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New Basketball South Africa board

By on October 29, 2008 in News

This BSA board will be in office for the next four years. The Board was democratically elected in the Presence of the National Olympic and Sports Confederation of South Africa (SASCOC) and our national Government representatives.

The electors were all the nine Provincial Chairpersons and the Six Affiliated members of Basketball South Africa General Assembly.

The contact point for Basketball South Africa will be the President Mr Malesela Maleka and the National Administrator, Mr Tsepo Nyewe.

The BSA board members as elected on 26th October 2008 at Olympic House:

* Please note that mybasketball is in possession of every board member contact details so if you require them send us an email at and we will gladly forward them to you.

Information supplied by Tsepo Nyewe

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  1. neo says:

    I think BSA needs to look into the matter of players playin in the provinces. There is a big difference between a player who decides to play for another province while residing in another and a player who has relocated to live somewhere else and then playin for that province. What is the rule, do you play for a province you come from or province you are stayin presently. Its unfair to some players who schoose either one because there is no bylaws governing these situations. Its Christmas soonso for me the best present I could give to my daughter and my girlfriend is to play for KZN who knows maybe we might cut the lossing margin down to 30 pts LOL.

    SeriouslyIthinkit starts with the provinces, they need to evaluate the situations and see whether whatever their choices benefit the region and not a few ego’s.

  2. kim says:

    Hence I dont blame anyone but I feel provincial federations must be the ones who take those decisions.If taking a player who doesnt even know where Mafikeng is and then make him a player from the NW,now thats very funny.I agree with Theo in terms of the selection of the limpopo team.If you dont accomodate your players then who is supposed to do that for you.I am dissapointed with Willie if this is the case and probably will hear what he has to say at the seniors.

    I encourage provinces to keep engaging their players during the whole season so as to continuosly improve our provincial teams.If we do this then we are guareented to have a strong national team which we can support knowing that we gave those players competition.

  3. willie says:

    have been away for a while am told am a cronie or whatever that is..


    to start with, i can’t make comments cos i am unable to access the site from the office. secondly, get ure facts right again. stop calling pople names that you not sure of. unfortunately am not gonna go to your level and start attacking you or your personality. am not like that.

    thirdly, i still say at our province unfortunately how the team is selected this year is up to the coach and if he feels he has to call the players then let it be it. it is the responsibility of the players who are all over the country to ensure that they inform people in the province about their whereabouts. if you go to england and let no one know, what do you expect.

    the players that you keep on saying are in Cape town, what have they done to let the province and coach that they are available and have teams that they play for. there might be players there, but then are they actively playing or waiting for the provincial team to start playing. before apportioning the blame on coaches, what have the players done.

    just two weeks back, i met a player and he told me he is from limpopo and why is he not in the team. then i ask myself which team does he represent in limpopo? i have never seen such a player in any of our club tournaments and now he tells me he’s from limpopo and deserves to be in the team.

    if you claim to belong to a province, what have you contributed in that province as a player?


    unfortunately as i said before, am not coming to the senior tournament. i wish i could. maybe i’ll come to watch the finals but haven’t yet decided. i previously explained that in our situation its different on how we selecting a team as there are no leagues running. i for one know that theo is speaking of his teammate who is in Cape Town and from what i heard he is part of the training team.

    they haven’t yet made the final team and the coach contacted most of the senior players to help him locate all the limpopo players around the country that are effectively playing to be part of a training team. lets be realistic here, if you hacve selections over a weekend and the players from cape town can’t come down to limpopo, then are they then saying we must wait for them to make the trip so we can have selections? surely even at free state players that are in joburg didn’t come to the trials. how did they then make the team.

    my guess is as good as mine you contact them and try find out if they competing week in week out then decide what you wanna do as a coach. unless if maybe we should now use telegrams cos Theo is against calling people.

    generally, i will agree with Neo on the provincial issue regarding players. BSA has to have a guideline on that. provinces will obviously do their best to get players from everywhere for them to be able to compete so that to me won’t be objective if its refered to provinces.

  4. willie says:

    i attended the gauteng trials and would love to see how many players that attended the triasl will be called to the team. i don’t even think more than 3 players that came there will make it to the final 15.

  5. willie says:


    who are the few players you talking about in Cape Town. If you know who they are except Mixo. On that note, ask Fumani which role he had in helping the coach compile a training team.

