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Latest SA basketball News – March 2009

By on March 7, 2009 in News

Basketball South Africa is participating in the zonal competition in the women section. SA will be hosted by Zimbabwe to play two games on Saturday and Sunday the 7th and 8th of March 2009 respectively in a play-off game to qualify for the 2009 women’s African championship to be hosted in Madagascar. Mozambique and Angola have already qualified so its winner takes all between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The men’s team is camping for the second time at Mandeville Sports Center starting the 19th March 2009 until they depart for Mozambique. The team will arrive on Friday and they will be preparing for the zone 6 qualification games in Mozambique, where they will come face to face with Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Angola has already qualified for the African Nations Cup to be held in Libya.

Under 16s

The Under 16 national tournament is taking place in Limpopo, Polokwane from the 25th to the 28th March 2009. All provinces have already confirmed their participation to the tournament. There will be a technical clinic to capacitate table officials and statisticians conducted by BSA which will take place in Polokwane from the 22nd to the 24th March 2009.

Wheel Chair basketball Supersport runs from May to September 2009. The U23s are currently in camp as preparation for the world cup in France in July 2009.03.05

Information provided by Charles Foster and edited by Victor Shakineza

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  1. baller says:


  2. Neo says:


  3. Joe says:

    To be honest, judging by the results of the GBA women tournament, I was nervous. After the disappointment of the cricket Proteas I want to say “Thank You” to the our own bball ladies Proteas for lifting my spirits and “Congratulations”.

    To BSA, please make sure that this victory is highlighted in the other media.

  4. Molupe says:

    To the SA Lady Hoopsters, Basketball SA and Coaches Craig D and Brenda, a big CONGRATULATIONS! When I heard the results all I could think of was Jimmy Valvano’s motto – Survive and Advance. However, even if you had lost but had represented SA as best you possibly could we would have been proud. Remember that – give us your best before and during Madagascar and we will be proud.

    PS: Should you need a rematch against the UJ Hoopoes it can be arranged. But I must warn you that we will be watching for any dubious strategies to disrupt the game when you are ahead. In the second game we made sure not to fall for the “Andriessen Factor”. LOL. Also remember that the Hoopoes will not be the same team if we meet again – so work hard and smart to avoid a bloodbath. CONGRATULATIONS! We are proud of you.

  5. Victor says:

    It shows you that we all have to believe in our talent in South Africa… I am so proud of the ladies, I think that they put in so much work from the time they got together at the 1st camp and the work that they put in at the 2nd camp was excellent.

    Congratulations to the ladies and especially to the coaches, Craig and Brenda, Well done and good luck for the Championship..

    I hope that the powers that be make sure that you have all the tools at your disposal for this event.


  6. kim says:

    I am already having a wonderful week due to this WIN.

  7. Joe says:

    As an avid reader of Sowetan, thanks BSA for the publicity on the win it was a gratifying read.

    More points earned.

  8. Worried says:

    May somebody please come forward & help my beloved Province (FS), the was a proposal of building stable league in our province but the super heroes distruct everything, I wonder who in BSA can help us to stop this people thinking that b’ball is FS belongs to them.

    Please people help me to get someone from BSA who can bail us out of this S#*@..

  9. sibo says:

    Well done Ladies and the technical staff !


  10. Joe says:


    This is common complain on this forum and sometimes it can be solved through empowerment. So, here goes my 10 yrs worth experience:

    Are you a member of a club? If you belong to a local club is your club affiliated to a District association and is the association affiliated to the provincial association? If you belong to a tertiary institution is your institution affiliated to USSA and is USSA affiliated to the provincial association? Is the provincial association affiliated to BSA?

    If you satisfy the above, do you have a copy of the constitutions of the relevant bodies and have you followed the grievance procedures as set out in the respective constitutions?

    It is my assesment that MOST ballers do not satisfy the above requirements and do not follow the procedures and yet expect their voices to be heard. I am afraid this is an exercise in futility.

    BSA and government cannot help you if you have not followed the procedures as set above. These procedures are not just an SA basketball anomality but a standard practise in all spheres of life, from school to corporate. However I have grown to understand that ballers do not WANT to follow procedure, but are very quick to cry foul and demand professionalism from others.

  11. kim says:

    Well I am no expert in this but the issues raised by Joe are some that I raised.I remember attending ‘provincial’ games that were held at UOVS sometime last year.These were supposed to be games and trials.I disagreed with this process and I created a number of enemies for myself.

    If we talk of a league we must have certain things.You need an administration that will run a league.You need people who will be responsible for a fixture,log etc.When I questioned as to where the fixture was and the log,I was perceived to be a difficult person.That day was a disgrace for FS basketball and I still have the letter that I sent to Dumsani Toka(FSBA Administrator) where I indicated my displeasure of what happened there.

    The biggest problem with FS is no different to some other provinces.We tend to want to ALL be politicians and forgetting that our aim is to get ballers playing and coaches coaching.FS has a disease that only FS people can fix.That problem is HATRED.I am still investigating the root causes of this and I can tell you I am doing very well in my research.People in the FS HATE each other to a point that they dont believe that they can EVER work together for the betterment of the Province.

