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Mozambique Vodacom National League 2008

By on January 8, 2009 in News

‘Quintin Denyssen wins 2nd PRO title’

On the 20th of December 2008 I got to witness history being made, at the Maxaquene stadium in Maputo, when Quintin Denyssen helped Ferroviario beat Maxaquene in the final of the Vodacom National Basketball League.

Game 1, which was played on Friday the 19th of December, of the best of 3 series went to Maxaquene who came back from 25 points down to win the game by 2 points.

Game 2 was a must win for Ferroviario and Quintin Denyssen came up clutch with a free throw that sealed game 2 for Ferroviario and kept their title hopes alive.

In game 3 Quintin Denyssen came up big once again with a 12 point outburst in the fourth quarter which put the game out of reach for Maxaquene and sealed their fate as runners up of the inaugural Mozambique pro league.

Ferroviario had beaten Maxaquene in the finals the last 3 times they met and this championship made it four in a row.

But it wasn’t Denyssen’s offensive contribution which made history but the fact that he won a championship with the Soweto Panthers in the Sprite Professional Basketball League 2 years earlier with the Soweto Panthers. He also won an LOP amateur title in 2008 with Wits Alumni. These two professional titles, in two different countries, in two inaugural pro leagues, with two different teams is the first achievement of its kind for any South African player. It’s one for the record books and should be recognised by South African basketball fans and administrators alike.

Ferroviario, who is ironically sponsored by Vodacom’s competitor Mcel , walked away with 150,000 meticals which is equivalent to R55,000.

Speculation is rife that the next season of the Vodacom Mozambique pro league will commence in June 2009.

Article supplied by Tshepo Ditshego

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  1. neo says:

    Kim watch out nehh, There is still a month to go before the launch I might just spring a suprise.

  2. kim says:

    I am agree with the statement that other provinces must get their act together.FS is one province which started with numerous leagues last year and has already identified dates for the implementation of this years leagues.One of the key issues to be addressed is going to be regional leagues and then have competetive games happening.Documents have been circulating regarding ideas of Central basketball League and the sorts….the powers that be are not sitting and doing nothing but are busy working.

    So coming to play in JHB does not necessarily mean that nothing is being done but the competition is not where it is for us to compete day in day out.One must also look at the demographics of the province compared to GP.Welkom is 120km from Bloem.Qwaqwa is approximately 400km from Bloem thus 500km from Welkom.There is Bethlehem which is also far.This then limits the amount of time that teams can play against each other due to financial burdens.

    CUT wanted to improve their competetive level by coming and playing the champs.Winning by 50 against teams that are not privileged to have a court will not help us but if we do well in JHB we might just attract sponsors who might be willing to help clubs in Bloem with the building of basketball courts.The opportunities are endless.We are proudly FS and we as CUT will contribute in making sure that our players dont have to go to GP to play ball but they will know that CUT/FS is there for them

    Ohhhh by the way,I am not serving in the executive.An example of something happening was the recent league finals that where televised on Slamdunk.Although the level of play is not at a high level,you can see something is being done.Thanks to people like those who are running FSBA, setlogelo and some that I might not know who are constantly seeking sponsors and making sure the players do play.

  3. GP is by far the easiest province to work with simply because of its small size. I doubt a province such as Northern Cape would be able to run such a league especially if it doesnt depend on any additional funding from the somewhere. Logistically, its a lot more affordable for the team and administration to run the GBL which makes it possible to run it with comparatively little funding, meaning the team reg fees can run the league just fine. For such a league to happen in other provinces where almost all the districts are included, the provincial department of sport will have to buy in and fund it otherwise it will be tough to operate.

  4. Blondy says:


    My brother I’ve played in FS long enough to tell you that this is possible to happen there, we had it before & it was working until this provincial politics comes in & ruin everything, I believe its best to try knew things with different faces.

    Monna the whole Idea of CBL was Mine & Korry, we had a plan on how to run it irrespective of the distance between the regions,but I heared that there are this people try to stop it,politics is once again playing its role & is killing basketball in the province.

    Lastly but not least, I will support CUT because is from our province but don’t say there is no competition in the province, CUT has never dominated in FS & they went to play in GP because we didn’t have stable league in the province,its just that they have resources, they are like SUNDOWNS, they can get any player they want in the province.

  5. kim says:

    I will take your word on the past happenings in the FS cos I hardly have a year being there.Thats if there is no one to dispute your issues.I appreciate ALL the support we get especially from our peeps in and outside the province and I hope CUT can make all of you proud.I for one saw the document and liked the idea and hopefully that can be implemented in the province.

    Well on the competition part,CUT will have to probably prove that part.likely this year CUT will be participating in ALL the leagues that will be played in and around bloem.CUT will participate in the Provincial League and we will see if they can prove that they actually do dominate….Only time will tell.As for the SUNDOWNS part…I think CUT will be offended being compared to them as they dont associate themselves with RICH losers.