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FISU 2009 competition

By on June 18, 2009 in News

The 25th Summer Universiade Belgrade 2009 are to be held between July 1st and July 12th 2009 in Belgrade, Serbia. As one of the participants, South Africa has been placed in Group G along with Germany and Latvia. Good luck to the team.

Here is the rest of the groups:

Here is the schedule

basketball schedule 2009

Article by Victor Shakineza

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  1. Victor says:

    Good luck to the team and I hope that they are ready for the world.. ciao,V

  2. baller says:


    do you perhaps know the final team going to the games.

  3. tlou says:

    Gugluck to the USSA team to Belgrade, and to the players its not a vacation, you must represent and trust your Coaches.

  4. kim says:

    Gud luck to the boys and I know that they will go and do the country proud.Good luck to the coaching staff as well and know that we behind you every step of the way.

    Forward ever boys.

  5. petervicet says:

    ola ola ola… All the best to our guys. Whenever the make a bounce, a lay-up and a short, they have to know that our hopes are with them.
    Signig here for LImpopo provednce

  6. Thabang Mashigo says:

    Hi there!

    I am the new coach which have started since on februray, and would like you who advise me to register so that when my players can play for the match…

    Kindly, the above matter is clear to you hopefully. if insist, as you’re in urgent kindly please use an sms here: 072 368 2727.

    High regards
    Thabang Mashigo

  7. Joe says:

    Eish, I’m sorry to ruin the parade of well wishing, as always I want SA bball to move forward and debate is very important in this regard.

    SO …

    How exactly do we qualify to participate in these games?
    Do international students studying in our institution qualify?
    How have we performed in the previous editions?


    Is there are strategic thrust to this programme, in terms of improving perfomance per edition?

  8. kim says:

    When I enter the site and have a look at recent comments and I see Joe’s name then I know ITS ON(hahaha).

    This is the little information that I have on the games:
    1)There is no qualification to this tournament but past performances are taken into consideration when teams are given a slot.Its not only basketball but a host of other sports like Athletics(SA has done well in),Volleyball,Football,softball etc.USSA and FISU thus determine who goes and who doesnt hence basketball ladies havent featured in Bangkok and now in Serbia.
    2)International Students dont qualify but we can call on students that study overseas who are SAfricans
    3)The ladies havent performed well but the guys performed relatively well in 2005 but that depends on ones definition on whats well.The last games the team attended in Bangkok,the team lost all its games with an average of about 17points a loss if not 20 points.

    Strategic Thrust……I am not sure how to answer this one maybe USSA can assist.

  9. Sanele Mthiyane says:

    On behalt of KZN basketball Association,We wish Coach Molupe his Technical Management and the whole Team best of luck for their game tonight against Lativia.

    Lets go boys and make us proud.

    Sanele Mthiyane
    KZBA Chairperson

  10. kim says:

    After those 2 loses I hope the team doesnt give up.

    Lets try score more cos currently we scoring 42 – 45 points and we leading the tournament in turnovers.Lets kill Japan vandag