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SA Seniors 2008 recap: Men’s Final

By on January 19, 2009 in News

Fans are present, teams warming up; one can almost taste the tension as people hope for a more promising final; as the ladies final was nothing more than a disappointment.

The refs are intact and ready for the action; the starting five is on the court- jump ball.

1st quarter

KZN gets the jump ball and one can see the determination on their faces. The first basket is a 3 by C Gilchrist, the captain setting the example. Gauteng answers back with an easy basket from N Nthuping. The game at this point is very even stevens with little promises of any action.

The big guys are pushing, elbowing, posting to gain position. The referring is competent and the best this tournament- this should give an indication of how poor the refing has been. End of quarter. Can KZN maintain or increase their lead?

Score: KZN- 17 GP- 162nd quarter

Both sides are silent…GP is raising the bar now with a few intercepts, steals and converting them. This quarter has erased all hopes of this being a nail-biting final.

Score: KZN- 25 GP- 37

3rd quarter

The teams are 1-1 in terms of leads after the quarter. Both teams are playing it safe.

KZN calls a time out and the coach must have said something inspiring because their defense is on point and their hunger for victory restored.

The number 14, C. Shabalala is stepping up and is displaying a brilliant performance; stealing balls and finishing on offense while supported by his teammates he is proving to be KZN’s savior.

5minutes left and the score at this point: KZN- 40 GP- 41. The KZN defense is impressive and seems to have startled GP a bit…I spoke too soon…like most of the other games the refs have officially killed the game with their one-sided decisions.

KZN is still fighting but the refing has killed their spirits.

Score: KZN- 49 GP- 53

4th quarter

C. Shabalala is still fighting and keeping the KZN team in this game.

GP has found their feet and are playing their game.

So many uncalled fouls; so many called- unnecessary fouls. C, Gilchrist is fouled. It’s not called. He lands on the floor; perhaps as an act of rebellion he stays on the floor, posing as if he were on the beach. The spectators (who are now doing their own thing, braiding hair, Mxit, reading and chatting) are amused by his actions and laughter is heard through the indoor courts.

The final whistle blows, GP are the victors.

Final Score: KZN- 65 GP- 77

Men All Stars

1. Amogelang Keogatile (NW)

2. Neo Mothiba (GP)

3. Brendon Metler (WC)

4. Fumani Marhanele (Limpopo)

5. Kurt Hold (KZN)


Thabo Letsebe (GP)

Article written by Phoebe, pictures provided by Danny Malothane

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