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2009 Pretoria High School League wrap up

By on June 5, 2009 in High School

The 2009 Pretoria Schools League has proven how much the standard has risen in this game. The battle has always been between your top 3 boys and girls schools (PBHS, Glen and St Albans) as well as (PHSG, DSG and Glen). The tide has however turned gradually over recent years and the big guns are not so big after all. This is a brief summary of how teams have fared this season. 


Pool A comprised of the “Big Schools” in PHSG, DSG and Glen and also featured the B- team from Willowridge. The first game of the season saw Glen A lose to Willows B and that set the tone for an interesting season all round. DSG has shown consistency in beating all the teams in their group although their game against PHSG exposed their reliance on one player as they won by a lucky 3 pointer in the dying moments. PHSG has shown no consistency as they fought hard for a win against Willows B although they made easy work of Glen A. DSG and PHSG proceed to the semis. Pool B saw Willowridge and Bees make easy work of Glen B, PHSG B and Prestige. Willowridge subsequently gave Bees a hiding to ensure a first place finish in the hope of an “easier” semi-final.

Inconsistency in pool A could work against them but the quality of junior basketball has taught one not to put their head on the block. The main surprise in this group is the shock exit of Glen without winning a single game this year. Willows and DSG look like strong contenders with Bees promising an upset but only time will tell.

Possible semi-final 1: Bees v DSG

Possible semi-final 2: Willows v PHSG AU/14 BOYS:

PBHS vowed to redeem themselves this year after failing to make the semi’s in 2008. They seem to be on the right track as they have won all their games this season in impressive form. The surprise package in that group is CBC who also booked themselves a semi spot after only losing once to PBHS. The teams that failed to make an impact in this pool include Prestige, Willows B, DSP and Glen A (making it their third year in a row not going to semi’s at this level. Pool B saw the shock emergence of PBHS B as they surprised defending champs Willows by a basket in their first game. Willows and PBHS went on to tramp PBHS C, Glen B and the ultimate shock of the season – Victor Fouda’s St. Albans charges. CBC has the opportunity to create a name for themselves by booking themselves a spot in the finals which is very possible right now. The final-before-the-final will take place between Willows (who are hoping to make it three years in a row) and PBHS A who need to redeem themselves after a long silverware draught in this division.

Possible semi-final: PBHS A v Willows

Possible semi-final: PBHS B v CBC

U/16 Girls:

Pool A in this division was a foregone conclusion as PHSG and Glen A (previous year’s 2nd and 3rd place) were up against Willows B, Clapham and DSG B. They made easy work of all these opponents and PHSG took Glen A to the lecture rooms to secure a first place finish. Pool B saw DSG A and Willows A dismantle Bees, Hillview, Prestige, Glen B and PHSG B. DSG also did a number on Willows to ensure a first place finish for them. Willows and DSG have previously beaten the semi-finalists from Pool A this season and one would be forgiven for fancying both teams to make a date between each other for the finals. Anything can happen but PHSG and Glen have had shocking performances this season and their form does not favour their prospects.

Possible semi-final: Willows v PHSG A

Possible semi-final: DSG v Glen A

U/16 BOYS:

In a season of upsets Pool A did not kill the storyline as they dished them up hot and fresh. Where people had expected PBHS B and Glen to come out smelling like roses, Clapham had other plans. PBHS B had been doing well during the season but 2 consecutive days killed all their dreams as they lost by a single point to Glen and Clapham. Clapham also pulled a fast one on defending champs Glen High to secure a first place finish. Teams that did not show up to the party in this group include Prestige, Cornerstone and DSP. Willows lost the first game of their campaign to PBHS A in an indication of the serious contest this season would become. Both teams went on to wallop Hillview, Manor, PBHS C and St. Albans to book their semi-final spots. St. Albans fails to make yet another semi-final; this should have the development coaches asking themselves all sorts of challenging questions. Judging by the quality of basketball in Pool A one could again count on form and sporting logic to determine that there will be new champs in this division as Glen and Clapham hardly stand a chance against the more seasoned Willows and PBHS A. These two teams will probably meet up to do battle in the finals.

Possible semi-final: Clapham v Willows

Possible semi-final: Glen v PBHS A


Willows and PHSG dished up the most entertaining game of the season in a one point over-time thriller at the beginning of the season, PHSG won this game. Both teams made easy work of Clapham, Cornerstone, Glen and Hillview to emerge first place victors in that group. They will meet DSG and Rosina who didn’t have much to do in a week pool that featured PHSG 2nd team as the toughest opposition. Rosina and Willows will battle it out hard whereas PHSG is expected to have an easy outing against DSG. Regardless of the semi-final outcome, PHSG (the defending champs) are the team to beat and any team will have to dig very deep to overcome them. Despite all attempts (both on and off the court) Glen High fails to make the semi’s in yet another division leaving the lingering question – will they win any medals this year?

Possible semi-final: PHSG v DSG

Possible semi-final: Rosina v Willows

U/19 BOYS:

There were no surprises in Pool A as a weakened St. Albans came second to Willows after a good afternoon session. The former almost didn’t make it as underdogs CBC almost pipped them in a 3 point game. Lyttleton Manor and CBC must be commended for their outstanding performance this season along with PBHS 2nds although they failed to make the grade. Crawford was a no-show yet again. PBHS shocked the defending champs in Pool B by schooling them in a decider to emerge first place. Glen, Cornerstone, DSP and Prestige stood no chance against these seasoned powerhouses. The champs now have it all to do against Willows in the semis while PBHS who failed to make the final last year are almost guaranteed a spot as they face St. Albans, a team they have already made easy work of this season.

Possible semi-final: Willows v Rosina

Possible semi-final: PBHS v St. Albans

Schools taking part in the league and how they fared (unofficial): 

Prestige, Hillview, Cornerstone, Deutshce Schule, Lyttleton, Crawford – NO SEMI-FINALS

CBC – 1 semi-finalist (2 teams registered)

Clapham – 1 semi-finalist (4 teams registered)

Mamelodi Bees – 1 semi- finalist (2 teams registered)

St. Albans – 1 semi-finalist (4 teams registered)

Rosina Sedibane – 2 semi-finalists (2 teams registered)

Glen High – 2 semi finalists (8 teams registered)

PHSG – 3 semi-finalists (6 teams registered)

DSG – 3 semi-finalists (4 teams registered)

PBHS – 4 semi-finalists (6 teams registered)

Willowridge High – 6 semi-finalists (9 teams registered)


Article by Katlego Malatji(Willowridge coach) and edited by Victor Shakineza

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