat you wit all your matrics so i dont think its about young players its all about how you use wat you have. and also i dont know if you saw when you played PBHS this term we have started a floating trophy for the first teams cause of our long and good spirited rivalries, but as far as i know from attending the RBL meetings held at KES at the end of each year there are no winners of any type being most games won by all teams in a season or most games won by a first team but i will ask simon(teacher in charge of bball at KES and of RBL) at our next meeting bout the truth of this statement as far as i know only the RBL tournament hosted by KES and sacred heart is the only part of the RBL that a winner is decided.

    but its good to chat like this and learn new things about what the other schools think but good luck for your teams last games this term and hopefully they can grow strength to strength

  10. wandile mgwenya says:

    no at the start of the year we had 1 matric and last year pbhs first team only beat our first team at the RBL tournament and thena t the home game we beat your first team.. i was there i watched both games..
    the winners arnt announced. you just do the math from the results and you can see..and the results at my school are issued at the end of the whole season( first term)…

    nut maybe i could be wrong.. ive always wondered what you talked about at those neetings ey..dont you ever discuss a league table?

    ah our school is doing good ey.. we almost gave st benedicts a white wash but the first team team the under 15A team are unbeaten in the province since th estart of the year..we have only narrowly lost to DHS( a match we therew away)..otherwise no team in gauteng has beaten my team since the start of the year so our season is going great..i dont think we are ver going to loose again.. we got one more match against st johns on saturday..we gonna MURDER THOSE GUYS AGAIN..

    howcome your under 15A team is so weak?

  11. wandile mgwenya says:

    ey everybody..everything i said in my earlier statements arnt all fact lyk how you work ou the winner etc.. but thats how i c the winner but how we became the best baskeball school in gauteng is a fact ..
    i just had to let you know before this becomes a tense arguement,, i just want to learn from this arguement thats all.. i want to know more about the league i pl;ay in

  12. carter says:

    hie guys

    i think you have rigths to speak your minds out,but correction Dominican convent,is the best..dare to urgue?

  13. kim says:

    do you remember this statement that you once made..’My intention on this article, like in most post, is to spark debate for us to be able to realise basketball needs transformation in every little cornerl’

    Now wandile is saying…’ey everybody..everything i said in my earlier statements arnt all fact lyk how you work ou the winner etc..’

    He goes on to say ‘i just want to learn from this arguement thats all.. i want to know more about the league i pl;ay in’……………………………..

    I think I must take a break from the website…….People will lie and then turnaround and say they are sparking debate.I wonder if the real name is RBL

  14. wandile mgwenya says:

    lol kiim that is the real name..carter dominican convent arnt the best..just because they won some tournament with the minor schools in gauteng basketball doesnt mean that they are the best although they are very good i must say.. when we played the under 14 game the score was 56-11 to my my match the under 15 game we won 43-12 and in the first team game we lost 34-36..a match which the first team threw away..until Dominican can go undefeated in our league.. i don’t consider them as the number1 baskeball school in Gauteng…all i know is that from our results from last season as a school we were the best basketball school in the province

  15. wandile mgwenya says:

    kim hahaha look just because its not a a fact does not mean that its true..remember that.. but i see where you’re coming from..all I’m saying is that thats most probably how they work out the winner since there aren’t any league standings issued…