  6. Maboko says:

    i actually agree with the view that BSA should have a guide line on how to get a provinciial team.
    yes you can players as far as cape town like Kim, but that does not mean they should automatically be inckluded in the provincial team. do not forget that we have locals teams,who participate in this un organised legues.

    these are the players who keep basketball alive in the country.maybe one should say they should stop playing so that we can play these players who r away,would we still have a teams?or these few players who r away?
    at least even if u dont select them call them to a selections,they would realise by a wactcing themselves as in who is the better player fit to represent the squad.

    if players are informed on time and are willing to represent their province, they would come for selections.

    in provinces like gauteng were they have an organised legues, i would support the isssues of calling a media conference and announcing the squad,

    as for limpopo the worse is still to come,especially when we have people like willie who is recognised by these autocrats keeping quite,his voice could make difference but he is keeeping mum,
    as for gazane mosotho and machaba lets pray for them

  7. willie says:

    Maboko and Theo

    please note that mosotho is no longer in the structures of limpopo basketball. secondly i am no longer based in limpopo. i did not want to go these far but all of you are not aware that i was banned for the activities within the provincial administration for like 3-5 years because i was raising this issues.

    even before i left limpopo i was doing that and will keep on raising the issues were i feel we have a problem. as i said before, as senior players we need to take the challenge. writing countless accusations in these forum will not help if we not willing to act. all we need to do is show your faces and raise your hand to be counted.

    i rest my case on the limpopo issue. lets come up with solutions as we will not change what happened in the past but can make a difference tomorrow.

  8. Maboko says:

    Mr willie i agree with you we need to find the solutions to these problems. BSA sholud resume its duties to me have not.
    we must start seeing action. BSA should start going around the country listerning to problems and coming up with solutions together with the rest of us.

    those who continue to individualise our beloved game should be told to stop and stop now. commitees should be louched in each and every district. executives sholud be democratically elected.
    BSA sholud get its act together .if we look at the website is still the old fashined one with no information on even if one want to raise issues does not no where to go which adress to use ,which office to go to. maybe one of you has the presidents cell no you can forward it to me.

    i will continue to interrogate these issues until we move forward………………………..

  9. Setlogelo says:

    Mr Maboko

    Your statements regarding the BSA website are a little bit vague. Perhaps I am naive. But what I know is that the website of BSA does not exist anymore. It seems like the partnership with MWEB was ended due to unknown reasons. The only existing website could be owned by the PBL Trust because the domain is about what they do. That site is

    However I would agree that it has not been updated for a number of months. Even the achievements of the Wheelchair basketball are not noted as I write. Even though basketball activity has stagnated, {in general terms} they could at least update on the wheelchair basketball developments.

  10. Lorenz says:

    Did anyone miss me???

    I am back guys.Good that the debates go on.

    I just landed and it feels good to be home before the showdown in a few days time.

    Am I not suprised?Limpopo again?Selected players by telephone? Wow!!! Maybe Machaba is Mugabe’s son.I wonder.That man.Just like I said.He thinks he owns basketball.That is why I said earlier that basketball in south africa will not grow until we get rid of people like him and kgaka.In Mpumalanga,I met a team which was travelling to KZN to play games there and they did not even know or be informed of the trials worse of the IPT’s taking place.

    This makes me wonder.Who’s mandate was Machaba and Kgaka carring if their provinces did not give approval?Now Kgaka moves to Mpumalanga and the same is reported of basketball happening ONLY where he lives.This is crazy.The same thing that happens where he comes from.I propose that they be removed from BSA Board.These guys will NEVER serve basketball.How can you run the country when you cannot run your own province?

    The issue of players playing and where they play is simple.Players cannot chose where to play.Infact BSA must pass a fair rule to this.Players must play for their provinces.Finish.The only way we can compromise the rule is because of the board made out of GP people,they will want to temper.Flosh will not have a team.If this guy go and play back home in FS.Nhlanhla,Philani, Ayanda and Vusi paly for KZN.So as others.Flosh will cry.

    I also dont think that because that other provinces can be written out and GP be crowned the Champions.In the last PBL season we had,GP team Panthers won by one (1) to the Marlins from KZN which does not have a big league like Gautend one.My point is KZN Basketball is unique.Their style of play is the best in the country. I was talking to their Chariperson and their plans for the future are amazing.Certainly they are not compiting with any province in their development programmes.We also can not question their ability if you look at their junior development achivements.Eversince the Engen was introduce,they have won it except one year.They have dominated it since 2001.

    What I can say is that,the seniors will be good to watch.

    Willie my man,you are Machaba’s boy.Please dont try and hide with your thumb.You know that.

  11. theo chauke says:


    The decision of going to England was personal decision,I don’t think i should come tell you or Mashaba that i am going overseas for that facts.

    As for what i had contributed in Basketball in that provinces.You must go and ask all the guys from shooitng stars who was running that team and you also go to local school in my area and ask them who was involve in organising all the basketball actibvities.I have proof in the paper of all the meeting we use to have since 1998,If you want copies,i am willing to send them to you, fax number.

    About players in cape town,We have Wallie who was playing in Cape Tech,so this unfortunately players won’t be consider because nobody knows them.

    The two and half years that i left this country nothing has change in basketball.I knew everything that was happening in basketball when i was overseas,It was only 10p to call South Africa.

    I won’t lie about that our basketball in Nkowankowa has gone down and the guys that left the time iwas gone didn’t even bother to do anything.We don’t have basketball court now as speak in Nkowankowa,None of this guys were not bother to do anything,What did i do,i went and talk to the Municiapality about this,next we will be having a new basketball court,

    I am not even staying in Nkowankowa,i have move to Tzaneen(where there is basketball court).I spend most of my time in joburg,but i still care about the development of basketball in Nkowankowa.So do you want to know more about my contribution to basketball.I am doing this not for the province but for my community because charity begins at home.

