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The resurrection of Basketball South Africa

By on October 27, 2008 in News

After a pleasurable Friday afternoon there was only one more matter to attend to. The SASCOC offices on Saturday where BSA had the elections for a new Mandate to take over the BSA head quarters. After all the drama that was happening in basketball for the past number of years; earlier this year, an interim committee was elected. This committee ran for 6 month and a final committee had to be elected after the six months were up or FIBA would suspend basketball in South Africa.

That six month ended on Saturday the 25th of October, where all the nominees for the different positions including other delegates met for the election of the BSA committee, this only happened after the financial audit was done. When the audit was done and the chairs were announced, only then did I get a quick interview with the new president of basketball, Malesela Maleka, who was the only nominee for the president’s position for BSA.

Malesela Maleka, who is also the spokesperson of the SACP, is a Vaal University of Technology graduate and was also national SASSU president before Elijah Ncube from Tshwane University of Technology took over recently. Malesela was around basketball during the Campus Basketball days so he has an idea of where basketball should be and where they need to work towards. During the interview I asked Maleka a few questions that are on the minds of the basketball community in South Africa and the questions were answered like a true politician. Together with his committee, Maleka will be taking over a huge responsibility of mapping basketball in Mzansi as well as winning the trust from the basketball community. According to president, a new constitution was adopted two weeks ago, where the general assembly made a few suggestions based on the constitution, lawyers are looking at those suggestions as it’s just at the stage of technical cleaning up. Only after the corporate governance summit, where treasurers and secretary generals from the nine provinces will meet to discuss the constitution and financial issues, will the new BSA constitution will be available.

“We are going into a bosberaad with the new board; that bosberaad will plan on the basis of what has been adopted in the meeting,” said Maleka when asked about the plans for development. BSA has adopted a comprehensive plan for the u/16, u/18, seniors and mini-basketball, which will be translated into practical activities in the different provinces. Maleka also mentioned the formation of the CBL (Campus Basketball League) as BSA also received the mandate to engage with the PBL to revive a professional out fit and run it in a sustainable way. The plan is to look at potential stake holders and people they can work with to help with financing, planning and executing. The way the federation is planning to get corporates on board is by improving corporate governance. “It will take three to four years for the turn around of basketball,” said Maleka.

A women’s development strategy has been set out to improve the profile and structure in all aspects of the game, for instance, coaching, refereeing and technical officiating programmes that will be emphasized. Since one of the vice presidents is a lady, all eyes are on her in terms of pushing for women’s basketball to be in the forefronts. When asked about the GBL league that is launching next March. Maleka said that BSA is impressed with what Gauteng is trying to do, in growing the sport, therefore BSA will be watching the launching of the new league and since there is stabilization in the federation, an extensive organisation review will be done. This with the hope of bettering the game that we love so much and want to see grow.

There has not been much activity in terms of BSA’s involvement in national obligations other than the u/20 national Zone IV team that will take place in Potchefstroom in december. Something that all basketball lovers can look forward to besides the new GBL league is, the senior Inter Provincial Tournament that will happen in Port Elizabeth also in December. For the young high school kids, they too can look forward to the u/16 Inter Provincial Tournament in Sechego Limpopo.

Many are skeptical about the whole change that is happening on the Basketball Island. This change is what is needed, whether it will be a succefull change or not, the community should keep a positive mind and only hope for the best. would like to congratulate all the new members of Basketball South Africa and hope they will not let the masses down.


President- Malesela Maleka

1st deputy- Dr Malumbethe Ralethe

2nd deputy- Ntombizanele Papa

Treasurer General- Zanele Ngwenya


1.      Mosotho Kgaka

2.      Joe Machaba

3.      Dali Dzingwa

4.      Dumisane Tuka

5.      Malusi

Article by Nthabiseng Mushi

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  1. mixo says:

    Theo,I agree with you,there is no challenge in running basketball,The challenge we are facing in that province is the commitee which has being there for a long time.The challenge and obstacles we are going to have,is to have commitee that is not self centered.We need fresh blood in the Basketball of limpopo.

    Willie,you once being part of the commitee,what are you going to do different that you have failed to do in the past.The growth of the good players in our province has gone down compare to the past years.How many players are making impact in LOP from limpopo.It is only two players,Fumani and Wisani.

  2. Maboko says:

    guys i have been listerning to you and cetainly agree with most of your issues,especially bball deveopment.

    we need to have proper structures in provinces in order to progeress .i have noticed other provinces like free state have lauched their committees. when is our province limpopo going to agm. as much as we were represented at national agm we still need to elect cause it can neve be automatic positioining.

    we need to move forward, our leaders owe it to us to call for an agm.

  3. kim says:

    Limpopo is talking,Is anyone listening?I most definately agree Maboko.The same way that the Limpopo province is making itself heard on this forum,thats the same way that you should be in pushing action in Limpopo.Action might entail keeping it the same or pushing for change.There must be action however.Has Free State launched their provincial commitee?Well If thats true then I am not paying attention to these things because of this coaching business.Please may you confirm Free States Status as I happen to be coaching in the Free State now.

  4. Maboko says:

    kim ,i might have being mis informed about the free sate lauch but i hope ur not supporting the delay. what im sure about is, all the provinces should launch for basketball to go forward in mzansi.

    this thing of selecting players by phone should stop.can u believe that limpopo has not yet selected its senior squad for december tournament.

    look i want to be part of the change,but how do u get involed if u dont get invited or being sidelined.may ishould call provincial convention.
    people must understand that we appriciate effort made by guys who have been in the forefront,they really did their best and made huge sacrifices.but is time to get other people involved in order to go forward.

  5. kim says:

    I dont support delays my brother.I am new around here so thats why I wanted to confirm cos our club would want to make inputs for that ‘launch’.When people dont involve,you create an environment where they are forced to involve you.I now know how you guys have been able to do so well in the past,its that thing called a phone(haha)You dont complicate selections,you just technolically ahead of all the provinces(hahaha)

  6. Setlogelo says:


    Please send me your cell number at

    We are working on a product with various stakeholders. This will be presented to Free State Basketball early December although they are aware of the developments.

    I do not want to talk much about it until there is substance.