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GBL talks to ballers

By on February 25, 2009 in League

Recently, Mybasketball had an opportunity to speak to some of the people involved in running the new GBL league that is scheduled to start on Sunday the 8th of March 2009. This league is something that ballers have been waiting for since the end of the Metro League and the excitement is reaching fever pitch with the date drawing nearer.

There has not been much hype around this basketball event and this is due to certain people not playing their role. Last year there was a media launch, and at that launch Sports and Recreation South Africa (SRSA) promised that they will provide basketball with some financial assistance which GBA may get a hold of, by sending documents (financial statements, etc…) to the department so that they make the money available to run the league. This was not done by GBA, meaning that funds could not be obtained for this year.

Yet again there are funding opportunities from government for basketball that has to be put on hold for a whole year until the administrators get their act together… “And we complain that government is not helping the sport.”

When one takes up a public office position, there are certain duties and responsibilities that they have. Are these people doing their duties? If they are, how difficult is it to send documents that will help your organization and the community it servers? This is something that we need to ask the people handling this mandate.

Mybasketball tried to get a hold of Tsepo Nyewe, who is the GBA chairman, to answer some of the questions we had in this regard but he was unavailable at the time of going to the press. This was like finding Neemo (Whom we did not find till this day). Basketball players should also take the initiative of getting involved in district basketball so that they can inject themselves in the Provincial structures, so that they can inflict change, instead of sitting on their hands and complaining on what is happening around them.

Despite these hurdles, the Gauteng Basketball League is going to happen and ballers will have something to look forward to every weekend.

Article by Nthabiseng Mushi

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  1. Interested says:

    Like they say the more things change the more they stay the same. What’s happening at GBA? Why is it that you only hear from them when they are attaching themselves to events, what do they do the rest of the time.

    Government don’t want to give money just for the sake of doing so… Guys must realise that they are ruining the lifes of a lot of people but hey they seem to get away with it so until we start toy toying nothing will change.

  2. Joe says:


    You do not need to Toyi-Toyi, I have been saying it for as long as this website has existed, ballers who want real change and to influence the direction which bball would take must participate in the district and provincial structures.

    As I have argued before, the government recognises these structures as legitimate bodies to run sport and any money from government, also private, will be chanelled through the structures.




  3. Themba says:


    One thing which i know and i have done.Last year i apply funds into the lotter the paper work they need are lot.Fail to provide any document it means you application would be put to side.

    Financial statements,audit reports done by the Professional auditors are needed from any organization who required from the Government or any institution.Most organization don’t want to be audited because they afraid of the finding the auditor may find and that can lead into jeopardizing your application for funds.

    Government funds are giving to organization that will make different into people life.
    The reason why financial and auditor reports are needed they want to see how people spend their money.

  4. kim says:

    This is sad to hear because alot of things could have been done with that money even though I had not seen the plan which accompanied the budget allocations.I wonder what will this do for future bids for basketball to get funding.It would also be nice to hear GBA’s side of the story before making a analyses on the issue and maybe someone from GBA can give us the light on the matter.

  5. Lerato says:

    I think it’s totally unacceptable that GBL takes the initiative on its own to run the league. What is GBA’s role as the controlling body? are we saying only the elite should play in this league? what is GBA’s social responsibility? what about community clubs that cannot even afford to travel to the games? Why can’t we submit our audited statements to ensure that we receive what’s due to us from govt? with two qualified CA’s in Gauteng who are passionate about this game, why can’t we make use of their services? why was all the executive members present at the launch? why is the women’s tournament prize money still outstanding?

  6. baller says:

    there we go in circles again. thanks to mybasketball for exposing this and hopefully the powers that be in GBA will respond to clarify all of us.

    my new year resolution was to join Joe in urging people to participate in districts associations. that is the only platform we have to have a say in how the sport is run. still on that, i hope that the teams that are taking part in GBL are affiliated to their district associations. if no district exist where the teams are, then they should be given a mandate to form such structures with the guidance of GBA.

    all said and done, we are responsible as basketballers to stand up and attend the meetings rather than toyi-toying for something we never even tried to be part of. if we not going to do that, then it means even in 2010 we will not have funds for the league.

    viva districts viva. viva meeting attendance viva.

