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KZN: Kearsney College results – 07/02/2009

By on February 11, 2009 in High School


1ST 26 – 23

2ND 30 – 26

16A                 15 – 25

15A                 24 – 11

14A                 40 – 11

The Clifton, Kearsney match up was a tense and close affair that only produced a total 49 points. Neither team was able to score freely Kearsney because they are not sound offensive unit and Clifton as they were hassled by the good Kearsney defense.

The first quarter saw Kearsney take a slim one point lead, which they gave up during the second quarter through poor shooting and some defensive lapses. The half time score saw both teams locked at nine points apiece. Kearsney fell asleep after half time and were only able to score two points in the whole quarter while Clifton took a hard earned four point lead. To set up a tense fourth quarter.The Kearsney team clawed their way back and in the final few second with the game tied Ngcebo Shange (the hero of the Hilton match) was fouled and had two free shots, he made the first missed the second but caught the rebound and made an easy shot to put the game beyond doubt. The final score 23 – 26  to Kearsney, this was a game which Kearsney did not deserve to win but did so never the less and showed true courage and fighting spirit. Top scorers were rookie Ian Sprague 15 points for Kearseny and Monde Masuku 7 for Clifton.


1ST 23 – 59

2ND 27 – 30

16A                 18 – 49

16B                  14 – 19

15A                 09 – 36

15B                  18 – 43

14A                 20 – 87

14B                  16 – 26

14C                  02 – 14

“David vs Goliath” is what could best describe the second match at Kearsney on Saturday. Playing DHS is never an easy task but the Kearsney boys were up for the challenge. While there was no slaying of Goliath, Kearsney took much pride from the encounter. The Kearsney defensive effort has to be commended for its courage and tenacity. While Kearsney still do not look sharp on the offensive end of the floor they managed to hold the score to a respectable 13 – 23 at half time. They frustrated the DHS players on defense and managed to take the ball over the over the half way line with ease. The half court play was where the bigger DHS players had a distinct advantage and there were a number of turnovers, due to the double teams being employed in their own half.

The third quarter saw DHS pull away and Kearsney only able to score two points. The teams ended the quarter 15 – 42. Another huge defensive effort in the fourth quarter say the DHS team only able to score 17 points and thus ensuring that Kearsney held them to under 60 points, a feat no other KZN school has been able to do for at least three years.  Perhaps it bodes well for the future. To scorers for DHS Monga Chipili – 19, Toby Ncube – 13, for Kearsney the scoring was spread out evenly throughout the team.

Article by Myles Delport

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