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GBL club funding opportunities

By on December 17, 2008 in League

Here are some important document pertaining to the GBL 2009 and its funding:

sport grant application form 2009 2

advert-grants 2009-2010

grant in aid guidelines for 2009-2010

Information supplied by Cabby Magongwa

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There Are 3 Brilliant Comments

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  1. setlogelo says:

    This is a brilliant deed I have ever observed in basketball. Sharing the information for the development of other people is essential if the sport was to become more competitive.

    I have noted the tenacity through which this league has been organised. It shows that the organisers are not only brollian, but always on the look out for opportunities.

    Since Gauteng Provincial government proclaimed ‘Home of Champions” as their slogan, I wondered what the basketball people were doing to become part of the sports bandwagon.

    Mr Magongwa, I salute you. It seems like you have a determination to always be alert and informed. By the way, I have spoke to the technology person. She will make a contact with you on the 5th.

  2. Cabby Magongwa says:


    Thanks for the big ups, I could have guessed you would be the first to applaud me but, let me first say that this information was made available by Nhlanhla from GBA which he made the info available at the last GBA AGM held in Nov. All I did was to send it through to mybasketball for everyone else’s perusal. Nevertheless, I am committed to making basketball one of the top sports in SA and anything that I can do to help this potentially huge community, I will do without thinking twice. Right now I am working on a business opportunity that i will make available excusively to registered members of the basketball fratenity. In GBA, we will be providing players, fans, media, coaches, administraters, entertainers etc with a basketball ID without which one will not be able to access all the opportunities. I beleive this is the only way to make people notice that basketball is powerful within the community. Keep your eyes on the price and watch the space lol.

  3. Setlogelo says:

    I guess the GBA are getting it. When information flow from one desk to various channels, it makes an impact. Integrated communication will do basketball wonders. Basketball people need to focus their energies on such to make the sport better.

    Globally Barack Obama has been the sole spokesperson for the sport of basketball. Ever one knows the dude is proud about basketball. He even has plans to build a basketball court at the white house. During his presidency, I expect the growth of the basketball to accelerate. The NBA will grab this opportunity in their attempts to be on par with sporting bodies such as Formula 1.

    Our government has basketball as one of the priority sports. This means that they are aware of the potential which must be exploited in our sport. But taking the responsibility is an example that you people there are setting.

    Over the festive season I took a tour around Mangaung. There is a lot of basketball infrastructure around the city. It is only reasonable to take what we have and act towards making basketball bigger in 2009. Indeed this is the year that will experience huge developments in the sport that we love.