  7. Nthabiseng says:


    I agree with Kim, that money could have gone a long way. Its there but according to sources it can not be obtained this year.

    I think players are scared of the politics associated with basketball, hence they do not get involved with the districts. They coach, doesn’t that count for something?

  8. baller says:


    when you saying players are scared, i don’t believe that a bit. we talking about adults here. if they were juniors then i would support you. the only problem we have as a bball community is get out of our comfort zone and start doing things for the next generation. we are content with critisizing people when they do wrong and never look at what we contributed to the cause.

    i took time last night to reflect on bball and what is going on. my conclusion was that, we have a situation where our players are advancing in terms of their skill level and maturity, our coaches are still a few steps behind and administratively we are completely failing. we fail because we as players and coaches don’t have interest in serving in those positions and most of those that are interested don’t even take the positions seriously.

    they use them to add to their CV’s as achievements. please get me right, not all administrators are poor. until it comes to a point where we all understand that for bball to be brand we all want it to me, we have to get actively involved and stop asking when are the games and why is such and such in power not that one. no messiah will come down to transform bball for us.

    classical example, Prosport calls a meeting for all teams but how many teams went? Neo arranges a meeting in Tshwane, how many teams went. then when the league launches, you gonna hear all sorts of complaints that would have been dealt with long ago.

    we should stop hiding behind people being scared or am working don’t have time. we have to invest our time in bball period and get involved at all levels.

    that is my half cent worth.

  9. neo says:

    Sho Signor Baller

    You sound like a man possesed, maybe we should all be, if thats the way it needs to be. People are not scared of the politics, people are just not willing to go through the proper channels to address issues. Im also guilty of not adhering to protocol because we afraid of the red tape we gonna find, or that we were told we gonna find.

    I command people who have been there and got frastrated rather those people who assume that they will get ignored.

    Halala Tshepo halala…Kea gutlwa.

  10. Joe says:


    We all overwhelmingly agree that the biggest stumbling block to SA bball currently is Administration, but I want to say that an even greater problem with SA bball is WHO does the Administering?

    I have said before and I say it again, I personally do not believe that we have the right people administering bball at grassroots level and this is where the rot begins. Some of the people at this very crucial lever either have not been exposed to bball at a higher level or do not have skills to Adminster.

    Ballers need to learn to separate Administration and politics as it is only when one reaches Provincial and National level that the politics really matter. At the district level however development plays are far major role than politics.

    What my biggest criticism with Ballers is that we all want to be involved at Provincial or National level and get frustrated with the politics cause we never cut our teeth at district level. Like in any field whether business or playing, it always recommended that one starts at the bottom in order to learn the foundation. I find this is never the case with SA ballers we jump to attempting a dunk or crossover dribble before we even know how to bounce or shoot the ball.


  11. kim says:

    Politics are playing a big role at district level as well and I kinda agree that players dont seem to want to be involved.You get these people that always want to put people down by telling them that they are inferior and players end up believing that and pulling out.How is it that we dont have many female coaches.They get so worked out because we men talk alot and do nothing.

    I believe that ballers must start being active at a club level.Us coaches sometimes want to do everyything ourselves instead of building people to assist you.I have begun by having 2 women to assist in the running of the club.So what I do is basically form relations with USSA,GBL,Lesotho,FSBA,NCBA,ECBA etc and then I get them to organise the travel arrangement,Kit issues,practices etc.I am trying to attend one practice and miss another.This will ensure that they take practie when I am not there.Yes I might be throwing them in the deep end but imagine what that will do to their confidence.

    I believe if administrators,coaches,players start at a club level then district,provinces and national will be a little bit easier.One must also know that just because you were good at a club or district level,Province and National is totally different to those lower levels.More dynamics come into play such as politics,administrative complexity etc.This is where we need to really train people.We should also get to train the trainers.

