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By on June 4, 2009 in News

As per the resolutions of the Special General Meeting at the Birchwood Hotel this year, I am pleased to inform and request the following information:


The meeting agreed that the following commissions must be instituted and assist in the smooth running of the federation and proper implementation of the Federations programmes. The following Commissions are to be established:

1.      Development, Women and Youth Commission,

2.      Competitions Commission,

3.      Coaching Commission,

4.      Technical Commission,

5.       Finance Commission,

6.      Legal Commission,

7.      Medical Commission and

8.      Athletes Commission

Members are requested to submit their nominations as following:

1.      Brief Curriculum vitae,

2.      Covering letter with the nominated person names (as they appear on the ID Book) and the commission the nomination is for.

3.      Acceptance letter from the nominee.

NB: Please note that the nominees must be from a constituency.

The closing date for nominations is the 02 June 2009 by close of business. All nominations must be emailed to or                       fax to 086 696 2969.


The Special General Meting resolved that all players and coaches must be registered with the Federation; this registration must be sent by registered mail to the National Office of Basketball SA not later than 31 July 2009.

Members are requested to submit this information and further deposit to the Basketball SA Bank Account, a cancelled cheque is attached for the Banking details of the Federation.

The amount is still as we agreed of R 25.00 per player. Our disabled athletes will contribute as the Task Teams recommendations on these athletes.

Kind regards

Information supplied by Tsepo Nyewe


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There Are 6 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Joe says:

    Part of me applauds the intention, but part of me (as always) abhors the method because of the follwoing:

    What is the role of Provinces and other affiliates if the media is the first channel of communication for such important messages?

    What are the terms of reference for the commissions?

    The due date for submissions has already passed?

  2. Neo says:

    How practical is this. Everytime someone tries to do something they always throw the protocol in their faces.

    How do you go about nominating people over a wide area like the whole of SA. Should these nominations follow the same channels as all other issues?
    1. The article is dated 4th of June and the closing date for nominations is 2nd of June.
    2. Is BSA well equiped to tally all the nominations that might come from the whole of SA.
    3. Shouldnt protocol be that BSA mandates the Provinces and the provinces then puts the districts to task?
    4. What will happen if nominations are received? Will be told who got the most votes, How transparent is that?

    We need to get away from these things of bending the rules alittle bit just to look like we doing our jobs. even if My basketball had received the info a month ago it would have been too short notice. Districts need to meet, provinces need to meet and then The national committee.

    Im very disappointed in our administration and I hope they will reconsider the closing date and set things right.

  3. Kholo says:

    I agree with you Neo on this,You need time prepared everything,BSA need to sort out themselves.It will be wise in the create their own websites so that it will easy to access such information.

    It is unprofessional from their side to be doing what their doing.It shows that there is no proper channel of information to the district level.I wonder how many district knows about this.

  4. kim says:

    All I can say is hahahahahaha…..very funny.

    I hope April fools day hasnt moved to June.

  5. Neo says:

    Well I must have missed that bus because I only smile on April 1st, not twice. All Provinces, who are affiliated to BSA must write a letter to BSA demanding transparency. I got a call from a guy in the sport department and asked me about this article and the legitimacy of these actions. What am I going to say to some1 who wants to know how we run our administration. We can rant and rave about change but the things change the more they stay the same…..

    Aluta continua………Mesmo depois de tanto esforço.

  6. baller says:

    i agree wity Neo and Joe. these issues have to be dealt with at provincial and district level. putting such in the media is not going to help much. for starters, everyone that has to be nominated should be a member of a provincial or district structure. how then will BSA know. i might ask my friends to nominate me without my province knowing. how absurd is that.

    BSA should rethink the strategy and go back to provinces. that also applies to affiliations. players should affiliate to provinces and then provinces pay one amount to BSA with all the relevant forms. imagine queing for R25.00 at the bank then pay R80.00 for a registered mail for R25.00.

    its a good intention moving forward but in the process we are undermining the relevant structures that we all saw fit to elect the current executive. if we bypass the structures then that means we might as well dissolve the executive.