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GSBC round up for 2008

By on November 27, 2008 in High School

Top 16 Playoff games were played at The Hill High School from Tuesday 21st Oct to Thursday 23 Oct 2008 

25 October 2008 the Top8 teams that progressed to The U/14 Sam Hunt Championship and The U/16 City Championship respectively. Thank you to Mirella Fick & Moeketsi Mosidi for running the day.

Congratulations to Matriculant; Mbali Mwenze from The Hill High for winning a R10 000 Boston College bursary in a shoot out at the Tournament.

The final standings were as follows:

 U/14 SAM HUNT CHAMPIONSHIP                                               

2.MARIST  BROS                2.MARIST BROS


1.ISSA    1.ISSA

 Information supplied by Danmore Chirinda

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There Are 10 Brilliant Comments

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  1. wandile mgwenya says:

    what is the GSBC???

  2. Joe says:


    I am soooo glad that you asked that.

  3. wandile mgwenya says:

    do you know what it is?

  4. Victor says:

    Hi there,

    It stands for Gauteng Schools Basketball Conference. That’s what I know. Ciao, V

  5. wandile mgwenya says:

    what schools are part of this whole thing? what schools were at this tournament?

  6. wandile mgwenya says:

    hi victor

    did you get my post of the terms basketball results for my school? i didn’t e-mail it to because i don’t know your e-mail address . i sent it it via the ”contact us” thing at the tp of the page and via facebook

  7. Joe says:


    Again, very good question, I very interested with the direction that they are pointing us.

  8. Setlogelo says:

    Gauteng Schools Basketball Conference? Something is totally wrong just like in the Rainbow Basketball League. Not to say there is any well designed schools programme for our sport in the Republic of South Africa.

    Schools basketball should be adopted in a special manner. It should become as broad as possible.

    Markets which want to grow focus their energies in the townships. As I believe basketball must co-exist with soccer and rugby let me take a leaf from the trends in one of those sports.

    In the previous years, Nedbank focused on the “moneyed”. This hampered growth and they began exploring the townships. Fortunately ABSA left a gap which Nedbank filled in the premier soccer league. The Nedbank Cup is under way in the township country wide as I write. It is enjoying a massive support. Please take note of two competitors in the sport. In fact all four banks sponsor soccer.

    Let me make another example although it is not related with the above. Cardbury reduced size of their slabs to sell at R2 in the township through one campaign called fo’sho. They are making a lot of money in these particular areas.

    Marketers are going to the township as the success of Kasi Tour can attest. There is direction as far as college basketball is concerned. As not less than three people are educators in the BSA, they should focus on their primary status and improve the bureacracy of the sport in schools.

    The segregation in schools basketball will not assist the pure talent in the sport. It will hinder progress and will continue to take the sport in the wrong direction.

    Basketball is one sport that can claim to be the rainbow sport. There should be ways and means developed to bring the people together for the only success story in the history of sport in the democratic South Africa. That of bringing people of different cultures together all the time.

  9. wandile mgwenya says:


    if you are so quick to say these things then you try make a league and see if you will achieve your goal..its not as easy as you make it seem and just for your info the rainbow league is growing as more schools are participating now

  10. Setlogelo says:


    It is not my nature to make constructive criticism quickly.

    I am contributing intellectual capacity in basketball. Thus my point is strategic not operational.

    Nonetheless, the Engen Club Championships did provide for such a foundation. But such opportunity was blown up as the focus was on clubs. The goal would have been achieved if BSA and an organisation representing schools were working closely together. Or if BSA delegated the task to an organisation representing schools.

    However I am aware that the working relationships between federations and schools sports bodies is always questionable. Such relationship have been documented as raised at the recent National Sports Indaba.

    Indeed it is not easy to test such an observation. We have one astute Lefa Vetstock in Mangaung who will be responsible for the under 18 league here. With the support of people who have been involved in schools basketball, he will be able to be successful. It is not a man thing. People should be able to work together as a unit.