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Latest GBL fixture and standings 2009

By on May 4, 2009 in League

GBL standings 2009 as of 27/04/2009

Men Premier:

Ladies Premier:

Ladies Division 1

Men Division 1 pool A:

Men Division 1 pool B:

Men Division 1 pool C:

Here is the latest gbl fixture in downloadable format:

GBL fixture(as of 27 april 2009) (click to download)

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Information supplied by Tshiamo Ngakane

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  1. Neo says:

    How is it possible that some teams in the Premier Men’s divition have played 6 games while other have only played 1 or 2. I think we need to rethink the schedule. Playin once a month is not really helpin the league or the teams. The level will always be up and down. you practice a whole month so you can play one game and after that you wait another three weeks to play again. In the following week you play 3 games. Maybe there is a logic behind this but I don see it.

  2. lebo says:

    I soo agree neo. Good point!

  3. kim says:

    I have noticed that in our league it seems as if some teams are given preferential treatment and hence the schedule is done in the manner in which its done.Lets take the UJ vs Egoli game.How that game got postponed because ‘apparently’ players were on their way to Mozambique.This is crazy if you ask me.I unfortunately havent yet confirmed with the league(which I will do)but immediately this means we are breaking our own rules set.

    The question then is,which rules can be broken and which cant.If I am not mistaken there is a timeframe allocated to the postponement games.Was this timeframe met or its lets be flexible type of an agreement…..I am interested to know if anyone knows.

  4. theo says:

    why does vaal 2nd team have 4 points? arent they sopposed to have 8 as of 3rd may.

  5. Blacky says:

    The one chance I had to bring out spectators to the courts to enjoy the Division 1 & Premiere league game held at Tuks last thursday in a bit to try an atrract fans to come out and support ball, guess what happened??
    There was a single ref for the Heat v/s Tuks game(and poor Thanda) was asked to help officiate the game, to date the 2 other refs are stuck in traffic somewhere – last we heard.
    Im not even gonna touch the shot clock issue.

    Vic, Joe, Kim, anybody??
    Maybe you can help put this(above paragraph) in away our structures would understand or the powers that be hold somebody accountable. Surely refs also do some sort of reporting after every game(pure speculation)

  6. baller says:


    in life i have learned one thing, as long as rules are done by humans they are bound to be broken. unfortunately the few will benefit. at some point we just have to learn that complaining never really helps except only if you are known.


    well, i hope GBL take that into consideration and train referees in pretoria to avoid such situations. we cannot have the same referees year in and year out. hopefully in 2010 things will be better.

    am tired of complaining. hopefully GBL will hold a general meeting during the winter break for teams to address their concerns and highlight the positives.

  7. Tshiamo says:

    I would like to believe that there is no preferential treatment when it comes to the GBL schedule. To the best of its abilities GBL tries to create a schedule that is fair to all teams. The schedule is also created completely randomly. The following needs to be taken into account:

    1. Before the season started, during the registration process, all teams were asked to submit their calendars, schedules and issues so that GBL could take them into account in creating a fixture list.

    a)Only 1 team (Midrand Pride) informed GBL beforehand of their issues.

    b)Not a single team submitted their calendars – in other words not one of the teams or the institutions sent their year calendars to GBL so that we could know when holidays and exams were and what other issues teams had. Now how does GBL help you in that situation? The rules clearly state that if you do not submit one you will be scheduled anywhere.

    c) UJ and Scorpions are the only teams that came back to GBL to discuss their entire schedule once it was first submitted. These teams assessed every game and commented on scheduling for every game – where they could not play, where the schedule seemed biased. UJ prepared an entire year report for GBL for all 4 teams. Every single issue raised by UJ was addressed before the season started. This happened only because it could be addressed.

    d) Because GBL has tried to be reasonable however we took the initiative not to schedule institutions during certain periods that we thought would cause conflict like the May period for institutions (look at original schedule – no institution was due to play during may). The league schedule is too tight at the moment but we do not have games during the winter break until end July because we anticipated issues. Teams like CUT do not play on weekdays – not because they said anything but because GBL has tried to help. There are several other cases.

    e) USSA (SASSU) calendar continuously changed at beginning of the year to the extent that all affected institutions basically did not start playing in GBL until April again not because anything was submitted but because we anticipated issues through the March period.