    This war that has been put into the players that WELKOM is better than BLOEMFONTEIN or vice versa is wrong.I dont believe a provincial league is the best solution for the FS.I believe that one needs to setup district structures before going provincial.As CUT we will support any basketball initiative in the province no matter what but not all clubs might have the resources to travel the whole province as a club then what do we say to them?

    Who should play in this Provincial league,?ho will administrator this league?how many clubs do we have in the FS?has there ever been a meeting to discuss the details of this league?These are things that need sorting out.FSBA must come to the people and sit to plan for this province or we shall forever be in War.

    If you ask me,I would compare FS to the Sudan cos of the BITTER hatred of the Africans towards each other.

  12. Joe says:

    Kim & Worried

    I know that your problem my seem unsurmountable, but maybe there could be a solution. I

    n Gauteng, we had a similar problem a couple of years back. Those who were around then will remember how GP was divided among Joburg and Tshwane with GBA seen mainly as a Joburg organisation. Also within Tshwane there were divisions with Pretoria, Mamelodi and Garankuwa in their own cliches.

    It took a lot determination and hard work to go pass this, but it is possible.

  13. kim says:

    For sure.I agree with you in that regard.People in FS deserve better than what they are getting.If we work together for 1 purpose then we can achieve more.That election statement is true no matter what political party you might subscribe to.

    Players want to play,lets make it happen!

    Structures MUST be setup not for elections but for working!

  14. Joe says:


    Thank you very much for the last statement, its truism cannot be overstated. It is also my long held opinion that ballers start becoming interested in associations only during election times and when they question how & why someone was elected. Throughout my contributions in this forum I have always tried to steer debate towards this direction.

    Ultimately, we cannot even dream of a proper running BSA if we do not have proper provincial and district associations. For these to function, ballers need to understand and embrace these organisations, not to shun or label them.

  15. Worried says:


    Yebo I’m member of club & we’re the affiliates in our region,as far as i know our region is the affiliates of FSBA.


    I wan’t to agree & disagree with you, I will disagree with you about about hatred between BFN & WLKM, unless if you’re reffering to Admin politics, but as for the players its a question of rivalry between two regions which is normal everywhere,
    I will strongly agree with you about hatred you recieve when you raise your concernes, few weeks back we had games organised in WLKM & after that there was a meeting to to discuss the way forward, then the problem started when a we question the position of this person who thinks he’s Jack of all trades, I mean he’s Chairperson, Secretatory, Treasurer, Organiser & any potfolio you think of.

    I was part of those so called league games/trails in Bloem that day & I remember well that there were not even one member of FSBA when we started the games in the morning, that’s when we decided to establish CBL that will operate independently from FSBA & we’ll just give them a report every month, unfortunately the same Hero crushed everything & start threatening Setlogelo.

    But let’s hope everything will be fine.

  16. Joe says:


    Have you sent a formal letter to the region & FSBA about your complain?

  17. Joe says:


    I forgot to add:

    If you submitted a letter and your complain was not addressed you can canvass other members, eg Kim, and force the FSBA to answer to your complaint.

  18. Worried says:


    I haven’t sent any formal letter to FSBA because he’s part of that committee but we discussed this issue in our regional meeting & I can tell everyone is fed up of this operation but afraid to approach this person even though he’s doing Bull S#!t & now it worse because he’s in BSA EXCO……

    I don’t have a problem to draft a petition but everyone is afraid to be victimized, that’s our problem here in FS.

  19. kim says:

    Issues like these need to be discussed.First and foremost,one of the key instructions was that ALL officials that are occupying BSA EXCO should not be part of provincial structures.People should vacate their positions and can probably act as advisors to the provincial administration should the need arises.This not directed to FSBA but to ALL provinces.

    I dont understand this victimisation and people being scared.People must become soldiers and accpet what ever that might come their way as long as they stand for the truth.The issue is that those people(victims) are not getting anything positive and them talking can not make them get anything less than zero.Imagine what would have happened if freedom fighters of this country had been afraid to be victimised.

    I still maintain the only way for executives to know that they are not doing the right thing is by talking to them.I still remember the HUGE disagreement I had with the FS provincial chair.We fought so much that at 1 stage he even threatend that we wouldnt participate in the GBL(2008) but after cooling down and listening to one another we got to a common ground.Thats what we need to be pushing for in the FS.

    Till today CUT is seen in a bad light because Vusi Mghobozi is associated with it.Our club is hated because of that and so am I and the players,we dont runaway from being victimised but continue wanting to contribute(positively)to the upliftment of our province and sport.We hope to continuosly put our province on the map and this weekend in SOWETO will once again be a stepping stone to doing that.


  20. Joe says:


    The main reason that administrators become arrogant is when they know no-one is going to do anything. Our own paralysis empowers such administrators to continue their ways with impunity. As Kim pointed out ballers need to start to fight even it means sacrificing yourself.

    It is my experience that this is where most ballers show how Hypocritical we are. We all complain in corners about certain issues but most of us do not want be victimised for our own strong opinions.

    I have been personally vicitimised because of my outspokeness but this has not stopped me to continue to express my views on things I find worrisome.


    You “hit the bull on the horn”, this duplicity of roles between structures is one of the most stumbling blocks to democracy in basktball. I have argued within GBA that executive members of affiliates should relinquish their position when elected to the mother body as this might result in a conflict of interest. I am hoping to raise this again the GCM this weekend.