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Women Basketball Tournament – dates changes 1- 3 December 2008

By on November 17, 2008 in League

Due to unforeseen circumstances the tournament will now take place in December.

Gauteng Basketball Association together with Gauteng Department of Sports, Recreation, Arts   and Culture cordially invites you to the 3rd annual Women Basketball Tournament.

Details of the tournament :

Date    :  1 – 3 December 2008

Venue: Orlando Community Hall (Soweto, opposite Orlando Stadium)

Categories: U/18 (Districts & provincial teams ONLY) and Seniors (Clubs).

Women Tournament Confirmed Teams

U/18 Girls

West Rand / Randfontein


University Of Pretoria
Cape University Of Technology
Free State University
Vaal University Of Technology
Zimbabwe Jewels
Mashakeng Basketball Club (Mozambique)
U/20 National Team

Information provided by Sibongile Maswanganye

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There Are 5 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Setlogelo says:

    Free State University? It should be Central University of Technology. The Free State is on a building stage. Early next year we have the Fridays league exclusive to hostels. The men’s team will participate in the regional league.

    There has been a lot of basketball movies on terrestial television in the last month. About five movies I watched which had a basketball theme. The latest one was the classical “He got game”.

    Why do I talk about movies?

    There is a trend which has enveloped in the past few years. Whilst there has been no pro ball, the University (College) basketball has been gaining momentum. This was, to a large extent, influenced by the Engen IPT, which has been the most successful BSA programme to date. Thus there was howver vivid, a direction from high school. That pointed to university.

    Since a foundation has been erected, should not BSA focus energy on the development of these two entities. A picture is there; the districts a build up of under 18 teams, whith participants either in high school or fresh from it. The senior teams are made up of mainly college teams.

    Should not BSA work around this trend?

    The agency managing the project of GBA has universities as its core. It is imperative for BSA to look for a title sponsorship for this league and roll it out nationally. (That should be happenning in 2010. The agency should be retained to run the project). It will be called the Campus Basketball League as it was previously. Depending on sponsorship, it will be divided into three zones as per Wheelchair Basketball conferences or two stream as per National Sooccer league’s division 1.

    I think this is what stakeholders should work tirelessly on, in the next year. I will start doing thorough investor relations.

    As for under 18, Engen can be re-united with basketball. If not one would have to work hard on investor relations. The club championships should be revised to suit the general population of the schools. It should be a league with schools in one region playing against each other. Eventually top teams will go for the week long finals.

    The idea is to make college basketball huge. It is to make basketball a sport of choice by infiltrating the high schools.

    One could ask, what about the senior teams.

    A packaging similar to rugby must be looked at. Cricket? Not so much. Although cricket is the fastest growing sport, (the research was done during the word cup. I do not look much into that.) I went to an MTN Series cricket match on Friday. I could count the people.

    The trends for college basketball enveloped through the last few years. I invite BSA to take the opportunities laid before. One does not have to make a phone call, the article above represent that single critical trend.

  2. Joe says:

    The problem is that everyone is conviced that only the PBL can deliver us to the promised land, thus most energies are focused to it. To me this a gamble which is proving very hard to win.

    I am also of the opinion that if we have excellent junior and tertiary leagues we can do without the PBL for now. Fact is to run PBL you need money either through club owners or sponsors. Currently, it seems to be difficult to find the above, thus lets get back to basics. I fully support the notion that we should rather focus our energies on the juniors and tertiary institutiions. The motive for my stance is that these are very easy to organise, very easy to find supporters, and very easy to organise sponsors.

  3. kim says:

    This would be a great opportunity to kickstart CUT womens development but with leave schedules done for the festive season I doubt that one(me) will be available to go and support this prestigious but may the best team win!Had it been on a weekend then I think support would be GREAT!

    Go CUT!!!

  4. Setlogelo says:

    Joe, after we spoke on the phone, I went into my inbox. The NBA is looking for someone who will maximise opportunities for the brand. I think the pro ball will be NBA South Africa sooner than we think. That will be cool, integrating the NBA Brand which offers that special memorable experience. NBA is taking the organisation global. As mentioned elsewhere, they are going to China, India and now look set to Africa, South Africa to be specific. If things are looking good for them, 2010 will be a different ball game, as I continue to predict. Not only do I predict, I am working darn hard in my region to realise this goal.

    What a better brand of basketball we will have. Under 18, Campus Basketball League and NBA South Africa. Again the opportunities are there. Everyone sees them, but will they grab them?

    NBA style arenas are not far from us.

  5. Setlogelo says:

    PBL, Joe.

    PBL is a private entity. It can run without getting sponsorship. Those people do not really need funding to start up the league. Just like they employ people in their business ventures, they employ personeel who will play, coach etc. Just like in a normal team. Then they will search for sponsors. It beats me why they do not get started. They can get a title sponsor midway their programme. They can get broadcast sponsorship midway ther programme.

    Teams should solicit their own sponsorships.

    They are packaging PBL as responsible for all teams. This is not cool. There was also nothing special with their past revival games. They participated as a bloc. Responsibilities must be shifted towards teams. And pro ball must never be allowed to participate in blocs. Does Chiefs and Pirates play on the same day, at one venue as Celtics and Sundowns? No. Each team must be builiding its own support base for ongoing commercial purposes. PBL is different even from the Under 18 IPT.

    But they might be skeptical to take the risks. Afterall one research company has results unfavorable to the sport. bmi says the trends of the sport are negative. They are bound to be negative due to the events that took place. The only way to make them positive is to start up the business.

    Again, everything boils down to interference between BSA and PBL. It is about the trust they have between themselves. The PBL can do it, but do they trust BSA will not run after the sponsorships they would accrue six months down the line?
    BSA and PBL in their partnership.

    But with NBA looking to employ someone, things will turn around quickly.