  16. G. Ridley says:

    where is the love…can we please have sanity.? are we really debating the name of a league as well whether a team from a particular district should participate…the truth of the matter is that you’ve all wasted your time writing, replying, responding , thinking and breathing on this matter…has it occured to anyone that the fact that basketball in south africa is a sport viewed deprecatingly in the eyes of the “powers that be”, how is it that a sport as enjoyable to watch, play and lament endlessly about ( thank you everyone who has contributed to this …) hasnt even registered on the radar…because , we are wasting time talking about league names…joe i understand , that your eventual point( if you look carefully you’ll see that you chopped and changed your point whenever you deemed necessary )was that there should be better organisation regarding school basketball structures. v, much respect for the website. to the kes kid…yo man if you want to know why dhs is so good…uh um, tell your coaches it’s okay to take players from other schools and recruit older players …oh yeah look …mr mgwenya i know you think your school is great and all… but the best school in a country or province is determined solely by their first team…why you may ask? firstly…under 14 and under 16 leagues don’t prove anything…alot of under 14 players don’t know how to do a lay up…and these leagues are dominated by players who have a physical advantage or players who are ahead of their age group in skill….the eventual situation is that once these players reach under 19 level, more factors are taken into consideration, including the mental aspect, the whiteboy/Chinese kid who couldnt play to save his life but now all of sudden has the sweetest stroke you’ve ever seen aspect, players are more mature and are as good as they will ever be at high school level…believe me my friend based on your beliefs your school’s impresive record would make it tha best school in the COUNTRY…BUT IT’S NOT!!! DHS IS AND DHS’ UNDER 14 AND 16 SQUADS ARENT THAT GOOD.

  17. G. Ridley says:

    think of it like this…fiba rankings determine the best country in the world… based solely on the performance of the senior teams…or like this…you know how the sa under 12 squad always seems to be winning the under 12 soccer world cup , but then later it turns out that doesnt mean anything because…we’ve never won a world cup let alone youth trophy and are languishing somewhere in the seventies in world standings…you tryed kid but kes just doesnt cut it…you can say you have one of the best under 14 or under 16 teams but don’t try and sell people on kes the combined record of the school determining that you guys are the best, until your FIRST TEAM IS THE BEST…YOU’RE NOT THE BEST

  18. kim says:

    G Ridley
    This is what I was waiting for cos some of us are not intouch with high school ball.This KES school I have never ever heard and then there are these big dogs.Well,I intend to pay attention to High School and will be intouch with the happenings.I do however know that Dragons kicked DHS(once of game)to apoint they changed their kit at half time(hahaha).If DHS came back to win then we wouldnt be laughing about though.I wonder what does wandile have to say


  19. wandile mgwenya says:

    ok thanx Ridley i learnt quite alot from according to your school was the best basketball school in the province last year because they were unbeaten? look i think you do have a point with the whole first team thing but in our assembly in the first term..they announced that we were the best in the province because we played 85 games as a school and won 75..anyway maybe those were unofficial, you tell me.. DHS DOES RECRUIT PLAYER FROM OTHER SCHOOLS ..THATS THE LATEST TREND IN HIGH SCHOOL SPORT F.Y.I…. the fact that a player represents your school means that you cant say that DHS won because of this guy and that guy.. the score line says DHS won period , thats DHS’s first team for you..cant stop them..dont hate and make up some dumb excuses…

    you should come next year to the fixture against DHS ..thats if they come ip but we will most proberbly go down to tour Durban..
    OH and just to prove that we are that good.. when DHS come up they verse the best basketball schools in the province and evrytime they always choose KES as one of them.. After my game against durban high( DHS) (we lost 32-25) they said that that was the hardest game they have ever played before..

    OH and the whole size disadvantages and all of that stuff in junior fases doesnt mean anything because my team is very small compared to most of the teams in my age group but yet we came out unbeaten this term..we haven’t lost to any school in Gauteng the whole year !!!! But yet we are one of the smallest teams in the under 15 age group..

    you should read the post of KIng edward vs st benedicts …thats the report of my team.. just to let you know.. no damn team in the country will beat my squad because we are the best in SA!!!! (”;) whenever schools like boys high and st benedicts verse my team they always make it a big thing…( this is the case for all age groups)…when schools like sacred heart and bishop bavin verse my team..they always ask how much they are going to lose by…

    Dragons murdered DHS, i know that.. But the fact that Dragons is a club made up of st benedicts and KES players versing a DHS players alone..that does say that Dragons had to win..

    look yeah the first team now currently isnt one of the best first teams around but next year when i play first team.. you must watch out for the KES ( KING EDWARD THE SEVENTH SCHOOL ) first team because we are going to dominate .. i give you my word!!!

    i will post the results of this terms fixtures to the site.. you will see that the first team lost 3 game =( but my team is unbeaten..