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University Sport South Africa Gauteng Basketball is giving Institutions an opportunity to test their teams before they engage in the qualifiers to the National Institutional tournament.

The tournament will now be taking place only on Saturday the 14th February 2009 due to logistical challenges at the University of Pretoria.

Herewith is the program of the day:

  • 08h15 : Arrival of teams
  • 08h25 : Opening & Welcome
  • 08h30 : Introduction of  USSA Gauteng Executive Committee
  • 08h35 : USSA Gauteng ( Mr. Elijah Ncube)
  • 08h45 : Teams to warm up
  • 22h00 : USSA Gauteng  Chairperson – Closure

Here is the schedule:

USSA gauteng 2009 schedule

Information supplied by Sibongile Maswanganye

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  1. Themba says:


    Maybe the reason why people don’t attend meeting it is because of your answers here?If i were you i will give definite answer so that people will attend meeting next?

  2. kim says:

    Themba Themba Themba

    Its fine my brother,the brains behind this site didnt create it for us to discuss issues that will not develop basketball.I dont know what hiding I am doing because I have been clarifying everything but you seem not to understand and I will leave it at that.You must not forget that Theo was making a comment regarding CUT……………..Never mind,let me just drop it.

    In my observation the top 6 teams from the GBL where selected to partake and 4 from the LOP.That was how it paired up during the launch.I then happened to go on this website and checked how LOP ended and what do you know?!?!Egoli,Wits Alumni and Pretoria Heat featured in the semis and thus I got to understand that they took the top 4.Top 4 because Heat was number 4.I am under the impression that PROBABLY the REBELS changed their name to BLUES but I am subject to correction.

    A question might arise to why they had 6 from GBL and 4 from LOP,I dont know the answer but I would predict that was the case because most of the facilities that exist and the league might have access to PROBABLY belonged to the institutions and hence having alot of institutions in the newly formed GBL.

    Teams like momentum wouldnt feature in the Premier in my view because they were playing in Division 2.So I took it that If Lesotho and SA wanted to have one PSL.They would take the top teams in the Lesotho PL and the top in our PSL and make one strong league.They wouldnt go and take a team that might have won the Mvela league.I thought I should use that example just to simplify my explanation.

    I hope I address some of your questions.I think you get angry very quickly and that is VERY VERY bad for your health.We should be making friendships and not enemies in this site but thats just my opinion

  3. Themba says:

    One thing i don’t understand about us the community basketball is this,when people ask question we don’t give them direct answer.Where do you research of how the team in the premier were select?If that information is in mybasketball or GBL where isn’t.People who ask question want to know what happening in basketball.How can you understand meeting if people can use this simply tool to converge the message.Since people need to do the research before their speak.


    Can you tell me here,do you know all the people who actively involved in basketball in all the provinces.If you want basketball to grow stop looking down at people and start helping them.

    comment made by NEO on February 24th, 2009 2:58 pm


    What you just showed is that you were one of those people who were hiding in the cracks while basketball was at its lowest and only emerged now when the things start looking good. The fact that you dont know the criteria used for selecvtions of teams yet you have the nerve attack teams for their status at a particular division. You need to do research before you shoot your mouth off because thats what allowed people like Mgobhozi to get away with all the rubbish they did, people never did research.

    You have let yourself and your integrity down, C’mon man.


    Yes i know Theo personal,He is done a lot for basketball in his community.I met Theo in a meeting of basketball in 1998 at Tzaneen.He was the only guy i know even now who is trying to help with basketball development in Mopani district.
    Can you imagine a guy who stays in Pretoria travel to Tzaneen to just go and assist with many people are doing that.He was with when he was negotiating basketball court with Tzaneen Municipality even the process is still continue.


    I advice that you do your research either when you attack people.

  4. kim says:


    Please stop fighting my brother.It is very bad for ones health!!!

    Did you get my answer regarding how I think GBL formation happened?

    Probably the GBL website might also have something but I made the comments on face value of the participants of the final positions of both leagues!

  5. Themba says:


    It is was not difficult to give that answer.Now you have answer the question in true professional manner.

    I believe answer like this could have prevented a lot of thing yesterday.I agree people are not here to make enemies but to learn from each other and to develop basketball.

    If I offend you I am sorry.One thing i can say to Kim you are true baller.Keep that way.