    f) Teams like Tukkies never submitted anything but GBL learned that Tuks does not want to play games starting later than 18h30. This is well after the fixture has been made. Naturally this affects all Pretoria teams because now we cant for instance schedule both Tuks teams on a Thursday and if we cant schedule them both we have to leave a court open for the other team to practise. But GBL admin has to make their way to Pretoria to setup premier games – the cost does not make sense for 1 premier game so to best of its abilities GBL actually took away as many Thursdays games out of Pretoria as was possible.

    g) Now the problem with point e) is this….if GBL tried to keep the fixture fair, it would have to start preparing it from scratch. Which is possible but only if all issues are on the table. But not all issues are so there is no way you can expect GBL to create a completely new fixture when it anticipates that there will be more problems. Instead games have been moved to where they can be moved and this has created the problem – so if Heat or Tuks were supposed to have played 5 games by now it might not be the case because games have simply been moved as the league sees fit.

    2. The Egoli vs UJ game was not moved on account of the 2 teams. The times for the game changed to afternoon from evening (venue issues) and no senior officials were available at the changed times so the game was moved a week out to May 8. Venue issues and changes due to teams not paying fees have caused the fixture to be moved out completely to August. No request was made to GBL by either team on the May 8 change. GBL has never been informed of any players away in Moz…never…and the reality is that a game cannot be re-scheduled on this basis anyway. Neo you need to confirm.

    To sum up, the biggest issues with the schedule is that administration on the part of teams is shocking. It is clear as day that for the most part rules and regulations are not read. We have the simple issue of registration fees that teams do not know when these are supposed to be paid. If the admin is this bad we are always gonna have issues. The amount of admin that GBL is required to do is ridiculous but GBL has tried to be accommodating and patient.

    There also seems to be this feeling that GBL changes the fixture very easily without too much regard. Scheduling is a nightmare that we wish on no one. Venues arrangements have long since been concluded with teams. These were done before the season started and for the entire year. For GBL to change schedules is not a small operation. It takes time. As a consultancy Pro Sport allocates a certain amount of time and resources to everything. Everytime a schedule is changed resources are taken up which costs us money. So this notion that Pro Sport spends its own money to help out people they like is simply untrue.

    Not everything is perfect and some of it our fault – there are certain things that we know we can improve on. There are certain things that are a must for next season which we will put forward to the teams during the winter break so sort out the scheduling mess.

    Never will all things be answered….and therefore never will everyone be satisfied. We accept.

  8. kim says:

    Thanks for clarifying the issue of the UJ vs Egoli game as it had shocked me very much and I intended to phone you to confirm as indicated on my comment.

  9. baller says:


    as a supporter i am rather disappointed with information circulation. on 08.05.2009 i went to Wits to watch the evening game which in my schedule indicate that UJ and Egoli were playing. just found out on my way that UJ is not playing but rather Bram Blues and TUT..supisingly there were no games and found people playing indoor soccer at Wits.

    shouldn’t we atleast use the mybasketball and GBL websites to update those of us that are not part of any team when there are changes in the fixture. we complain about supporters at the games and if this happens to us bball supporters then its not good for the growth of the game.

  10. Joe says:

    I must agree with Baller, in my new found status as a Supporter of basketball I do not feel that much engagement to encourage me to go watch games.

    Where is the marketing?

  11. sibo says:

    I speak on behalf of USSA Gauteng .

    Clarity on thursday games:
    USSA GAUTENG took a decision that tertiary institutions cannot play games starting at 20h30 on thursdays for obvious reasons that the games ends at 22h30 and they must still travel ,attend early classes and some of the student are not staying in campus NOT tuks decision but it was the institutions responsibility also to communicate with GBA. eg. Vaal playing in pretoria or tuks at vaal, they must at 13h00 to avoid traffic to get to pretoria on time , this also means that they must not attend lectures scheduled for 13h00 on that day.


  12. Joe says:


    Thanks for the clarification, but what Baller is saying is that as supporters of GBL, GBL must inform us when there are such changes so as we do not go to the venue and find that things have changed.

  13. sibo says:

    Cool, Im with baller and agree with him.

    My respond was on GBA when TUKS was singled out.

  14. Joe says:

    Question, what role does GBA have on the GBL, if any, especially for people who are not part of GBL but need to play competetively?

  15. Kholo says:


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    I saw that you selling DVD,can you gives preview of the DVD that you selling.It will be great if you can put basketball picture and video clips on your site.Can you also put the league table on your site.It will also be great to have all the teams that are participating in GBL including the woman.

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  16. Victor says:

    Hey there,

    Busy addressing that with GBL. ciao,V