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GBL results 2009-Week 3 and 4

By on April 21, 2009 in League

12/04/2009 held at Wits

Monash 78-57 Bedfordview Dragons (D1 men)

VC Sandton 48-91 Tlou MGI (D1 men)

AIA 93-57 Midrand Pride (D1 men)

Momentum   20-0 Mamelodi Bees (D1 men)

16/04/09 held at Tuks

UP 20-0 TUT (Prem Ladies)

Midrand Pride 78-16 VC Pta (D1 men)

19/04/09 held at Wits

Boston 132-67 VC Sandton (D1 men)

UJ Hoopoes 60-83 VUT Alumni (D1 men)

Monash 65-33 UP 2nd (D1 men)

Bees 85-16 TUT (Prem Ladies)

Mandeville Masters 65-73 Midrand Pride (D1 men)

CUT 66-83 Braam Blues (Prem men)

VUT 87-75 TUT (Prem men)

Wits 2nd 20-0 Varsity College (D1 men)

VUT 2nd 81-67 Tlou MGI (D1 men)

Egoli 95-62 Wits (Prem men)

Information supplied by Peter Makhubela

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There Are 5 Brilliant Comments

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  1. kim says:

    Just wanted to say the officiating in the game between the Braam Blues and CUT was the best that I have been part of in the GBL.

    The Refs did a great job and keep up the good work

    ……..pity we did use it to our advantage so as to win the game!

  2. Victor says:

    Hey Kim,

    I guess I missed a great game for the referees for once but thanks for giving them the credit… By the way you need to drop me an email as soon as you can.


  3. kim says:

    I was so angry with the performance of my players and I got to see that me being away,nothing was done.Players got a holiday when coach was away.The refs were really on point with majority of their calls and they were so consistent and I would have been a fool not to give credit were credit is due.

  4. Joe says:

    Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher but chicken out. This is my chance:

    I have been attending a few of the GBL games and I am concerned about spectators especially in the not so BIG games.

    Question 1

    Why do we not have spectators and what can be done to improve this?

    Also, one of the reason the Ekurhuleni Tigers withdrew from the league was because they were not sure that they could attend all games, thus will forfeit. I noticed that we already have had few teams forfeiting games. (10 marks)

    Question 2

    What could be reasons for teams forfeiting and what can be done to improve this? (10 marks)

  5. baller says:



    i believe that starts with us ballers. if i play for Wits and only come to the venue at 14h30 cos my team is playing at 15h00, and therefore expect other players to support my team then we failing. secondly, there is always a hype created around the so called big teams hence their support. and also the fact that most of the national players play for these teams.

    for me, we should start supporting bball as ballers and bring our friends along not only when our teams are playing. secondly, i wish that it was possible for GBL to take the games to the communities for marketing purposes and that is where our support will grow.

    i respect what UJ is doing regarding their fan base. Big up UJ.

    Forfeiting Games

    honestly Joe, its quiet expensive for a township team to honor all their games. hence most of the teams will be forfeiting as the league progresses. what we should maybe try look at in the next season will be to create more like conferences. have the teams in division II or I playing their games on a home and away.

    yes i know it will be a nightmare for organisation but that will encourage teams to join knowing that their expenditure is not much. take for example a team in mamelodi playing 80% of their games at Wits. they will surely not be able to honor all the games. somehow we need to have neautral places to play the games to benefit township teams.

    institutions will always afford to go play wherever within GP. we need to look at accomodating township players. that is the poor of the poor. the stress you go through in Ekurhuleni to transport players is just too much.

    again we need to go back to the formation of district leagues to afford those that cannot travel to be able to keep balling a walking distance away.

    that is just my analysis and subject to corrections and additions.

    lastly, big up to GBL for bringing the bball spirit back.