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The birth of a new Gauteng Basketball League

By on October 27, 2008 in League

Primi Piatti hosted the launch of something that has being anticipated for many years, thanks to GBA and Pro sport consulting, Gauteng basketball is setting the bench mark for the rest of the provinces. Friday the 24th of October 2008, Gauteng gave birth to what promises to be the most exciting and eventful basketball league Mzanzi has ever seen since the PBL back in the 90’s.

The event was very well organised and the turnout was not too bad, with about 14 media houses and 22 journalists’ invites, 7 media houses, 12 journalists and some spectators showed love. “Now people will start taking basketball seriously,” said Cabby Magongwa of Pro sport consulting. As stated in the press release, Gauteng Basketball Association and Pro Sport Consulting finally reached an agreement where Pro Sport Consulting will be mandated to run a successful senior league in Gauteng, for the GBA.

Ivan Holf of the Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation said that the department would be assisting in the growth of basketball, like its being doing with the Kasi tour, with the hope that basketball will take off better than most sports codes, as it’s the fastest growing sport on the continent. Holf also mentioned that there are funds available for schools basketball as well as some funds for the league that the department hopes will help sustain its running. This put a smile on many faces, especially Cabby’s. Financial Officer; Arthur Mokoena said a word or two on behalf of the new president of Basketball South Africa Malesela Maleka who was unable to make the launch due to other commitments.

A strategic plan was presented and a legacy of reigniting the excitement, growth and development of basketball in Gauteng, South Africa and hopefully Sub-Saharan Africa will be started by this league. The league is based on a relegation and promotion system. This will force teams in the lower divisions to fight for playing in the Premier division, where the marketing and promotion will be pushed. Forty teams will participate in a league of 3 divisions, namely; Premier, Division1 and Division2. To mention some of the big teams that will be in the Premier are; Wits Alumni, Vaal University of Technology (Men’s and Ladies), The University of Johannesburg (Men’s and Ladies) not forgetting The University of Pretoria. To the surprise of many people, CUT was not mentioned and Tuks men’s was… Tip off will be on the 1st of March 2009 at Wits Universities Hall 29. This is exactly what basketball needed to put itself back on the map. We hope that next year will be one to remember on Basketball Island and that this is the beginning of many things to happen for basketball.

The strategic plan for the league will be available on the website soon.

Article by Nthabiseng Mushi and photos by Shamanga Ilunga

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  1. Setlogelo says:

    It is unfortunate that the writer did not mention the names of the media houses taht were present. Of course mybasketball was one of those. The announcement of such is critical in the integration of the sport. The presence of those imply their interest in the sport and we must use this as an advantage to find way to publish in the wider media spectrum.

    I am happy that such initiatives are taken. This is another determination by the organisers to provide opportunities that they barely had in basketball.

    With fourty teams participating, approximately 500 people will be the core of the new league. That translates to the entertainment of 5000 people at one time if we use the snowball effect on the invitation of participation. So the league should be able to generate a population of 20 000 per month, excluding television.

    How did I come to that? Each of the 500 participants invites three close acquintances and becomes successful. Each one of those also invite three of their own cos they do not want to be lonely.

    Well done Cabby and co. You are making a difference by taking responsibility of the landscape of basketball.

  2. kim says:

    One of the disapointments was that CUT would not qualify for the Premier Division.As CUT we are not really phased by this and If that decision is Final then we will have to leave with it.Maybe there are reasons that they decided to take tuks and not us.Having discussed the issue at the launch,we were informed that Pro Sport and GBA would look at the matter.

    I dont want to lie though,If we were to be in the first division after some good performances that we put in this year,I would be really sad so I hope teams will support us (including tuks)in a bid to make premier division.

  3. Joe says:

    EBA congratulates GBA and Pro sport on the lauch of the GBL as this signals the beginning of good things to come. More pleasing for us is that at long last Gauteng will take its righful place as the trendsetter in basketball because the previous period in terms of a Gauteng League, from Metro to LOP, has been very painful as it divided basketball in Gauteng.

    As pointed out at the launch there are still some issues that we wish could be addressed, including the unfair treatment of CUT whose commitment to GBL needs to be rewarded with a slot in the premier division as noted above. We therefore look forward to the general meeting to discuss these sticky issues as we are of the opinion that once they are addressed this will improve Gauteng basketball.

    MJ Mangadi
    EBA: Chair

  4. neo says:

    E E E EH, hold on. I was not at the launch so please tell me if im wrong. Was TUT not mentioned as one of the teams in the Premier division, I mean hey if Tuks made it like nthabiseng says. I could be wrong but please clarify.. Nthabiseng, ako nthabise tu MME.

  5. kim says:

    TUT is in the Premier.Vaal,Wits,Wits Alumni,UJ,Egoli,TUKS,Pta Heat(If I am not mistaken) and 1 more former LOP team.

