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RBL: King Edward School vs. (St Stithians) – 25/10/2008

By on October 31, 2008 in High School

The Rainbow Basketball League is half way through its fourth term program and this clash was another intense affair from the first whistle. KES won possession on the tip-off and shortly after turned it over after a steal by Saints11; the semi break led to a few missed jumpers by the Saints guards before their big man (Saints14) cleaned the offensive board and banked it in, and1.

The missed free throw led to a quick transition by KES who capitalised on this by taking it to the Saints defenders, (KES21) was fouled in the process and made 1/2 FT.The offensive board was grabbed by KES15 who made sure of it (oh yeah 😉 ) and banked it in for 2. (Saints13) had his first of three blocks after rejecting KES7’s shot attempt. (KES15) drove it in off the inbounds and converted a layup in traffic for 2.

The tension was beginning to thicken as players on both sides started exchanged remarks after every basket. Saints14 spun and hit a layup off the low post feed from Saints11.

After another missed opportunity by the Saints guards the ball was secured by (KES15) and a brief confrontation between (KES8) and (Saints14) led to the referee having to take both post players to the side for a little time out to ease the tension before it escalated.

After a time out (KES15) received the ball on an isolation play and took it at the mismatched center (Saints12) who found himself out on the perimeter. (KES15) drove against the Saints big man and pulled up for a J just outside the key and scored it. Right after the time out (KES15) drove left and ran into Saints13 who attempted to draw a charge, (KES15) drew contact, elevated and utilised the backboard for 2 more. Immediately after, (Saints11) received the ball off an inbounds play, stroked it from made it count from just inside the arc.

As much as the players were going at it so too were the team’s respective supporters as both stands tried to outdo each other with various war cries and cheers throughout the game.

Big (KES8) received the ball at the top off the key and he found himself wide open for a jumper which he made. This was followed by consecutive steals from (KES21) and (KES12), who capitalised on the easy fast break points on both occasions.

(Saints14) and (KES8) continued to have heated battles in the post when KES8 was fouled on the pump fake. He scored 1/2 FT.

Second half…

The second half showed much of the same intensity as both teams looked to increase the tempo. Shortly after the break (KES12) stole the ball with pressure defense from (Saints10). (KES21) found himself on the break only to be met by a statement block from (Saints13) who sent his shot off the backboard and out of bounds. On the block the Saints player fell into the Stanchion (construction?). Saints13 drew a blocking foul on the other end and made 1/2 FT. Saints quickly found themselves in foul trouble and KES capitalised on this. (KES15) took it to (Saints13) who was in foul trouble in the post and scored a fall back jumper over the player who was pressing him. (Saints13) collected another foul and he was out of the game with 5 fouls.

The tension was now sky-high as comments were made by one or two of the players. (KES12) and (KES21) again attacked the Saints defense and connected on a sweet one two combination for the easy layup. The Saints bench received a technical foul after (Saints7) was called for an unsportsmanlike foul on (KES21). (KES21) couldn’t capitalise and missed 3 FT attempts. (Saints4) was fouled on a lay up attempt and converted 1 of 2 FT.

Once again the rivalry was evident as play was increasingly aggressive from the Saints defenders who were down. (KES15) found himself at the top of the arc and drove it in after a shot fake, the lay up was converted over (Saints14) and the tension would soon boil over as both players had words for each other.

On the ensuing play things began to get ugly as (KES15) and (Saints14) battled it out for the lose rebound. Both players seemed to be wrestling for possession and (KES15) came out with the ball. After a small argument that led to both teams clearing their benches, the referees restored calm but they called off the game with the score: KES 34 – 12 St Stithians

In the under 15 game… KES started slowly but soon worked their way up to a comfortable lead over saints… Saints struggled to keep up with the game pace as they kept getting hit on the fast break (KES 57)…. In the second half, KES looked like there were on a mission to end the game early and although their opponents set up some good moves in offense, they couldn’t do it throughout the game. Final score KES 44 – 11 Saints

Information supplied by Filip Birdman Golubovic and edited by Victor Shakineza

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