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Gauteng Senior Trials 2008

By on December 13, 2008 in News

Gauteng has been the dominating province in basketball for a long time and this year was no different. From the three dominating universities in the country taking first, second and third position at the USSA tournament that was held earlier this year to Soweto hosting the prestigious Women’s Tournament; what’s next for The Home of Champions?

On the 30th of November, Gauteng held their senior trials at Wembley Stadium and the turnout wasn’t too pleasing for both sides; only eleven players pitched for the women and thirty one for the men… In all honesty Gauteng is one province that can make two strong teams for women and three for men and more people were expected to pitch for trials; was the problem the fact that the trial venue was changed the night before (via sms) or were people too afraid to trial? Well either way the show went on.

There were a few new faces that came to try their luck and it didn’t seem like Maureen (Asnath) Makena would have a problem choosing a ladies team but would probably have to make a few phone calls or even invite some players from the u/20’s, who were playing in the Zone VI games, to finalize the team. On the other hand Thabo Touch Mabulelong, the men’s coach, was having a hard time picking from the thirty one players who pitched for the men’s trials, though a few “super stars” were missing as they were in Angola, those that were around embraced us with their presence. “We were expecting more guys to come out, it was disappointing that the guys from Sharpville and Kagiso did not come…” said Nhlanhla the manager for the men’s team, “… There would have been more height and speed.”

Twenty players were invited to the second round of men’s trials that were held on the 6th of December at Wembley and yet again was there to cover. The guys who were in Angola were also there to trial, but Toka and Neo (ex Vaal players) were still not to be seen. “Hmm…”

Will Gauteng have a “super star team or will Touch and Nhlanhla bring in a new flavour to the Gauteng men’s team? That is the question in all our minds; well we’ll soon find out after Gauteng men have their final round of trials today, Saturday 13th of December.

Confirmed ladies team:

Confirmed mens team

Article by Nthabiseng Mushi

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There Are 4 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Simphiwe says:

    What is happening to Gauteng? Let me answer that, the same thing that has been happening for years trial over the phone and you make it? How can there be 11 girls and 12 make the team. Nthabiseng please tell us the names of the girls that were trialing and lets see who made it from the people who came to trial/ and for the dudes nah I think touch will have a super star team. Gauteng is ful;l of them any way

  2. Theo says:

    Basketball is at its best when you see guys playing ball.Have 31 players in trials it is awesome.It is great to such things like trials,it is motivating factor for the players.Even those players who didn’t make it in the gauteng trials,to me there are winners compare to guys who are selected by phone without even going to the route that all players must go.

    Well done to all the guys who went to the trial even if you didn’t make it,i have great respect for you guys because who want play and compete,no matter who is there.

    It is disappointing for province that are not willing to involve everybody in trials.As for LPA you need to wake up and start doing the right thing like other province.

    As for Danny who is the coach of LP team and coach of Tuks,You criteria of selecting players it is way poor and isdiscouraging for basketball.You coach at highest level but you can’t even do the right thing. What were you criteria of selecting players like Bobby,Peter,Zille, and Jerry.Where are this guys playing basketball.You should know best by now that’s not the way of doing thing.You are coaching in academic institution,you knowledge of sport was suppose to be higher by now.As for i think you like passion of sport as coach,you do you justify a telephonic selection.It could have been better if you called the trials just for formalities.Do you ever realise what you doing to basketball.

    What i don’t understand from you(Danny),you are in Gauteng where you know standards of basketball in this province,Why can you learn from Guys like Flosh the way their do things.You need to know that we are watching what happening in SA basketball.Limpopo must not be different from all other province when it comes bball.

    The standard of SA basketball is going down because of this kind of rubbish we are seeing.How are we suppose to compete if we can’t implement small thing.

    Look at countries like Angola and Mozabique,are we different from them.We have all the resources to match these guys in basketball but what are doing to make sure where are there.It is high time people start changing the way their doings just for personal gain.

    Watching Angola and mozabique in the final of U20,made me realise that we are still far from the standards of this Guys.

  3. neo says:

    Hey Theo you sound verty hurt my friend, with good reason.

    Me personally I dont think Gauteng should have held, open for all trials. We had the two strongest leagues in the country. A player is given a whole season to prove themselves to the selectors. What makes us think that one hot Saturday will change the minds of people.

    In cases like Limpopo and Free State sure they should have trials because not the whole province is playing in a particular league. We were lucky that this did not blowup in our faces. Had the infomation and venue not changed we would have had hundred girls and a thousand boys some of them youve never seen them bounce a ball, you have to give them a chance since you invited them. I hope next year in the GBL coaches will be asked to keep names in mind for such events that way the coaches can make up a panel of selectors.

    Merry new year……….

  4. neo says:

    I had a typo, Gauteng should NOT have held, open for all trials. My bad