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The birth of a new Gauteng Basketball League

By on October 27, 2008 in League

Primi Piatti hosted the launch of something that has being anticipated for many years, thanks to GBA and Pro sport consulting, Gauteng basketball is setting the bench mark for the rest of the provinces. Friday the 24th of October 2008, Gauteng gave birth to what promises to be the most exciting and eventful basketball league Mzanzi has ever seen since the PBL back in the 90’s.

The event was very well organised and the turnout was not too bad, with about 14 media houses and 22 journalists’ invites, 7 media houses, 12 journalists and some spectators showed love. “Now people will start taking basketball seriously,” said Cabby Magongwa of Pro sport consulting. As stated in the press release, Gauteng Basketball Association and Pro Sport Consulting finally reached an agreement where Pro Sport Consulting will be mandated to run a successful senior league in Gauteng, for the GBA.

Ivan Holf of the Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation said that the department would be assisting in the growth of basketball, like its being doing with the Kasi tour, with the hope that basketball will take off better than most sports codes, as it’s the fastest growing sport on the continent. Holf also mentioned that there are funds available for schools basketball as well as some funds for the league that the department hopes will help sustain its running. This put a smile on many faces, especially Cabby’s. Financial Officer; Arthur Mokoena said a word or two on behalf of the new president of Basketball South Africa Malesela Maleka who was unable to make the launch due to other commitments.

A strategic plan was presented and a legacy of reigniting the excitement, growth and development of basketball in Gauteng, South Africa and hopefully Sub-Saharan Africa will be started by this league. The league is based on a relegation and promotion system. This will force teams in the lower divisions to fight for playing in the Premier division, where the marketing and promotion will be pushed. Forty teams will participate in a league of 3 divisions, namely; Premier, Division1 and Division2. To mention some of the big teams that will be in the Premier are; Wits Alumni, Vaal University of Technology (Men’s and Ladies), The University of Johannesburg (Men’s and Ladies) not forgetting The University of Pretoria. To the surprise of many people, CUT was not mentioned and Tuks men’s was… Tip off will be on the 1st of March 2009 at Wits Universities Hall 29. This is exactly what basketball needed to put itself back on the map. We hope that next year will be one to remember on Basketball Island and that this is the beginning of many things to happen for basketball.

The strategic plan for the league will be available on the website soon.

Article by Nthabiseng Mushi and photos by Shamanga Ilunga

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  1. Leko says:

    I think the Neo, Fumani, Toka, Thabo and other’s situation has thrown a spanner in the works but it also presents an opportunity for other players to step up. More so it gives Teams an opportunity to look at their development structures, what are we doing to ensure that there is enough depth in the Team so that when the key players are not available we still play A1 B/ball.

    Look at the Wits Alumni vs. Egoli final, one can arguably say that Wits was missing 2 key players Djo and Q but the players that were there stepped up and went to work against Egoli with all their key players. Compliments to Lebo(Coach) and Team they did not panic. UJ is an excellent example of a good team with enough depth with or without their key players.

    We just have to wait and see how this exciting drama pens out

  2. Theo Chauke says:

    Lorenz.I agree with concerning the basketball in Limpopo.The growth of basketball in that area would take because of the leadership.We have being having the same leadership for almost 13 years.Nothing has happened.

    I am being involved in growing basketball the past years in that province in my early years.We establisheda league in that area long time ago,but it didn’t go well,because most of time when they are Trials for province we were not involved.

    When we had to participate on tournament you will be told,in less than two days.

    The same people who are in the committee of the BSA are the same leadership which are in Limpopo basketball commitee.

    It puzzled me about this people,all they need is position.I was out of the country for 2 and half years.

    In my recent visit to the UK,have loved basketball with all my heart because the way they run their structures.You have proper basketball structure that we can also implement to suite our situation.

    I always thought of going back run things in my community,bu i have lost insterest when i see the same leadership in our province.I don’t even know how this decide on this provincial committee,may be someone can explain to me.

    Limpopo provinces has to much politics when it comes to basketball.To share one issue which happened,which made to participate in anything in this province in this,when you objects some of the things they say,people are told that they will never be select to represent province because of their objections,One of the best player of Nkowankowa Shooting Stars,was select to play for the province,but when it came to games he was sain the bench because of the comments he made the leadership of the province.

    The only way limpopo came become a good place of producing players like Fumani,Wisani,Nakedi and Mixo,It to change the way basketball is run.We need bold people to address issue without any fear of being sideline of participate in any tournament.

    In my area alone we use to have 8 teams,now is history,all we see is empty basketball court.The rebirth of basketball in gauteng will be the source of this province.More players will play knowing that they are green pasture of basketball in that they can move in this provinces,that’s the only way forward,if you need to avoid politics

  3. Sam

    Just to quickly answer your Q’s:

    1. Ref training and technical is something that is to be addressed by GBA. We will take this up with them on your behalf, but I know they have some plans put together for this purpose.
    2. Yes, the players will all be playing with proper player cards next year and players will only be allowed to move from one team to the next in the player movements window that will be clearly communicated to allow players to move between teams if they find themselves unhappy with the team they played for in the 1st round of the season. This also forces the teams to treat their players with dignity with the fear of loosing them during the movement window
    3. The final structure of the promotion/relegation process will be communcated via this website or new gbl site once GBA/Pro Sport and districts have met and agreed.

    Hope this helps.

    Tx for your input


  4. kim says:

    We are listening my brother……….

  5. Leko says:

    Sam please contact me –