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The Big Jumpoff GBL and CBL

By on March 7, 2009 in FanZone

Right now in my life, I think I have 3 of the best jobs in the world.  My first job is loving and living basketball enough that I can put a few words together that not only entertain, but hopefully educates certain people about the game.  My other job is being part of a group of people that are about to break a few rules with a website that’s combining the best of both worlds; HipHop and basketball (  My other job, which I hold dearest to my heart, is being the best father to the most adorable daughter in the world.

With a lot of things in the world not going so well, I think that it is always important for each of us to strive to make ourselves and those around us better people.  Time waits for no man and as a wise man (Common) once said, nobody speaks truth better than time itself because you can never rewind it.  My truth, as I sit here grinding, is that the time has finally come for basketball to take its place as “The Game of Life”.  For some, Barack Obama might finally be a good reason for them to finally seek knowledge about basketball, those were my sentiments on Sunday as I was reading City Press and seeing a picture of the man balling.  This, a day after the president attended an NBA game between his hometown Chicago Bulls against the Washington Wizards, the game can only grow stronger across the world.  Maybe this also spells more acknowledgement and respect for our involvement in the game over the years.

The upcoming weekend marks the beginning of what should be regarded as a new dawn for basketball in South Africa, well in Gauteng, at least.  Last year saw the League of Professionals (LOP), keep us entertained with some of the best ballers around and now this year it has grown to be known as the Gauteng Basketball League (GBL).  I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I attended the media launch/briefing late last year. With a few companies looking in for prospective endorsement, this can be the foundation that basketball in this country has needed for years.  Come witness the re-definition on Sunday, 8 March 2009 at Wits University’s hall 29 from 10:00 – 18:00.  The featured games on the ladies will be Soweto Raptors vs Mamelodi Bees and on the gents’ side, it will be the big rivalry between Egoli Magic vs Wits Alumni.  This will be a repeat of last year’s LOP finals and continuation of grudge meetings between these 2 teams.  It will be  interesting to see how Quinton does in the game since his move from Wits Alumni to the Magic and also to see old and new faces on both rosters; vetarans such as k.p, tsakani, tshepo, mboshi and Thabo on the Alumni squad and Joe, Sifiso, Alaska, Patrick and Lesego for the Magic.  The question though is, would Q be willing to come off the bench or will he pull an “Allen Iverson” on the Magic and be on some “I ain’t never come off the bench in my career” or rather “practice, you wanna talk to me about practice?”  It will all unfold as the season progresses and the chemistry on the roster is figured out, for now, I’m looking forward to Sunday.  Check out the attached flyer for more info or visit for a complete look at the league.

The other big thing happening this weekend is the launch of the Corporate Basketball League (CBL) at Crawford College in Sandton on Saturday 7 March.  Please, don’t for 1 second get it twisted that the corporate league is filled with old guys in suits holding files, calculators and laptops. I was fortunate enough to take part in a tournament last September that was organized by the league.  All I can say about that experience is that it is 1 of the reasons why I’ve lost some good weight and have been looking to get into proper shape for ball.  I got some good learning that day of the tournament with stories of past days of basketball and I happened to hear a name that’s still tattooed to my memory, Merrick Palmer, and other international players who once graced our basketball.  I witnessed veterans and youngsters running together and since then, the relevance of the CBL keeps growing to higher powers.  Companies like Alexander Forbes, Momentum, FNB, MTN, Discovery, Imvunge , RMB, Investec, Outsurance and PriceWater Cooper already have their tags on the CBL.  I’d like to personally big up my man Xolani Khoza from Forbes for his hard work in the growth of this league.  The way I see it, the companies already involved on there have an opportunity to break out and get into other basketball related initiatives, such as possibly endorsing teams or even leagues in the future.  The action on the day will start at 10:00 – 16:00.  Check the attached flyer for more details or visit for more info on the league.

Big things are due, and if all of us as the basketball community keep supporting the game, soon we will reach destinations that have been beyond our wildest imaginations through the game.

When it is all said and done, visit for more coverage on the basketball scene in South Africa.

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  1. Joe says:


    Points of correction:

    LOP was not the only league keeping us entertained last year, we also had GBL.

    LOP has not grown to become GBL, it has merged with GBL.

    Please ensure that in future your contributions are informed and unbiased.

  2. Juice says:

    Thank you Joseph

  3. Tich says:

    I really loved the way you wrote your article. I might have something that you may find interesting. Could i please have you contact details so that i can give you the briefing.

  4. Juice says:

    Hey Tich,

    Get at me brotha. You may get my contacts from Vic, the Ring Master in this house. He has all my info, from celly to email to Facebook.

    Get at me…..


  5. lerato molapo says:

    hi my name is lerato i love basketball with my heart and i will
    love 2 be part of any group in southafrica am currently studing
    at ekhuruleni east college and no one care about sport here
    so i will love to get help from you guy to make SA sport bigger.

    good work nd keep it up
    keep in touch.