  6. neo says:

    Okay Shuuuu

  7. CUT will certainly be considered to be in the Premier league and thats no question about it. It is to our advantage to have as many institutions as possible in the premier league to start with, after which its fair game. Those institutions that do not step up will be lost down the divisions.

    A meeting will be called internally to address issues that Joe has raised. However, while on that, I would like to suggest that people send us their suggestions to about the league or anything else so that we can consider these suggestions going into the final league format presentation to all the stakeholders instead of conducting a discussion forum which usually result in very little action.

    We would like to have these suggestions by 10 Nov so that we can plan for the 2009 while we still have time. Anything sent later than that will beconsidered for the 2010 season as planning is key to the league success.

  8. Joe says:

    Point to ponder. Which team will Neo, Fumani, Thabo, and others who played in both GBL and LOP turn up for next season? What will this mean for the standard of the teams they choose not to play for?

  9. neo says:

    Point to ponder……….

  10. kim says:

    Only time will tell as these players will have to choose 1 team.I for one dont think those team will lose that much but its still to be seen.I am not only looking at what they contribute on the court but what they have contributed outside it(confidence,knowledge etc).Cant wait for next season….I feel next year will be double the fun and double the competition.I hope the refs are also geared up to ensure that the league is also professional in that department as well.If players are continuosly improving their game,I feel that refs should also be doing likewise.

    I hope that 24sec clocks are introduced so as to bring that sense of playing ‘real’ basketball.Currently you can dribble the ball for an 1 hour and you are still in your right to keep the ball.I dont think that assists the improvement of players,coaches and refs.What I do however believe is basketball has turned the corner and its OUR time to shine as a sporting code.

  11. theo Chauke says:

    I agree with 24sec clock.i will bring best out of the players.Game without 24sec clock,has no creative inside of it.Players uses advantage when it is not there,If you leading a game by two basket and you left with 48sec in the clock,a player will hold to ball until the time runs out,that is boring game.Everyone is waiting for this new season to commence.I wish all the team best of luck

  12. theo chauke says:

    Joe,one man does not make a team,every player contribute in their on abilities,I believe those team can do ok without individual contribution,playing as team wins game not one man show.Look at lakers they ahve kobe Bryant but there are not strong as thei use to be when they had Shaq and playing as team

  13. Joe says:

    Theo, I beg to differ. Take Kobe out of the Lakers and they will not make it to the Finals, let alone Conference Finals. Neo and Fumani made TUT last year, take them out TUT would not have made the semis. The same goes for Thabo.

    The above are not just players, they also bring with them experience and leadership to their teams. This in a game situation is worth roughly 20 points on offense in terms of baskets, assists, and teams defense planned around them thus freeying others to score. And add another 10 points on defense in terms of help and offense adjusting to avoid them.

  14. Setlogelo says:


    I just read something on the Miami Herald, just now.

    One man can make a hell of a difference to a team on the court.

    Thats why good coaches employ men without the ball. These guys protect the str players. The make it posiible for them to manouver towards the hoop. They do score though especially when they have an open clear space. Thier purpose serves to ease pressure on players most talked about. Ooh I love this game!!!

  15. theo chauke says:

    Setlogelo,so how do you make of the comments made by Garnet before he was traded,The whole management blame him for the poor perfomances of the timberwolves,So Garnet is wrong on saying basketball is team sport and he is not like Tennis and Golf.

    Do you remember what Shaq said when he left Lakers In the ESPN interview about Kobe and Wade.

    He said Kobe is not a team player,but Wade is a team player.Yes player can make a huge difference but without those guys you can win games.

    Look at Allen Iverson,best player with everything in him,never won championship,but if you can put Iverson with right balance team,He can be championship material,but with his talent alone he can’t do it.

    Usually we associted best players with scoring baskets,and we forget about the guys how are doing well in defense,look at chicago bulls in the time of jordan,you had Rodney not a goal score but a defensive material.Do you think jordan could have won championship without the likes of Rodney doin wot they were doin in defense,no

  16. Setlogelo says:

    I think we agree that one player can make a difference.

    It is a team sport. In your examples, coaches were to blame because they did not employ a strategy based on the strengths of individual team members.

    I think you are talking about Dennis Rodman. His job was to rebound. He was paid to do so. Louc Longley or some one was the man without the ball. He created opportunities for MJ. His average was 6.5 ppg(under correction). Not that he could not score. He was a good three pointer. Scotty Pippen was a step up guy. In other words when the focus was on MJ he was on the receiving end. Who else was there?

    Wade is one of the best players in the NBA. He is used as an offensive man. He knows when to approach the hoop, and how to make opportunities for his team mates.

    The one rule to the superstars is that you can not have all of them in one team. Wade is a better player than Kobe. But Kobe was already an established star. As for Shaq, he wanted to maintain the celebrity status. Lets call those politics of the players.

    Talent never won games. The victory is from the disciplined implementation of a strategy from a coach who knows who knows the strength and weaknesses of each of his personnel. The coach would also know the opportunities a player will bring to the team as well as the threats against his strategy.

