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Tell us about your team

By on October 4, 2008 in FanZone

Do you want to tell people about your basketball team?

  • What team do you play for?
  • Which city and league do you play in?
  • Who are the members of your team, and how good are they?
  • What does the team look like? Your uni’s? Your courts?

Now you can tell us!

Go to The ‘Hood, simply click on “Add a group” (see picture below) and fill in the details you want to. All your team members can join the group, and then you can also send messages to all the group members with updates about your team.

You can also add pictures and videos of the team on The ‘Hood, and maybe just recruit some new players too.

And if there’s a specific team that you like, even if you don’t play for them, why not start a fan club for that team.

C’mon, show us what it’s all about!

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There Are 3 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Darren says:

    The WIts Basketball Club is up on The ‘Hood thanks to Peaches, so Wits players please jump in and get talking.

    There’s also other activity with some great posts by Sam and by Sthoks. Want to hear what your fellow ‘ballers are saying? Get over to The ‘Hood to see.

    Thanks to everyone who has already joined. I know that things are going to get hot as more people join and this picks up pace.

  2. phumlani Chauke says:

    Our team is NKowankowa shooting stars.It was formed in 1994.We are situayed in Nkonkowa inTzaneen,We only season tournaments like June and December tournament,We have being the champion of limpopo in the last four years.Many of our players are playing In the LOP and western cape league.In the lOP we have palyers like fumani Marhanele and Wisani Chauke who play for Momentum and wits university respectively.Mixo Nyakani who plays for University of western cape.I believe with the combination of this players we can give any team in South Africa hard times,But this theory is yet to be proven in the court,Our goal for next year is to be part od Mamelodi Easter Tournament.We are planning in putting this team into the LOP in 2010,if the LOP is still going to be existing by then,because you will never know with south african basketball

  3. Darren says:

    Phumlani, thanks for this! It’s great to hear more, and please join The ‘Hood and put this information up there, it may help you to get connected to others who can provide input as your team moves forward.

    On The ‘Hood, almost 50 members on now, and Wits Basketball Club is going strong!