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Ubuntu diary

By on October 6, 2008 in FanZone

“Ubuntu diary” – Day 1

After travelling for nearly 24 hours, I picked up a rental car and drove 111KM south of Boston, to the town of Newport, Rhodes Islands.

Newport is the home this year Boston Celtics NBA training camp. I checked myself in the hotel and slept crazy, being so tired last night I made no effort to meet up with the team.

Today, September 29, 2008 Day 1 of training camp across the NBA, as for the Celtics, the day started with breakfast, where I got to meet everyone. Kevin Garnett pulled me on the side and said” everything you said about Ubuntu and adversity happened, (referring to my teaching of Ubuntu last season) it’s almost like you could read the future, we remember your word through the challenging time of the playoffs”… Those comments were exciting enough to get my day started on a great note.

Today, we had two training sessions; the players are obviously supercharged and obviously very excited about an attempt to repeat another championship.

The morning training session was tough and took a lot out of players, this years’ Celtics team is new and they need to work hard to play as a unit. This evening we work at installing the team structure.

“Ubuntu diary” – Day 2

After some serious rest last night, I feel a lot fresher. My day started early, I got up at 5:00 AM and headed to the gym here at the hotel, I jumped on the treadmill for a good 30 minutes and did some weight lifting, and I ended my workout with some good stretching.  After this much needed workout, I cleaned up and got myself ready for the day.

The coaching meeting started at 8:30 AM, This is the best time of the day for me, as I join the best basketball brains in the world, I seat across the table with Armond Hill, Tom Tribodeau, Doc Rivers, Clifford Rays, Kevin Eastman and Mike Longabardi as they lay the progress master plan into action. As we were wrapping up the coaches meeting, the first players to arrive for breakfast were Brian Scalabrine a former USC collegiate and Ray Allen, the All Star guard.

Time: 9:00.While the majority of players were still arriving at breakfast, I headed early to the training facility at the University of Salve Regina, Newport, Rhodes Island.  At the training facility, I found Paul Pierce, Tony Allen, Kevin Garnett taking shots, just an example of the team commitment, and the team stars showing great leadership.

From 10:00-13:30, 1-2-3 Ubuntu!!!! That’s the Celtics team shout that also signals the start of practice, the session goes on for 3 hours and 30 minutes. It’s a very physical training session, however with the B team beating the A team (comprises of the starters), for the first time since last season, it was very exciting. But Kevin Garnett got so mad after that defeat that the A team came back and won the rest of the scrimmages.

At 14:00, we head back to the hotel for the mid day coaches meeting. During the meeting Doc rewards the team by cancelling the evening session, much to the players’ delight.

At 14:30, it’s lunch time, we seating in the hotel private dining hall and the team is picking on “big baby” Glen Davis.

Its 16:00-17:00 and with the team having the evening off, I took a walk at the scenic beachfront. For those who’ve been at the Waterfront, Cape Town, there is a resemblance to the Quay 4.

At 19:30, its Dinner time. Most of the players opt to take room services, in order to watch game 1 of the WNBA Finals, as well as the baseball playoffs, you might want to know Tony Allen, Darius Miles and Kevin Garnett are all from the Chicago area, and having for the first time two Chicago’s teams in the playoffs is the talk at the camp.

At 20:10, In my hotel room, getting ready for bed and obviously this the best time to write the “Ubuntu diary”, on the background I’m watching the WNBA game 1 of the finals, I am rooting for Detroit ,I think they’ll do well (who says I don’t watch women basketball?).

Information supplied by Thierry Kita and edited by Victor Shakineza

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  1. K says:

    i think we need an ubuntu slogan for basketball in south africa……

  2. Molupe Thelejane says:


    This is great stuff but if you do not mind I really want to get more information through you. Questions:
    1. What have these guys (especially the ones who do not play a lot – B team) been doing to keep in shape in the offseason?
    2. What skills have the various players been working on and what role did the coaches play in the offseason?
    3. What are the specific assignments of the various assistant coaches – at practice and at games? Why so many? Organograms and job descriptions perhaps?
    4. What are the typical reasons for keeping or cutting rookies and veterans? Most will not play much so how do the Cs go about putting the team together?
    5. Is practice taped (DVD)? Can you get a copy or two for us to watch – especially a skills focus practice (i.e. with less scrimmaging)?
    6. For now a list of stuff I am certain that Coach Rivers will be able to show you how to get or point you in the right direction:
    – his use and understanding of dribble and drive motion
    – clinic DVD of Bob Hurley (St Anthony’s high school)
    – DVD Tom Izzo (especially defensively)
    – DVD Dick Bennett – very old stuff but valuable.

    Enjoy Rhode Isalnd and the time with the C’s. Do you also scrimmage with them from time to time? Or maybe with the coaches?