  17. Fellas, great discussion, however, I’m still waiting for your suggestions. I would hate to hear all sorts of you should have done this or that once we go into next season. If nothing comes through, hey, I shall assume all is well, and the only time we’ll hear about suggestion will be at the end of the season. About 24 sec clock, we are working on it….watch the space 🙂

  18. kim says:

    Let me put it like this……….

    If TUT was playing a game and the score was 55(CUT) – 52(TUT) with 3secs on the clock and the ball is out of bounds with TUT having position…..

    Coaches predicament!!!
    1)Who would you want the ball to go to?
    2)Should that person not be available then who would be your second option?
    3)How would you want those players to be freed up to receive the ball?
    4)Who would be the ideal player/s to create that openning for point 1 and point 2

    Basically that is my take on the whole issue….It would be foolish to say that If those 2 players left then everything would be normal.Those two players bring a number of things that those young players dont have.Their precence has helped grow those players.To think those players will be within one year play like Fumani or Neo is out of the question.Those players however have been able to contribute as well by screening boxing out and creating open shots for F and N and thus this was a team effort.They would be ideal for point 3 and point 4 because of N and F experience and clutchness.

    Neo and Fumani would be a loss to that team because as a coach they would be my point 1 and point 2.TUT would then have to mold a player that can be 1 and 2 but It would take time for them to reach there.I think thats what Joe is trying to engage our thoughts on.He does not say F and M are TUT but simple says things wont be the same IF they leave.IF being the keyword here.Before I am accussed of being offensive minded,defensively as well….

    Who does TUT use to mark the best scoring threats(influential) players from UJ,Vaal etc.If TUT played man to man more often which players would be assigned to mark those players like spiderman etc.The answer ladies and gentleman would be F and N.This for me then makes them key players.It doesnt make them the team but influential players within a TEAM.

    Joe,personally,I think that things MIGHT not be same should they leave.It would be like when MJ left the Bulls(for good).It would be like when Shaq left the Heat.If they(TUT)on the other hand recruited Lesego,Joseph and Spiderman then you would have the Boston Celtics situation of last year.(just spicing things up)

    But until then all we can do is just wait and see whether they leave or stay.

    I hope I am understood ,and Joe, thats what I think you meant !!

    I agree

  19. Nthabiseng says:

    You are so right kim. In london during the last secs of the game, nets were down by about 8 points or so and all the coach did was creating opportunities for vince carter to get the ball drawing fouls then going to the line to shoot making all his baskets. Thats how the nets ended up winning againist Dwayne and his team. So yeah one player can make a huge diff. Hey Neo:-)

  20. neo says:

    They dont necessarily take the last shot but they are so effective that they draw all the D and create for other players. Remember 2004/2005 NBA season. Spurs vs Lakers Derick Fisher, everyone knew that Kobe would take the last shot but the spurs put the double on Kobe and bang 0.4 sec left Fischer nailed it. Bulls vs Jazz I think 97/98 (not sure) season Steve Kerr same scenario.

  21. kim says:

    Bulls vs Suns……jordan to Paxton.I agree Neo.

  22. Lesego says:

    Setlogelo…..”Wade is a better player than Kobe. ” Hell no…….ok its your opinion…..but if you where to ask any coach who ‘s hands they would want the ball in at the end of the game….I bet 90% of the coaches would say Kobe….Kobe didnt have a good tournament at the Olympics but one on one, Kobe is way better player…..he is a better scorer,rebounder and defender…he’s just better all round player……

  23. Sam says:

    great news i have been anticipating…. its good to see that there will be three divisions.. to cabby and all who will be running the league here is what i would like to see happening:

    1. the league should have training for refs and official on a public level. so invitations should be put out through the relevent meadia to all who want to officiate and a training course approved by the highest association must be undertaken by those who avail themselves for credibility purposes.

    2. players in different divisions should be locked/contracted to a particular team for the season.

    3. clear information on leagues that will be considerd for the relegation process e.g jba or eba etc… this is important to know which league my soon to be established team in soweto should be affiliated to..

    i am asking this as i have a plan to own my team in the next few months and want to do this right. if anyone, more especially Cabby can enlighten me regarding the above then i would be gratefull. all i can say about my team is beware the “AVALANCHE”

  24. Setlogelo says:


    Check the statistics. Again the difference would be the teams and the colleagues who make you shine.

    Check the stats, not the perceptions of individuals. I do like Kobe. He is one of my top five favourite players. Wade is not even in the picture. Perhaps I have to revisit my NBA Fantasy team.

    As for Olympics, when you follow the trend carefully, younger players are given the opportunity to shine. So experienced players are there to mentor. Let us call it a way to hand the baton?

    I get wild when I talk about the game. I think I should focus on what matter to me the most, Administration.

    Please pass me your contact number on

  25. Setlogelo says:


    Good suggestions. I think you should read comments of Cabby elsewhere. They indicate an email that will serve as a suggestion box. It is better to follow that route so that your views can be considered.

    You sure have some good suggestions there.