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Motsomi asks the basics

By on November 17, 2008 in News

“Last week I received this article through the mail and I am sure that a lot of you have similar questions so I thought that it would be useful to publish it to see what you think and how you can help answer some of the issues.”- Victor Shakineza

In my city in the North West we have over 200 youngsters looking to ball. There are another 15 adults that are willing to help but do not know where to start and what to do – I am one of them.

1.      What are the correct processes to follow to start a league? Who do we contact? If we cannot find the people how do we go about building a league?

2.      What are the basics of running a league – what things should we absolutely do, what things are nice to have and what things must we avoid? How was GBA, LOP, GBL run? What about the EC leagues and the successful WCBA? Do they have a league in KZN? What are the fundamentals?

3.      Which clubs are the best in SA? What models are they following? What models are available? What things are required for a club? What elements make up a good club? How long has it taken to build some of the best, sustainable clubs and what did they do? Some mentioned constitutions – what examples of constitutions do we have; how does one go about building a club constitution; how do we select the people to head up the club? We need practical ideas.

4.      Fourthly what administrative requirements do we need – do we need a paid fulltime employee or not? Computers? Telephones? Cellphones? Does a club need a home court? Do all good clubs in SA have home courts? How did they secure them? If they do not have a court what do they do?

5.      I have seen that coaches are very important. What attributes make a good coach? How do we go about selecting a coach? How many coaches do we need and what is the role of the assistant coaches? How do the provinces and national teams and other clubs go about selecting coaches and assistant coaches? Are they paid? Are the contracts or not?
I want to call our league YESweCAN!

We want to do this right and rather than waiting for official responses I hope that your readers can help.

Article supplied by Motsomi

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  1. Joe says:


    The FIBA Federation manual is a very good guide to your questions although you will need to adapt it to your level. The link is:

    If you have problems with the download I can send you a copy.

  2. Theo Chauke says:

    The first thing you must do,Look at the geographical structures of the NW.Make sure that league is played in the reasonable distance so that teams are willing to travel at those venues.

    The reason of the reasonable distance,it is usuall difficult to travel long distance to play basketball if don’t have good financial support.If there is neutral venue which can accomodate all teams with a good reasonable expenditure.

    Usually amateur league don’t pay any referees or coaches.Get someone who knows referees laws and make a Clinics for the referees.

    All the teams that will be involved must have two referees in their teams.Make sure that you get parents involved in the league.If it is the first time commitee in the team,have volunteers and parent that are interested in basketball for this youngerstar.For example In the past we had parents who come and assists us with score keeping.

  3. Joe says:


    Did you manage to get the info from FIBA?

  4. Victor says:

    Hey Joe,

    Thanks for trying to help but after reading the article and the link you suggested; I think that Motsomi wanted something relevant to SA conditions and that is why I decided to publish it in a public forum…


  5. kim says:

    Please email me the guys email addy so I can be in direct contact.I feel to answer those questions will take up a whole lot of space on the site.I would then discuss it point by point.There are a couple of unknowns that are I would like to know so as to try and give my view on the subject.


  6. Joe says:


    I think it will be a good idea to publish your respone on this site as I think we could all benefit from it, I am sure that there are others out there with similar questions.