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RBL: King Edward VII School VS St. Benedicts – 7/02/2009

By on February 16, 2009 in High School

This game was a classic…

Historical notes: Just so you know this has always been a big rivalry game, maybe more so than Pretoria Boys High School and KES. Bennies won the last 3 meetings and their last defeat to KES was when we had our unbeaten team a couple years ago…

The game started with KES winning the tip off, resulting in a quick basket by KES15 after an assist by KES7. On the ensuing possession St Benedict College (SBC) hit a quick three from their leading wingman SBC15. It was end to end stuff  with both sides trading baskets so the game was living up to expectations. On the following possession KES7 stole the ball from SBC6 only to be chased down on the break and miss a layup attempt, the very next SBC possession KES7 stole the ball once more and made sure this time after a smooth crossover. SBC would miss their next two midrange jumpers on offence and KES20 cleans up the offensive glass for two more. Score at this point: 6-2 KES.

After a few messy possessions KES32 drew a foul and made ½ from the line. SBC15 drove baseline and had his layup glued to the backboard, two hands, by KES15. KES7 went to the baseline pull-up for 2 more points. 10 – 2 KES. Bennies next possession was made sure of by SBC15 who hit the 3 with a man in his face. After 2 sloppy possessions and a travelling violation SBC would steal the ball only to give possession right back to KES who drew the shooting foul. KES15 made ½ from the line. Off the rebound SBC regained the ball and SBC6 hit a good looking floater to respond. Off a turnover SBC6 would get fouled on a semi break and make ½ from the free throw line. On KES next offensive possession the ball would move around rapidly before KES7 drove in to finish the pretty up and under layup. 12 – 10 KES. SBC15 was fouled going baseline and made both free throw shots to level the game at 12 apiece. KES32 was fouled off the high post shot and made both shots from the charity stripe to put KES up by 2. KES21 attempted a steal on SBC6 but was called for the reach. KES are now in the penalty and SBC6 went 0/2 from the line only to get his own rebound back and score a turnaround jumper off the square. KES32 drew a charging foul on the trailing SBC15. SBC14 hits a baby hook to put them up 17-16 at the end of the 1st. KES15 halfcourt shot rimmed out at the buzzer to end a back and forth first period. 1st Quarter score SBC 17 – 16 KES

KES21 replaced KES7 and contributed immediately with a layup in traffic to open the 2nd quarter. SBC6 hits a floater on the other in response. KES32 hits a midrange shot and both teams’ basket trading was evident by the intensity of the supporters on both sides. KES faithful were out in the multitudes occupying most of the surrounding area and cheering nonstop. Bennies support was also present to root on their side.KES31 banks a hot in after a pump fake on the SBC big man. KES31 rebounds another to level the scores at 24-24. The banks extended their trading hours as SBC9 knocks a long range shot down off the glass to give SBC the lead 26-24. The KES support put on a show at half-time despite the home team being down. Half time score: SBC 28 – 26 KES

KES7 opened the 3rd quarter period by threading through the defense and going up and under to level the scores early.  Timeout by SBC coached by U20 National team coach James Mthethwa. The intensity quickly picks up at 37-36 and KES21 ups the ante by hitting a 3 pointer to put the Red up by 4. SBC picks up the pressure by pressing KES and KES21 makes one of two FT. 41- 40 KES. KES14 splits the double team to assist KES15 cutting in the line for 2 easy points. KES14 makes sure of 2 FT and on the very next possession KES steals the ball, breaks the press and KES15 picks up a bounce pass in the key to earn another 2 points off the pretty pass and up and under lay up. SBC would not let up and continued to barrage back into the game trading baskets with KES.

The air was thick with school boy rivalry; with the 4th quarter dwindling down the supporters as well as players and coaches were on edge. SBC12 took advantage on the low post mismatch for his only points of the game. They came, however at a crucial junction.KES21 hits a 3 that was over ruled by one Referee and called a two.  SBC15 returns a quick basket under flying defenders and then the bennies defense causes a turnover for ½ FT by SBC15. On offense however KES would return the favour with KES21 trailing KES15 for the CLUTCH 3-pointer to level the score! On offense bennies tried to seal the deal and take the last shot however KES21 came up with another huge play by stealing the offense’s pass and buying the team one last chance…by this time the score was 52-52. The crowd was on the edge of their seats with both teams leaving everything on the court. KES ran a halfcourt inbounds play with 1.8 seconds left but SBC defense was on its toes.KES inbounds the ball to KES15 who was facing a double team for much of the 4th quarter when driving and had to settle for a fade away 3 (around NBA-3-point range, SBC defense was stifling) with time winding down the high arching shot seemed to silence the crowd before being drowned out by the buzzer and front rimming to the relief and dismay of the teams respective support. 4th quarter score: SBC 52 – 52 KES

Game goes overtime…

In overtime of this 4x10minute stop start game both sides seemed exhausted after a nerve wrecking regulation period. In over time KES seemed to have more in the tank as SBC would only come up with 1 point in the 5 minute over time period. The defense was intense on both sides but consecutive fast breaks led by KES25 would see KES25 drawing two hard fouls by the SBC defense. He scored ½ from the line but KES23 came up with a huge offensive rebound and tip in to give KES the momentum. KES25 hits 2/2 FT and KEs14 comes up with a big and1 layup. The game seemed to be over before one last stamp on the big win for KES. KES15 brings the ball up coast to coast and kicks it out to KES25 for the buzzer beating 3 pointer to end the game.

Article by Filip Golubović and edited by Victor Shakineza

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  1. wandile mgwenya says:

    daim i remember this game yoh!!! it was the best high school bbal match i had ever seen..KES all the way!!! KES first team is still undefeated this year