    Viva bballer viva

  6. Themba says:


    I am not fighting,I am excited about new season of basketball.I can’t wait to see you in the bench of CUT.

    All the best coach K

  7. Joe says:

    Eish Themba! (Excuse my tone)

    Do not let the fact that you know Theo, and hold him in high regard, cloud your judgement of the facts. Theo had no right to say that CUT do not deserve to be in the GBL, and this is what Kim responded to and Neo expantiated on.

    Neo and Kim are not questioning Theo’s contribution to basketball as you perceive, but they take exceptions to his conclusion about CUT without establishing the facts.

    Theo, in fact no-one, has the right to pass jugement on any issue without conducting basic research.

    As far as I am concerned, it seems most ballers personalise issues by treating others as sacred cows because familiarity. I am afraid Themba, your arguments so far put in the category of these blind Hero worshipers.

  8. kim says:


    You welcome on the answer but also remember that we were never asked why but rather got a comment on how momentum was supposed to make Premier instead of CUT.Momentum would have jumped all the teams that played in the 1st Division and then straight to Premier,cant happen like that my brother.

    I kindly accept your apology my brother and hope to meet you one day and talk about basketball as a whole.

    So which club are you with in JHB/PTA?

  9. kim says:

    With Dragons not in the Premier,who will you be supporting cos I have a couple of supporters registeration forms,should you need some……LOL.

  10. Themba says:


    I rather worshiper my ancestor than i worship a living person

    You need to know people cannot defend or brag about themselves. I don’t know if you ever heard about this expression in Tsonga that says”Mintirho ya vulavula”.It translates into “works speak”.

  11. Themba says:


    I am still looking for a team.It is being 3 years since i played competitive basketball.I usual go and play 3 on 3 at wonder park when i have time.

  12. neo says:


    I think before you respond you must try and read the thread and then make your announcement. Because my brother you always seem to miss the finer details of the matter but then I guesse you have better things to do with your time..CIAO

  13. Joe says:


    Actually the plan was to get involved with another Ekurhuleni team, unfortunately, my employers kicked up a storm and reminded me of my contractual obligation not to conflict their interest without their permission. As you can imagine on requesting permission they duly declined.

    From now on:


  14. Themba says:


    I think you must do the same thing.You think before your comments about people you don’t even know.


  15. kim says:

    I was just checking man…LOL

    I thought the topic had been dropped my brother……

  16. baller says:

    Kim, Neo, Joe, Theo, Themba, Mixo

    can i please arrange a boxing ring and discuss with ProSport that we have a boxing match with all you guys as the main attraction. best still maybe a wrestling match will do. tag team match-up. Kim, Neo Joe and Theo, Themba, Mixo. i volunteer to be the referee.

    can we please discuss something productive. the league starts next weekend. lets meet at Wits on Sunday for USSA qualifiers.

  17. neo says:

    I will not get into a debate whether YOU think I know Theo or not, but then thats your opinion.


    That wont be necessary, I surrender to the powers that be. Besides fighting is so tribalistic..LOL

  18. kim says:

    Cant wait to finally watch UJ men play.The secret had to end.I am also interested in the UL(Medunsa)team as I am a great fan of Limpopos development of ladies

    Tag team match,that more like a handicap match.Joe,kim and Neo on one team…cmon man.Dont be fooled by us having shortened names….ITS ON.


    Ps:This is a joke guys,no need to respond.

  19. kim says:


  20. Themba says:

    Is the league going to have slam dunk and shooting competition?

    I have idea on how we can involved spectator in coming to watch the league.This competition will be about taking pictures>The best picture during the game will win R100 each.All pictures must be post in mybasketball.I can only donate R100 for the winner each week.

  21. kim says:


    Thats a good idea.What can also be done is that the organisors take pictures of the games and post them up.They can sell those pictures to generate some money seeing that Sports is no longer going to fund the league.Its tough not having sponsors kodwa.Is there anyone there willing to invest their money,Basketball needs you!!!

  22. Themba says:


    You just gave me wonderful idea.Monthly basketball magazine.I will a have find from the sources how much it cost to print a Magazine?

    I have one copy of hoop magazine of 2003 if not mistaken,I will contact the publisher of that magazine.I will give your feed back tomorrow.

    If it does happen 70% of profit can be donate to basketball communities who are in need of fund.