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By on February 23, 2009 in League

Ready or Not, NOW is the TIME!

Institutions are request to bring proof of registrations and students cards to all the games. Only bonafide students are allowed to participate in all USSA activities. NO STUDENT CARD, NO PLAY!!!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Central University of Technology (CUT) for taking part in these qualifiers, as their friendly matches will give the already qualified teams an opportunity to also keep active.

Herewith is the Schedule Calendar:

Information by Sibongile Maswanganye

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  1. kim says:

    Key Games to be watched…..

    UJ much awaited reign to the top.My choice for 2009(thats besides CUT that is).Both ladies and Men just in case you were wondering.TUT,life after Neo…..hopefully they will still have the fire that they had when Neo and Fumani where there.I call them the fast break KINGS.UL Medunsa will be a secret because they never play in the Valentine tourney.Having watched teams from Limpopo play,you guaranteed some passion and some full court press from the ladies side(prediction).

    Key game from the ladies will be the UJ vs VUT on the 14th March.With Wits vs UJ being the key game in the men.Dont sleep on Wits ladies though cos they showed promise.

    One thing for sure….there aint going to be any WACKNESS….coaching and playing.May the best teams win.See ya at WITS come sunday.

    Does anyone know how the WIts vs UJ game went yesterday????

  2. baller says:

    eish Kim

    i went to the game yesterday with friends and was disappointed. we knew that the game was going to start at 18h30 and as usual something had to happen with our administration. imagine sitting on those Wits chairs for an hour before the games starts. games started at 19h30. and after the games, the reason we got was that there were no score-sheets so they had to wait and they used a photocopy to keep the score. enough bout that.

    i watched the guys game and what a game it was. everyone be careful of Wits. if they going to play like that all year then they are in for a good season. UJ won both games but big-up to the Wits guys team.

  3. kim says:

    I can be proud to say that I was the first to warn people about Wits.I am sorry man about the waiting but I bet it was worth the wait.I think Terry is doing a great job with those boys and he surely will be getting into the semis of the USSA tournament.He will mos def surprise the big guns during the league.

    Happy that we dont come here and talk but also go and watch these games….big up baller

  4. Kholo says:

    I am great fan of basketball and love watching basketball at any level.I was surfing the net when a saw this site.

    There was interesting debate which i read here.People calling each other names and all that.What i realized from those comments it was people were too much divided about who was wrong or right.

    We need to put our facts right when we try and defend people.I believe this issue was
    between to parties.In most cases what i have seen,When people want to make comment they direct into that individual whom they want him/her want them to respond.We need to learn to let people resolve their difference without interfere in their debate.In that way we will have people stop saying thing about people their don’t even know.We need to learn to address each other with respect.

    It seems people are not open to each other in this forum.I sincerely believe when people browse this website their are interested in the affairs of basketball and not here to attack each other.What do we gain when we corrupt people names.When people are quite we complain and when people talk we complain.We need to have creative minds when we analyze people comments.when people engaged in discussion,they won’t have the same thinking and views.

    I want to get involved in basketball but i don’t know where to start.I stay in Ormonde next to South Dale

  5. baller says:


    there are quite a lot of teams around joburg. closest to you that i know are Wits, UJ, Soweto Raptors, Braamfontein Blues, Wanderers Scorpions. on the other hand, it depends how you want to get involved. a player, technical official, coach, manager, owner, etc.

  6. thuso says:

    i totaly love basketball.i`m also very happy with the oportunities south african basketball is providing young ladies with.i don`t if this will be posible,but please send me a pictire of Zanele Mphuthi.she waz part of last years basketball without borders.