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GBA Trials For Senior Teams(Men & Women)

By on November 12, 2008 in League

Please be informed of the GBA Senior Teams trials that will be held on the following day: 

Date  : 30 November 2008 

Venue : UJ Outdoor Courts 

Time  : 09h00 to 13h00 

All players in the GBA are invited…

Be there or be left out. 

Information supplied by Sibongile Maswanganye

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  1. Joe says:

    Lol………. this is very amazing.

    As Ekurhuleni we have numerously objected to being informed about GBA events through the media, yet here we go again. It would have been wise if this was first addressed with districts so as to avoid the following comments:

    Imagine if all the players from LOP/GBL/EBL/TBL/SBL, and others who were not participating in any leagues, turn up of the trials, thats +- 200 players in one venue in one day = chaos. This scenario is not imagined, ask the old Jacky GBA about the trials for the U20 held years back, it followed a similar route and chaos ensued.

    This publication is cleary nothing but a public relations exercise, there is no way one can effectively conduct trials in GP in this manner. It would have been more prudent to ask Districts to first organise their trials, then the selected ones would then trial for GBA.

    Again this reinforces our view as EBA that District Associations are needless as far as GBA is concerned. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!

    Since GBA has clearly chosen to address us through this forum, and since our efforts to avoid this, we are going to address this through this forum.

  2. Setlogelo says:

    It seems like you will be the only one who always emphasise simple tasks, Joe.

    However I attribute this cancer to the need for recognition. My argument is based on my meeting with a Commercial Director of one concern. ( I was following up on his reported remarks about basketball. We reached a consensus regarding the position of basketball and his role in attracting funding for the Kovsie Basketball League and soon to be launched league that will be played on fridays.)

    This person echoed the remarks of two well respected marketers in South Africa. I am priviledged to have as reference these two successful people. People in smaller sports tend to narrow participation. This means that these codes will always be stagnant. There is no succession plan hence the narrow focus. These very small things hinder progress big time, I was told.

    By broadening participation, nothing is being taken away from anyone. We just have to let go by expanding the reach of the sport to various communities.

    Fortunately the BSA people have noted this cancer. Through the implementation of the strategic plan, we are going to experience a massive makeover of the sport. I know because I wrote three case studies about basketball. Moreover my masters script will definitely be based on basketball.

    In GP, people are used to Joe sweating about small stuff. Those things can make a helluva difference.

    I love the strategic plan of BSA. It will definitely shake those on comfortable stances and position them on a triple threat for them to look at things broadly.

  3. Joe says:


    I agree with you totally, it is the simple stuff that make or break any organisations and it is my long held opinion that ballers are more concerned with big hyped up stuff. In basketball, sometimes more that any sport, we always preach that the reason SA bball players are not as good as they should be is because they failed to master basics.

    To me this analogy is more relevant to administration more than the playing side of things. If as administrators we start doing the basics right this will filter into the playing sphere. Thus, it is absolutely crucial that BSA and Provinces start to look at what they can do better administratively before embarking on public relations exercises. As someone who is involved in Client Services, I can tell you free of charge that it does more damage to advertise a service when you do not have your ducks in row.


  4. Cabby Magongwa says:

    Agreed! Districts and development are very important. This should be something that we must enforce somehow.

  5. Joe says:

    A thousand apologies to GBA. The information about the trials was sent to EBA but bounced back and as I was in Cape Town I was not reacheable.

    However, we are disappointed that the information was sent not for us to engage on but for the sake of informing us. This again is unfortunate as Districts associations should not be just relayers of information, but should play a very important role in programme design and implementation. Otherwise what is the point of having them?