    I Have nothing to offer to Mashaba and his regime,my focus will always be in Mopani Distict to see that basketball growth.You can,t offer service to limpopo if you can do it where you come from.

  12. theo chauke says:


    As for issue of Fumani in helping selecting the team was out of line<i ask him he denied about this issue and i know is true,Mixo has confrimed to me.

    Fumani should know best that it is not the way to go in doing things.I spoke to him about this,then he refered me to Danny who is the coach of Limpopo.

    I believe he is being used as cronies of Mashaba regime.Where have you heard in the world that a player can select players.How noble of him of being given such a task..I was even suprise that Fumani can leave Theo Nkwashu one of the best defensive player were had in Limpopo.I am not angry at Fumani i am just disappointed that he can allow this situation to happened to him.

    Willie,you talked about the camp,there is not even a single camp yet,tournament is starting on Monday the guys have not even met yet.

    It is time that limpopo go into basics principle of sports management.PLOC which means Planning,Leading,Organising and Controling

  13. theo chauke says:

    Mr Setlogelo

    Can you help with info regarding these Question?

    How many teams are in the PBL?are these teams franchise teams?Do you need to buy a franchise to have team in the PBL.

  14. Maboko says:

    limpopo Guys
    We should stop pointing fingers among ourselves and bickering .We know were to point to.What is left for us is come together with solutions,because it does not help to block about it and not take actions.

    i would say lets start up by raising our issues with the provincial executive,if they dont act on our grieviences then we engage the BSA.

    this is time for us to effect the change that we want to see in our basketball. I HOPE WE CAN START ACTING………………………..

  15. theo cahuke says:

    Maboko,I agree with you.last time i suggested i meeting,but nobody responded to that call.If there is no respond to simple things like meeting.How are we goin to address this problem.

    All the district of limpopo must submit their complains if we can have meetings.It will be best if we can have open forum,where all the guys of limpopo will have the views and the way forward to this problem,I know it does not help pointing fingers.

    I support change.

  16. Setlogelo says:


    I am lazy to llok back at my comments above to review the number of PBL teams. However they are owned as a franchise. I know the names of people who own each documented franchise as well as those the public does not know about.

    Although a proponent of professional basketball, I have come to accept that it will not happen in the near future, unless NBA steps in. The global economy is not looking good and some reputable sports events are losing sponsorships. Fortunately people with vision anticipated this and got sponsors to sign five year deals. Soccer will never lose sponsorships.

    Apart from that when the basketball leaders went to court over the elitist league they did not consider losing what they had. Basketball received sponsorships because it was at the the dawn of democracy. Our leaders then were in better positions to lure commercial people to support a rainbow sport. These marketers saw the potential on the only sport that can overcome racial inequality. In addition, the government people were looking to venture in a sport that would attract a lot of foreign investment.

    Unfortunately the court case ruined that ordained chance for basketball to be among the top sports in the country. Cricket is now the fastest growing sport in the country. With its problems, Rugby does unify black and whites.

    The other day I looked at the little history I have of basketball. The sport is back where it was when Mandeville was at the centre of development. It seems as if the sport is in a teething phase. Although we support our President as a leader of our sport, those who voted never looked at the shortcomings in the near future. There are elections next year and the guy might be available only to chair meetings. The introduction of COPE in politics is also a minus on his part. I call COPE the ANC Lite because it will not exist without the infrastructure of the ANC. Thus Maleka will have to relentlessly focus on making possible that his members do not become disgruntled. This is not an overnight job.

    After some valued discussion with one regular member of this forum, I did my own research on Dali Dzingwa, previosly with SAFA. You would think that he would have contributed immensely in the development of soccer, but the guy appeared 12 times on google search engine.

    Is he the one who negotiated with the department of sport or sport and recreation? We should not be clouded by “success” around government organs. They are responsible for every sporting code in the country.

    We need commercial success. We need to have basketball athletes to be employed and paid handsomely for exhibiting their skills and talent.

  17. Theo says:


    What happens if PBL comes back as league and people are interested in buying franchise,will their published the frachises?

  18. setlogelo says:


    I guess you want to own a professional outfit.

    The conclusion of a court case between BSA and PBL enabled opportunities for additional people to reserve or own franchises. Free State (Bloemfontein), Northern Cape (Kimberley) and Eastern Cape (Port Elizabeth) have franchises owned or reserved for particular franchises. Although not represented on their website, these franchises do exist. I will not be surprised if Limpopo and Mpumalanga are already owned or reserved by some persons.

    It is very expensive to run a professional basketball team. It could cost more than 20k per month excluding salaries for the athletes.

    The status a few years back was not more than R1.5 million. That was the basic amount required by the PBL Trust then.

    The business model of PBL looks similar to the NBA’s. That is an advantage PBL people seem not to be exploiting.

    It is best to talk to the PBL people when interested. As a proponent of professional basketball, I believe that the PBL will be back within the next 18 months. There are just a few things these people need to iron out, such as integrating basketball. There is too much clutter now which confuses the marketers.