  12. Frustrated says:

    From someone who IS involved at district level, it is one of the most frustrating positions to be in. We try our best to keep things running smoothly, to ensure the kids always have a league to play in, we try to keep them informed of trials and tournaments but this proves to be very challenging because we only ever receive info for these kinds of things, from GBA two or three days before the actual event! How are we supposed to run an effective administration when we rely on the timely information from those above us, before we are able to organise anything. GBA blocks us at every turn, we plan all sorts of clinics but then are told we may not go ahead untill we get the OK from GBA, who will organise everything but then fail to do so, EVERY TIME.

    A womens tournament is organised the prize money was R15 000 for u/19’s and R30 000 for seniors and various other cash prizes for all stars and MVP’s, however what we did not know was that there was NO money, they never had it in the first place!! How as a provincial body do you put up prize money for a tournamnet when you don’t actually have any money at all!!!!!
    What kind of an example is that?

    Everyone talks about getting involved and effecting change, however when you do try to implement change, or even just hint at change, the powers that be, crush you, stop you in your tracks and say “NO”, you will not unless “WE” say so! And so we sit and wait like fools for the permision to implement change, yet that permission is NEVER granted! The other thing is of course, that hardly anyone ever attends any meetings called at district level, so yet again another stumbling block in our path to better administration! I think as far as our district administration goes, we are doing an excellent job under the circumstances.

    So, please do tell me how we at grassroot level are supposed to help with provincial administration when there is absoluteley NO communication from GBA and at every turn there is yet another road block!

    How do we overcome this???

  13. themba says:

    In management,our country need to learn that if the people in positions of coaching,administration and managing don’t have heart for the game.It can never succeed.

    We have coaches and managers who work so hard even when people are not looking.They put in so much time and effort because they know why they are doing it,not for themselves.This why they succeed.They want to do all they can for their communities.

    If we know that Administration and politics are hindrance to the growth of basketball we need to act on it.The reason why we are having this problem people are not willing to talk.If people feel that our administration is letting we need to have national meeting for basketball,so that we can address our problem with them directly.

    We will be making the very same comments until when.It time that we claim what it is ours.The justice shall take it by force.The longer we deal this matter the more basketball is going down the drain.

    Viva National Basketball Meeting Viva

  14. kim says:

    I remember a piece that Coach Molupe wrote sometime last year which gave his perspective on South African Basketball.He touched on the various aspects including that of the different role players in our sport.I actually agreed with his perspective that said you cant have politicians being administrators but make no mistake,we do need politicians amongst us.The problems comes in when a politician is also an administrator.

    I was watching highlights of a donation deal received by Cricket SA whereby they received 100 kit from a donar.100 kit which would be channelled to development when basketball doesnt have a single thing.Our highlight tournament for the year was organised on basically a zero budget by the incoming executive.Why cant we get some of the loose change ke?

    Before we can have National Basketball Meetings one needs to have a club meeting then a district meeting then a provincial and then national.If we want to address issues,for me it starts there.If clubs are just concentrated on playing and then leave everything to MR KNOW IT ALL then we will go nowhere in ball.It begins at a grassroots level where we can disagree with each other but still see how to work around that.

    People like to be radical and call other people names instead of trying to do the opposite and get a following due to his working and not talking.Thats why I once said that the people of Limpopo will ultimately decide who is fit to run their basketball.If all the good samaritans of Limpopo keep doing their work then those people will be voted in and if the current regime is working then those people will still be in power.Politcs play a big part of that and thats were you will get the howlers and thats were you will get the tacticians.EVERYONE IS FIGHTING TO GET THAT SIT!

    All that cant happen is Provincial Associations,District Associations and Clubs call accountability meetings and AGM’s.Hence I salute provinces like the WC,EC and all those that have held their AGM’s.Now its time for provinces to account to the masses that they represent.

    Thats my opinion though

  15. themba says:


    How do you do if you have people who are hungry for position and are not doing nothing for basketball.If you have Committee which has being running basketball for decades.who has the authority to remove them from those provincial position?

    When people seek the solution to this problem.People come in this site defend the very same people who are not doing nothing for basketball.If people are buyers then we will continue to have this problem.We need to have solution when people are complaining.

