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KZN Basketball EXCO Meeting 2009

By on February 4, 2009 in League

Notice is hereby given of the KZN Basketball Association EXCO Meeting that is scheduled as following:

Please note that this meeting is for Exco members ONLY!!!

Date : 08 February 2009

Venue : Durban High School

Time : 09H00

The agenda of the meeting is as follow:

  • 1. Opening Remarks
  • 2. Minutes of last meeting
  • 3. Reports: BSA

Coaching and Technical Clinics

Districts Associations

Kwanaloga Games 2008

National Senior Championships 2008


  • 4. Constitution Review, KZN Basketball Policies and KZN Rules & Regulations
  • 5. Strategic Plans 2009 – 2013
  • 6. School Sports, USSA Programs and Leagues
  • 7. KZN Basketball League/s
  • 8. KZN Draft Calendar 2009, Programs and Competition.
  • 9. KZN Basketball Council Meeting
  • 10. General
  • 11. Date of next meeting
  • 12. Closure

You attendance is highly compulsory.

Information provided by Vusi Mhlongo (secretary general of KZN basketball association)

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There Are 32 Brilliant Comments

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  1. kim says:

    I see GP gunning for my blood now…….

  2. neo says:

    Finals Women Vall vs UJ
    Finals Men Vaal vs UJ, like it has always been, hopefully UJ will honour us with their presence at the pre-USSA tournaments.

  3. Setlogelo says:


    What about your statement about the hosting team never reaching the semi’s. Correct or incorrect?

  4. kim says:


  5. kim says:

    Vaal vs UJ in the ladies final……..maybe not!!!

    I willing to bet on this one…….nothing over R10 though…

    I agree with the mens final but WIts are my dark horse for a upset

  6. kimmy says:

    I have to say I’m proud of the KZN guys in terms of this meeting. With all that has been said, it has to be acknowledged that KZN has produced some of the best players we have in SA basketball. Vaal being one of the best teams in SA has a couple of players who are of KZN descent. So we do not have a league as big as that of the GBL but we are a smaller province than they are. We still keeping Gauteng on their toes though.

  7. Setlogelo says:


    Apply this lesson to KZN. We all know how to make money, but the wealthy people know how to keep the money.

    Gauteng is the economic powerhouse of Africa. But a lot of supplies are shipped to KZN. Thus Apple Mac is cheaper in Durban as compared to Johannesburg. It must be affordable to get Sneakers in Durban than it is in Johannesburg. Have you guys seen that detail?

    Someone in the KZN sports was aware of this dynamic, but they do not know how to take advantage of it. Perhaps the management of A1 Grand Prix was poor.

    That being said, I hope the KZN meeting touched on the aspect of sports business. As much as time is spent on developing the technical people, and the players, more time should be assigned to the sports business. In that way smart and savvy servants of the basketball brand are bred.

    The world has changed so fast that opportunities became available and then hid behind the recession. But when people are developed in the economics of sport, things like these will not be a problem.

    I also hope the KZN people spent time on the development of leadership. In small sports, we experience one person being the engine of the organisation. When that person leaves, it processes will somehow collapse. They say small sports are manged by mediocre people who like to do things themselves. Again successful people let the best people do the job for them. In this stone age programme of the Apprentice on SABC 3, Lee got to the finals because he outsourced the work every time as a manager. Sean won the competition because he knew that having the best people help him is a recipe for a winning mind.

    Remember, the basketball vision is too big to handle on our own. It does not even need eight people. Most important, its success is not based on loose threads.

    Last but not least, true leadership always seek opportunities for the others. Carolyn on the same programme is no longer with the company heading some golf course. Last time I checked she was with Microsoft. Trump fired (She told her to go look after her family and them look for another job.) her because she lost focus on her work as she could not manage speaking arrangements from her successful book. As the best people help with the basketball brand, they will also be met with opportunities. In turn they should be thankful and work harder for basketball.