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GBL premier game round up…

By on April 2, 2009 in League

VUT vs. TUKS (ladies) – 21/03/2009

With both teams playing for the first time at the Grace Bible Church in SOWETO, this was going to be an interesting clash for the two Gauteng rivals. After both teams had warmed up and struggled to adapt to the slippery courts, the jump ball was blown and Vaal University of Technology (VUT) got the first ball.

The University of Pretoria (TUKS) ladies defense was flawless in the beginning restricting VUT from scoring any baskets and after the first 2minutes the score was 8-0 to TUKS who are this years’ most underestimated team.

VUT stepped up and worked hard on their defense causing TUKS to panic but with the state of the courts at that point no team had any advantage on the offense as both sides slipped and fell on cuts, fast-breaks, screens and the list goes on. Turnovers were the order of the game as both teams struggled to adjust to the nature of the courts.

Since the beginning of the league they have been concerns about the refing and in this game the refing was nothing left to be desired.

VUT killed TUKS on the rebounds both offensively and defensively. In the 3rd quarter the TUKS ladies looked like they would win the game and they played their notorious 1-2-2 defense and patient offense. This paid off as after being down more than 14 points most of the game; the score was 50-52 to VUT. One would seem that after making such a run, TUKS would go on and win the game, but after three successive turnovers the TUKS ladies looked dead in the water with no gas left in the tank. Final score: VUT 65 – 54 TUKS

Game notes: Speaking to two TUKS ladies and they both believed they could have won that game; had it not been for the refs as well as the slippery state of the courts because TUKS uses a lot of fast-breaks and cuts through the key and that the court had limited them as they kept on falling on the fast-breaks as well as on the V-cuts.

A VUT player said that she was pleased with the game and has no complaints other than the slippery court. In this game they were two injuries: A VUT player’s ankle and a TUKS player’s wrist.

VUT vs. TUKS (men) – 21/03/2009

Final game for the day and already the Grace Bible Church courts injury count is up to three for the day with a game to go.  The game started slowly and VUT was using their big guys as well as the openings in the middle of the key. Only three minutes had passed and spectators had already determined the winner of the game.

VUT’s defense is a work of art and TUKS was failing on offense and fouling endlessly on defense. Due to some bad calls from the refs the TUKS players lost their cool and were getting frustrated- They started shouting at each other. End of 1st quarter 26-8 to VUT.

VUT were going to their big man down low and they were getting easy baskets to take the game away from a TUKS team that looked disjointed.

Another injury! Benny Ramakau, the PG and a vital player for TUKS slipped and broke his knee and his patella torn in two. After the injury, and the fact that they were getting hammered by VUT, TUKS were helpless and couldn’t stop the onslaught. In the end, it was a very one sided game and VUT romped to victory. Final score: VUT 76 – 36 TUKS

Game notes: All the players unanimously agreed that the courts were hazardous.

It’s a pity that Benny will not be able to play in the USSA institutional tournament because of the injury. The GBL has been well run this year exceeding people’s expectations but one would at least expect first aid at the games because of the nature of basketball.

The Grace Bible Church courts now sit with 4injuries at the end of the afternoons games.

CUT vs. TUT (men) – 28/03/2009

Having already played each other a week before, Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) came into this game with a new look team made up mainly from players that ply their trade in Limpopo. This looked like a different team and the TUT coach, Welcum hoped that he would get a different result considering their defeat in the first game.

Central University of Technology (CUT) started their game by pounding TUT in the post and they were getting easy buckets with their opponents looking on instead of playing defense. TUT players were also being their own worst enemy with plenty of turnovers preventing an easy flow to their offense.

TUT 12 was getting most of the rebounds and they were making a run with a string of fast break and timely 3 pointers. With the game threatening to go into a lull, Jerry (TUT 8) came up with a nice dunk through a crowded key to awaken the crowd; but this was the only highlight of the 1st half. Half time score: CUT 40 – 35 TUT.

With the point guard (CUT 10) making a huge contribution to his team with steals and good defense, CUT withheld a late run by TUT to close out the game. There is a saying in basketball, “You live by the 3 pointer and you die by the 3 pointer” and in this game TUT died by the 3 pointer, and their guards were guilty of being trigger happy instead of using their post players. Final score: CUT 76 – 67 TUT

Game notes: TUT’s defense was non-existent through out the game and speaking to their coach after the game, he said that his players didn’t follow his instruction and that they should have won the game.

CUT were always in control of their destiny in this game but they need to find a better back up for the guard position because their decision making at times during the game is shocking.

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Article by Victor Shakineza

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