    The huge problem that basketball is having is division amongst the provinces and the people.

    When it comes to Limpopo and Mpumalanga,there still lot of work to done in these provinces.

  16. kim says:

    You have the authority to remove people that do not work.The question is how you plan to take them out.The second issue is the people calling that meeting.If provincial associations dont call meetings then you can force them to call meetings where you can out vote people.The most important thing for me is how do you form patnerships with other people?If you want to take a very radical approach and call people nasty things,people end up not following you because the see a person who is not mature for the position.

    You cant change basketball at a grassroot level or national level by talking on this site.This site(in my opinion)is supposed to be a place where we brainstorm about ideas and then go and implement what one might see relevant for their community.As much as we want improvement in basketball we might see different in some cases.So if you would attack someone on this site,someone else might come and say that person has helped Limpopo in 1,2,3.The most important people though would be the people in Limpopo because they know what is happening and their votes would do the talking.

    Dont bank on us cos we have our own problems that we need advice on such as coaching(LOL),playing etc.Get working and get backing from people who have voting powers.

  17. Kholo says:


    I am confuse here,How do you vote people out of power when people in the district level are not invited in any activities happening in provincial level.

  18. Themba says:


    How many people are suppose to be in Provincial committee?What is the role of club and district and club in voting new committee?How do you force a meeting if the committee are not willing to have meeting?

    I thought you have drop that issue of day before yesterday.if someone has done something for their community we need to give tap in the back,say well fro the contribution you have made.We can hide fro those facts that there people are doing some even if people they don’t like them.

    We have lot people being praise in this website,but we don’t disregard them.It is good for the work their doing.It is better than nothing.People will always disagree to agree on lot of things.

  19. Themba says:


    I am not a support of Robert Mugabe but one thing that stands for me in his leadership qualities,he is not afraid to be different from other leaders.He stands on what he believe is right and do you think people would forget what he did for country in the past,NO.

    People are afraid to speak because they don’t want be excluded from a group.One thing i don’t support is calling each other names,But disagreement and agreements i will support.People have been use in the past because of being afraid to engaged discussion which can help the growth of basketball.We need bold people this sport who are not afraid to speak out for the right of people.If we don’t speak out who is going to do it for us.Some times in life you need those hard people to make thing work.People who are not willing to compromise the right of the people because of self benefit and to be liked.

  20. Themba says:




    CONTACT DETAILS: 012 664 7005(T)
    : 012 664 7015(F)

    I don’t know how much it cost a month now but it use to cost R20p/m.It is good if you don’t have medical aid.

  21. kim says:

    I think the first step is to get hold of you provincial constitution.This will have issues pertaining to the desks that the committee has,voting etc.These can also be changed during your special meetings.I think the first step is to communicate with the executive to request this meeting.It becomes very easy when the majority of districts also form part of this.After numerous requests you can then request BSA to intervene.

    The Eastern Cape took a decision to not recognise their executive at one stage but unity of the districts was key.Hence you had 2 interim commitees within a period of 3 years.Immediately you take power mongers out then thats only 20% of the work done.You need to then convince the stakeholders that BOB is the best candidate to get your province to where it needs to be.This is the tough stage because people can be bought with a bottle of FISH EAGLE these days.

    Thats where you will have the politics being played at its best.People will discredit each other and might get people confused.I believe though that you cant buy everyone and as such the people who work for basketball development will eventually be in power.Dont forget that the outgoing executive have their votes as well and it is important that the executive votes do not in anyway out vote districts,USSA,Wheelchair and Masters.If thats the case then they will be in power forever and ever Amen.

  22. Joe says:


    Well said, I could not have said it better. I think I must open a BASIC SPORT ADMINISTRATION FOR BALLES SCHOOL with yourself, Baller, Setlogelo and Neo as the lecturers.

  23. kim says:

    ADMINISTRATION…….I think I still want to learn alot in coaching before making the step of being an administrator.I cant do everything my man.

  24. Kweku says:


    Big words you are throwing around there “Balles” or is that a typo? 😉

  25. Joe says:


    Typo error, I meant BALLERS, eish Bantu education!